Elite families

The elite, the cult of Saturn (El) rules the whole planet. Modern day success stories of succesfull entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, Richard Branson are propaganda, as they are mere actors to maintain the facade of a free market, open society. Like pop stars of the music industry, they serve as a programming to let the slaves believe they can become the same rags-to-riches success story, if they just keep reading their biographies with tips and secrets to success.

The nordic Draco-Orion bloodlines became the pharaoh's of Egypt, the Phoenicians,  the emperors of Babylon, the emperors of the Roman Empire and the Merovingians.

Italian 'noble' families (Guelph and Ghibeline) ruled as the Catholic Church and Black Nobility in Venice (Colonna, Sforza, de Medici, Orsini, eagle or double-headed eagle symbol). The families Habsburg, Hohenzollern, Nassau, Brunswick, Wittelsbach, Rosenberg of the Order of the Golden Fleece ruled the rest of Europe. The Farnese and Borgia families founded the Jesuits.

At the end of the Habsburg rule, the Bourbons, Fürstenberg, Schwarzenberg, Thurn und Taxis families took over. The descendants of the alchemical wedding of Frederick V Brunswick and Elizabeth Stuart (Stuart bloodline protected by Scottish Rite masonry) became the House of Hanover, the Royal Family of Britain, intermarried with the Saxe-Coburgs and Glücksburgs.

Bankers of the City of London that got rich from the British East India Company through the slaves and opium trade, emigrated to the US and became the Boston elite. They ruled the US as Skull and Bones industrialists and philantropists (Bush, Russell, Payne, Sloane, Whitney), Scottish-Irish masonic families Hearst, Disney, McMahon, Forbes, Kennedy, Carnegie, Mellon controlled media, entertainment and politics, helped by Dutch rosicrucian families Roosevelt and Vanderbilt and their German jewish bankers (Rothschild, Warburg, Oppenheimer, Mendelssohn, Itzig, Loeb, Schiff, Lehman, Seligman, Bronfman).

The Jesuits trained rich oil magnate families like Getty, Rockefeller, Duncan, Ibn Saud (through Knight of Malta John Philby), Iraq Minister of Oil Chalabi Ahmed,..

List of elite families

Aga Khan Getty Roosevelt
Agnelli Giustiniani Rosenberg
Albani Glücksburg Rosenthal
Aldobrandini Goldsmith Rosenwald
Al Thani Gonzoga Rothschild
Astor Guggenheim Rovere
Barberini Guise-Lorraine Ruspoli
Bonham Carter Habsburg Russell
Borghese Hambro Savoy
Borgia Hanover Saxe-Coburg
Bourbon Hearst Schiff
Brandolini Hilton Schröder
Bronfman Hohenzollern Schwab
Bruce Kardashian Schwarzenberg
Bundy Kennedy Sforza
Bush Koch Sinclair
Carnegie Krupp Sloane
Castellini Loeb Spencer-Churchill
Cavendish Mara Stuart
Cecil Massimo Stuyvesant
Chigi McMahon Taft
Clinton Medici Thurn und Taxis
Colonna Mellon Torlonia
Corsini Mérode Trump
Disney Odeschalchi Vanderbilt
Dolan Oppenheimer Villiers
Dupont Orsini Wallenberg
Farnese Ottobani Walton
Forbes Pallavicini Warburg
Ford Payne Wellesley
Fürstenberg Pritzker Wertheim
Gates Rockefeller Whitney 



Aga Khan ruling family of Iran, claiming descent of Muhammed, educated at Le Rosey in Switzerland, helped creating the League of Nations in 1937. Karim, Sadruddin (papal Order of St Sylvester) and Hussein Aga Khan were members of Bernhard Lippe's 1001 Club. Aly Kahn was married to Rita Hayworth. Rahim's wife Kendra Spears worked with Diane von Furstenberg.



Aldobrandini banking family from Florence. Ippolito Aldobrandini became pope Clemens VIII, who condemned Giordano Bruno. Margherita Aldobrandini married Ranuccio I Farnese at age 11, princess Olimpia Aldobrandini married Paolo Borghese and later Camillo Pamphili (cousin of pope Innocentius X). Olympia Anna Aldobrandini-Borghese (dragon in their shield of arms) married David Rothschild (De Beers, NM Rothschild).

Al Thani rules Qatar, owns mining company Glencore.


Barberini related to Saccheti, Colonna, coat of arms with 3 bee's, symbol of hive mind. Urbano Barberini-Sforza-Colonna leads the Order of Jesters.

Bass until 2001 the largest shareholder of Disney. Robert Bass (Yale) founded Aerion Corporation (aerospace), is on the board of Stanford and sold Plaza Hotel to Donald Trump. Sid Richardson and Perry Richardson Bass worked in the oil industry. Anne Hendricks Bass was a friend of Andy Warhol, on the board of Museum of Modern Art and New York City Ballet. Hyatt Bass married Josh Klausner, screenwriter of The 4th Floor (Juliette Lewis), Date Night (Steve Carell, Tina Fey) and Shrek Forever After.

Boël René Boël participated in the Bretton Woods conference with John Maynard Keynes. Delphine Boël is the illegitamate child of Albert II of Belgium (Saxe-Coburg).

Boncampagni Ludovisi, papal bloodline with dragon symbol on coat of arms. Nico Boncompagni Ludovisi married Playboy model Rita Jenrette.

Bonham Cartner related to Florence Nightingale (Order of St John). Jane Bonham Carter was granddaughter of jesuit Condé Nast who founded Vogue and Vanity Fair. Actress Helena Bonham Carter married director Tim Burton.

Borghese (coat of arms with a dragon) related to Aldobrandini, educated at Le Rosey. Paul V (Borghese) was head of the Catholic Church. Camillo Borgese was related to Napoleon and godfather of Camillo Benso, the first prime minister of Italy. Valerio Borghese was a fascist under Benito Mussolini, member of the Order of Malta during WW2, helped in his escape by Jesus James Angleton (CIA). He was president of the Italian Social Movement (MSI) and trained Carmine Pecorelli (P2, killed in 1979). Paolo Borghese married horror actrice Nike Arrighi (The Devil Rides Out written by MI6 agent Dennis Wheatley with Christopher Lee, A Season in Hell with Terence Stamp). Lorenzo Borghese was trained by the jesuits, member of Phi Delta Theta and used in ABC show The Bachelor and Big Brother (Channel 4).

Borgia famlily from Basque (rhesus- bloodline) House of Aragon, red bull as coat of arms. They founded the jesuit order with the Farnese family, with Ignatius of Loyola as first Superior-General. Pope Alexander IV (Borgia) was head of the Catholic Church. Francis Borgia was general of the jesuits under Charles V Habsburg.

Borromeo Milanese banking family. Carolus Borromeo-Medici was a cardinal during the Counter-Reformation with Ignatius of Loyola. Donna Borromeo married John Elkan Agnelli (Fiat, Exor, Juventus). Beatrice Borromeo married Pierre Cassiraghi, grandson of Hollywood actress Grace Kelly (House of Grimaldi). Matilde Borromeo married Antonius Fürstenberg. Their coat of arms contains a human eating snake, the logo of Alfa Romeo and the three chain-link (Borromean rings, emblem of the Odd Fellows).

Bourbon founded in 1272, Farnese family who founded the jesuits, mixed with the French Capetian dynasty-House of Orléans who ruled France.

Braganza rulers of Portugal. Catherine Braganza married Charles II Stuart. The house of Bourbon-Braganza is a cadet branch of the Bourbons.

Brandolini d'Adda related to Agnelli. Coco Brandolini worked for Harper's Bazaar and Dolce & Gabbana.

Bronfman jewish family from Ontario Canada. Samuel Bronfman was born in 1889, got rich during prohibition with his liquor company Seagram and worked with Chicago mafia figures Al Capone, Charles Luciano and Meyer Lansky. He had 3 children: Phyllis Lambert (who married Alain Gunzburg, member of 1001 Club), sons Edgar and Charles Bronfman (both McGill University).

Seagram merged with Polydor records into Polygram. Warner bought Elekta records (The Doors produced by Paul Rothschild, whose house was on CIA Lookout Mountain).

Edgar was head of World Jewish Congress, visited Russia, was in contact with jesuit Simon Peres. His 1st wife was Margaret Loeb. His son Matthew Bronfman (related to Francis Lehman) works for Goldman Sachs. Charles Bronfman formed the Mega Group in 1991 with Les Wexner (L Brand, Victoria's Secret with models under mind control), Max Fisher, Michael Steinhardt (The New York Sun with Conrad Black, Israel lobby Foundation for Defense of Democracies) and Leonard Abramson. Charles was chairman of Koor Industries and the United Jewish Communities, succeeded by the son of James Tisch (Mega Group). He founded Taglit Birthright with Michael Steinhardt. His daughter Ellen married Andrew Hauptman (Center for American Progress, Andell Inc, Koor Industries, producer of Danny Boyle's Millions and State of Play with Russell Crowe).

Edgar Bronfman jr was a film producer (movie with Jack Nicholson), bought a stake in Dupont (Colonna), bought Polygram that merged with MCA into Universal Music Group, became a dominant force in the music industry. He is CEO and chairman of Warner Music Group from 2004 to 2012, sells WMG to Access Industries of Russian Len Blavatnik (CFR). Edgar Bronfman Jr is chairman of the Endeavor organization of Linda Rottenberg (CFR, WEF).

Sarah Bronfman is married to Lybian Basit Igtet who works for the state of Qatar. Clare Bronfman supposedly was a member of sex cult NXIVM, using NLP and Scientology methods (media story of Forbes, HBO, NBC). Hannah Bronfman-Lehman is a social media influencer. The Bronfmans and Les Wexner were used in the Jeffrey Epstein psyop.

Bruce Scottish Knights Templar bloodline of Robert the Bruce, connected to Hambros bank. David Bruce (OSS, 1001 Club, Georgetown Set) married Alisa Mellon. Meghan Markle married Harry Mountbatten.

Bundy family connected to Skull and Bones, Harvey Bundy (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace) Secretary of State under Henry Stimson (also S&B) and Robert Lovett during World War 2. Harvey Bundy was related to Aunchincloss-Onassis family. His sons McGeorge Bundy (CFR, Ford Foundation, Vietnam war, Carnegie Corporation, connected to Marcus Raskin Institute for Policy Studies) and William Putnam Bundy were advisors to JFK.

Bush Vannevar Bush worked for US contractor Raytheon, Carlyle Group management, intelligence and technology firm Booz Allen (Abigail Johnson, Raymond Lane Carnegie Mellon University, Miles Copeland co-founder of OSS, James Clapper SRA). Pauline Pierce was in contact with Aleister Crowley. George HW Bush (Skull and Bones, Knight of Malta), was responsable for the war in Iraq. Jeb Bush is a Knight of Columbus (Colonna). George W Bush played a role in the 911 Twin Tower ritual, the alchemical marriage of uniting the two in one, ending in 2013 with the birth of prince George. (The Busch family became rich with their beer company Annheuser Busch, Bertha Busch had a relationship with Crowley in Berlin, Marianne Busch had a relationship with Timothy Leary)

Cameron Scottish family. William J Cameron worked for Henry ford's The Dearborn Independent and helped creating the Anglo-Saxon Federation of America (British Israel, Christian Identity). Ewen Cameron played a role in MK Ultra. Duncan Cameron played a role in psyop Project Montauk. James Cameron is used as a director in the Hollywood film industry. David Cameron was pm of the UK. Marjorie Cameron was the wife of occultist Jack Parsons.

Carnegie Scottish family. Andrew Carnegie controlled the Pittsburgh steel industry with the Schwab family and founded the Pittsburgh Carnegie Steel Company (sold to JP Morgan) and Carnegie Mellon University. David Carnegie SR founded Carnegie Investment Bank in 1803. In 1891 he build Carnegie Hall. They funded the Aspen Institute, created the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in 1910. Andrew Carnegie funded the Niagara movement, which later became the NAACP. Nicolas Butler, president of Columbia University from 1902-1945, was a friend of Elihu Root, a lawyer of the Carnegie's, who started the Council on Foreign Relations. Butler succeeded Root (Secretary of War) as the president of the Carnegie Endowment for Peace from 1925 to 1945, the year Columbia University scientists dropped 2 atomb bombs on Japanese cities. Carnegie Foundation funded John Dewey of the University of Chicago.

Castellini related to banking families de Medici, Sforza and Pallavicini, educated at Le Rosey. Vincenzo Maranghi was CEO of Mediobanca, friend of George HW Bush, Gianni Agnelli and Rupert Murdoch.

Cavendish (Cecil bloc) William Cavendish played a role in the Glorious Revolution. Dorothy Cavendish married to Harold Macmillan, pm of the UK from 1957-1963, related to book publishers Daniel Macmillan. Dorothy Cavendish married Julian Amery of Le Cercle (with Anthony Cavendish MI6). Gerald Grosvenor Cavendish.


Chigi Agostino Chigi was a banker. Fabio Chigi was head of the Catholic Church as pope Alexander VII, supported the jesuits and negotiated for the Peace of Westphalia after the Thirty Years' War. Ludovico Chigi Della Rovere was a member of the Order of Malta. Palazzo Chigi is used by the pm of Italy.

Clinton George Clinton was one of the Founding Fathers of the US. DeWitt Clinton was mayor of NY and leader in the Public School movement. Bill Clinton was born on the 33d parallel, trained by jesuits at Georgetown, funded by the Pritzkers, Mansoor Ijaz (CFR) and Jeffrey Katzenberg (Disney, DreamWorks, assistent of Barry Diller of Paramount) to become US president in 1993. Hilary Clinton owns Clinton Foundation (profited from Haiti earthquake, Chelsea Clinton CFR), Vital Voices with Diane von Fürstenberg (wife of Barry Diller) and jesuit Madeleine Albright (CFR). Bill Clinton was used as a distraction in the Wikileaks-Pizzagate-Jeffrey Epstein hoax. George Clinton was used in program Funk.

Cohen/Cohn (='snake priest', Lucifer's child Cain). Mickey Cohen owned the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. Gary Cohn was president of Goldman Sachs. Jesuit Marc Grossman worked for the Cohen Group. Harry Cohn led Columbia Pictures and programmed actors at Chateau Marmont (castle programming). Carl Cohen was manager of Las Vegas casino's El Rancho Vegas, Sands Hotel and Casino and later MGM Grand Hotel (money laundry of the mafia with Moe Dalitz). His son Corey Allen played in East of Eden, an Abel and Cain story with James Dean. Leonard Cohen and Lyor Cohen were used in the music industry. Michael Cohen was the lawyer of Donald Trump. Elliot Cohen (CFR, PNAC, Commentary magazine, American Jewish Committee) was a member of the NY Intellectuals.

Cathy Cohen married Marc Lasry (Avenue Capital group, Milwaulkee Bucks). Sacha Baron Cohen was used to push the gay agenda with Brüno. Simon Baron Cohen worked at Maudsley hospital (William Sargant). Steve Cohen (Zeta Beta Tau, Point 72) owns the NY Mets. Jared Cohen is a member of the CFR and Berggruen Institute. The Coen brothers made The Big Lebowski with Jeff Bridges and John Turturro.


Corsini family from Florence Italy that controls and crime families of Baltimore Mariland and the Corsican and Sicilian mafia (Cor like Cor-leone) with the Medici's and Bonaparte's (Napoleon was born in Corsica). Lorenzo Corsini (pope Clement XII) ordered the Trevi Fountain. Pope Clement XI. Marietta Corsini was the wife of Niccolo Machiavelli.

Crescenzi (crescent moon on coat of arms) Italian family of Moorish decent with ties to Catholic Church. Domenico Serlupi (wolf) Crescenzi is a Knight of Malta.


Dolan Irish family. Jesuit Charles Dolan owns AMC Networks and HBO, James Dolan owns Madison Square Garden. Timothy Dolan was cardinal and archbishop of Milwaulkee during the sexual abuse scandal of Milwaulkee and archbishop of NY from 2009, appointed by nazi Ratzinger, in St Patrick cathedral. Dolan is a Knight of Columbus and on the board of the Catholic University of America (pedophile jesuit Theodore McCarrick), controlled by the Colonna-Knights of Columbus faction.

Dreyfus Ashkenazi jewish family (tripods were used in the cult of Apollo). Alfred Dreyfus was the protagonist in the Dreyfus affair media ritual with Emile Zola and jesuit Stanislas Du Lac. Léopold Louis-Dreyfus was a member of the Legion of Honour of the Bonaparte's and founded Louis Dreyfus Company, to control agriculture and food processing. Louis Louis-Dreyfus owned communist newspaper L'Humanité. Louis is derived from Merovingian name Clovis.

They are linked the Javal family (also from Alsace family and Legion of Honour).

Alfred's grandson Jack Dreyfus was trained at Lehigh University of Episcopal Church, a Phi Lamda Phi (like Mark Cuban) and founded the Dreyfus Group. He promoted the anticonvulsant drug Phenytoin and bred thoroughbred race horses in Florida.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a Delta Gamma and played in NBC show Seinfeld. Richard Dreyfuss played in Jaws, Always and Close Encounters of the Third Kind of Steven Spielberg and Dick Cheney in W. when it was sold to jesuit Frank McCourt. Margarita Bogdanova, widow of Robert Louis-Dreyfus (IMS Health, CEO of nazi company Adidas and Saatchi and Saatchi) owned Olympic Marseille (Merovingian bloodline of South of France) until 2016, . Her son Kyril is chairman of football club Sunderland. She married Philipp Hildebrand (Swiss National Bank, BIS bank, IMF, British Museum, Group of Thirty, vice-chairman of BlackRock). Julie Dreyfus is a character in Kill Bill with David Carradine (OTO).

Drummond Scottish clan that controls the Oddfellows. Malcolm Drummond fought in the Battle of Bannockburn with Robert the Bruce and the Knights Templar. Annabella Drummond was the mother of James I Stewart (Holy Grail bloodline). John Drummond married Elizabeth Sinclair. Cherry Drummond 16th Baroness Strange married Humpfrey Evans lived at Megginch Castle. John Drummond 15th Baron Strange married Violet Jardine and was a friend of Laurence Harvey (The Manchurian Candidate). He lived at the Isle of Man (three legs spiral emblem of the Oddfellows). James Eric Drummond was the first secretary-general of the League of Nations (UN empire of the Cecils).

Duncan oil family of Houston Texas. Duncan is a character in William Shakespeare's MacBeth. Dan Duncan founded Enterprise Products. Randa Duncan owns Texas Monthly. Isodora Duncan was a friend of Aleister Crowley, supported by Otto Kahn of Kuhn Loeb & Co, portrayed in Crowley's 'Moonchild'. Robert Duncan was a friend of Anais Nin (Kenneth Anger movie with Marjorie Cameron) and pushed the gay agenda with the father of Robert de Niro, both students at Black Mountain College of John Dewey.


Eisenberg jewish family (German for 'iron mountain'). Aaron Eisenberg played in Star Trek. Jesse Eisenberg played Mark Zuckerberg and Lex Luthor. Shaul Eisenberg founded Israel Corporation. Muriel Eisenberg married Keir Dullea. Susan Eisenberg voiced Wonder Woman in Superman/Batman Apocalypse. Sophie of Isenburg (related to Eisenbergs) married Georg Friedrich Hohenzollern.

Farnese  Italian family that founded the Jesuit order with the Borgia's, lived in pentagram shaped Villa Farnese (similar to the Pentagon), intermarried with the Bourbons. Joseph Louis Bourbon (Order of the Golden Fleece), general of Louis XIV fought in the war of Spanish succession to put Philip V Bourbon and Elizabeth Farnese on the throne of Spain. They were the Dukes of Castro. Jesuit Fidel Castro and sister Juanita Castro (WACL) ruled Cuba. King of Spain Juan Carlos is king of Jerusalem and Knight of Malta.

Forbes Scottish family part of the Boston elite (Cabot, Lodge, Perkins,..), that got rich from the Chinese opium trade.

Ford Henry Ford founded the Ford motor companey and the Ford Foundation 1933, funded Adolf Hitler, spread the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Edsel Ford financed Richard Byrd's polar missions. Henry Ford II was educated at Hotchkiss. John McCloy (Georgetown Set, Chase Manhattan, CFR) was chairman of the Ford Foundation from 1958 to 1965, the Ford Foundation building opened in 1967. McGeorge Bundy (S&B) also worked for Ford Foundation, mentored Marcus Raskin (Institute for Policy Studies). Jesuit Gerald Ford founded Ford Models (Kristine DeBell Alice in Wonderland programming), his daughter Katie Ford married André Balazs (Quill and Dagger, Uma Thurman). Sheila Ford owns sport club Detroit Lions.

Fürstenberg German family from Baden-Wurttemberg and Westphalia.

Gaetani or Caetani from South Italy, intermarried with Agnelli, Orsini, Gherardesca. Benedetto Caetani was head of the Catholic Church as pope Boniface VIII, Giovanni Caetani was pope Gelasius II. Michelangelo Caetani was a friend of mason François-René de Chateaubriand. Gelasio Caetani was a supporter of Benito Mussolini and Italian ambassador to the US. Don Giovanni Gaetani dell'Aquila d' Aragona married Ginevra Elkann, granddaughter of Gianni Agnelli. Ivana Trump, the ex-wife of jesuit Donald Trump, had a relationship with Roffredo Gaetani. Leone Caetani was a socialist, married Vittoria Colonna and moved to Canada. Gelasio Gaetani d'Aragona-Lovatelli works in the wine business.

Gates Boston elite family. Frederick Taylor Gates worked for the Rockefeller Foundation. Jesuit Robert Gates was CIA director, actor in the catch-Osama farce. Mimi Gardner (Yale Corporation) married Bill Gates Sr. Bill Gates is PR-actor working for Microsoft, the largest computer company in the world and through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (46 billion budget), with jesuit Anthony Faucci part of the Covid scam (Gates Foundation Covid19-'expert' Sylvie Matthews CFR, Patty Stonesifer CFR). Gates funded the Svalbard Global Seed Vault on the North pole and is member of the Good Club with George Soros and Warren Buffett (son of Howard Buffet JBS).

Getty Scottish oil family.

Gherardesca intermarried with Gaetani, Orsini, Romanov. Sveva della Gherardesca was married to Nicholas Romanov. Constantino della Gherardesca (gay agenda) is used in Italian tv shows of Silvio Berlusconi's Mediaset.

Giustiniani Venetian descendants of emperor Justian. Olimpia Giustiani married Maffeo Barberini-Colonna.

Glücksburg (Oldenburg) the ruling families of Norway, Denmark and Greece, active role in the UN. Pilip Mountbatten, father of prince Charles. Pavlov Glucksburg married Marie-Chantal Miller, the sister of jesuit Pia Miller-Getty.

Goldsmith jewish banker family from Frankfurt am Main, related to Rothschild, Bisschoffsheim and Bartolome.

Gonzoga Italian family from Lombardy. Vincent Gonzoga (Order of the Golden Fleece) married Margherita Farnese. Eleonora Gonzoga married Ferdinand II Habsburg (Holy Roman Empire, Thirty Years' War). Eleonora Gonzoga-Nevers married Ferdinand III Habsburg. Eleonra Luisa Gonzoga married Francesco Medici. Pope Pius IV (Medici) made Federico Gonzoga cardinal.

Anne Gonzoga married Edward Stuart (child of Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart). The jesuits founded Gonzoga University in 1877 in Spokane Washington (alumni Bing Crosby, John Stockton), named after Aloysius Gonzoga.

Grimaldi House of Monaco. Knight of Malta Rainier III married Grace Kelly, actress in movies of jesuit Alfred Hitchcock. Albert of Monaco was accused of sexual abuse by Karen Mulder. Andrea Casiraghi married Tatiana Santo Domingo.

Grosvenor owners of Grosvenor Square in London. Gilbert Grosvenor (Psi Upsilon) was the first editor of National Geographic magazine and member of the Cosmos Club. They have interests in the oil industry (Anglo-Persian Oil Company-BP). Grosvenor House in Dubai of billionaire Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum (University of London) was named after them.


Guiness Irish family of brewers. Bryan Guiness was a member of the Railway Club with Michael Parsons and part of the Bright Young Things scene in London with his wife Diana Mitford who later married fascist Oswald Mosley. Caroline Blackwood Guiness married Lucian Freud (grandson of Sigmund Freud) and Robert Lowell (RESIST with Noam Chomsky and Allen Ginsberg). Alec Guiness played in George Lucas' Star Wars. Antonia Hohenzollern-Guinness married Charles Wellesley. The Guiness family created the Guiness Book of World Records. Bryan Guiness' granddaughter Daphne Diana Guiness posed for Vogue and Harper's Bazaar and worked with David LaChapelle.

Guise-Lorraine played a role in occultism and the St Bartholomew massacre of Hugenoths. Antoinette of Bourbon married Claude Lorraine Duke of Guise. Their daughter Mary of Guise married James V Stuart of Scotland (parents of Catholic Mary Queen of Scots, beheaded by Elizabeth I after the Babington Plot). Their son Francis I was Grand Prior of the Order of Malta.

Habsburg ruled the Roman Empire for nearly 1000 years, from the 1500s guided by jesuit confessors. Otto Habsburg (Order of Malta, Le Cercle) was a member of the Pan-European movement (Saturnian empire). Marianne Faithfull Habsburg was the wife of Mick Jagger and member of CIA front Process Church of Last Judgement.

Hambro descendants of Robert the Bruce (Knights Templar bloodline), who settled in the City of London, part of the OSS and SOE. Peter Hambro founded gold mining company Petropavlovsk plc and Aricom. Charles Jocelyn Hambro worked for the Bank of England with Montagu Norman and became head of the Special Operations Executive, cooperated with William Donavan of OSS and helped to plan Manhattan Project. He married the ex-wife of Marcus Wallenberg Jr. Jay Hambro began his career at NM Rothschild, works for the GFG Alliance of Sanjeev Gupta. Jaimie Hambro co-founded JO Hambro Capital Management in 1993 (Suzie Neubert married Stephen Hester -RSA of the Rothschilds). In 1998 Hambros bank was bought by Societé Generale.


Harriman Edward Harriman created the US railroad system with Jay Gould and John Forbes. Henry Harriman was a member of the Mormon Church. Edward had 2 sons, Edward Roland and William Averell Harriman (both S&B). Edward Harriman, classmate of Prescott Bush, was chairman of Union Pacific Railroad, director of the Union Banking Corporation that funded Fritz Thyssen, donor to Adolf Hitler. In 1931 Harriman bank merged with Brown & Co with Saturnian cube symbol, employed Prescott Bush, Alan Greenspan (Federal Reserve) and Robert Lovett (S&B, WW2). WA Harriman was member of the Pilgrims Society of Elizabeth II and member of Georgetown Set that created the OSS-CIA, married Pamela Digby, first cousin of Sarah Ferguson. Pamela Harriman first married Randolph Churchill and Hollywood agent Leyland Hayward and had affairs with John Payne Whitney (Scroll and Key), Aly Kahn, Gianni Agnelli, Elie Rothschild. She was on the board of trustees of the Rockefeller University and is related to Samantha Sheffield, wife of UK prime minister David Cameron.



Hohenzollern German family of Schwabia, related to House of Wittelsbach. Ethel Hohenzollern was a member of the Order of the Golden Fleece. Frederick the Great was a mason, the King of Prussia, child of Sophia Dorothea of Hanover and had Daniel Itzig as court jew. Marie of Prussia was the mother of Ludwig II Wittelsbach. Wilhelm II was the last German Emperor. Ferdinand I was king of Romania and had an affair with Elena Varascu, member of the Cosmic Movement of jewish Kabbalist Max Théon. Karl Friedrich Hohenzollern worked for the Commerzbank. Georg Friedrich is married to Sophie of Isenburg (related to jewish Eisenberg).

Huxley Thomas Huxley promoted Darwinism. Aldous Huxley wrote Brave New World (announced the Covid19-ritual), Julian Huxley helped to found the United Nations and the WWF (the Green Church).

Javal jewish family of Alsace linked to Legion of Honour of the Bonaparte's and Dreyfuss family. Paul Louis-Weiler (branch of Javal) married Aliki Diplarakou who later married the cousin of Bertrand Russell. Their son married into the House of Torlonia di Civitelli-Cesi (witches Brooke Shields, Glenn Close). Sibilla Weiller married Guillaume of Luxembourg (House of Nassau, Bourbon-Parma). During WW2 Louise Weiss worked for the fake French Resistance, as used in the Feminist Church and worked towards a European Empire through propaganda Europe nouvelle with Thomas Mann.



Koch Erich Koch was a member of Adolf Hitler's nazi party. Fred Koch (educated at Yale school of drama S&B) was part of the John Birch Society. Edward Koch was mayor of NY from 1978.

In 2011 Charles and David Koch founded Koch Foundation, Freedom Partners (funding the Tea Party movement), Americans for Prosperity (led by Tim Phililps of the Tea Party movement), Cato Institute in Washington (jesuit Robert Levy) and the Knowledge and Progress Fund.

Chares Koch is a member of the Mont Pelerin Society. Tea Party member Jim DeMint is member of the CFR and president of The Heritage Foundation. The Kochs own Koch records, KochFoods (jesuit Joseph Grendys Burger King). David Koch died in 2019.

Supposedly they had influence on the adminstration under climate skeptic Donald Trump, through Marc Short (president of Freedom Partners) as advisor to vice president Mike Pence, members of the Tea Party Reince Priebus and Mike Pompeo, Daniel Jorjani and Scott Pruitt (Freedom Partners), Thomas Pyle, lobbyists Mike McKenna and Michael Catanzaro (CGCN lobbying firm clients 21st Century Fox, Microsoft, MasterCard and Boeing) as energy advisor on the National Economic Council and James Mahony of NPRA/American Fuel and Petroleum Manufacturers.

In Jane Meyer's 'Dark Money' (2016), Koch is used as boogeyman/Devil, sort of Rockefellers for the left wing Climate Church (Politico, The NY Times accuse Koch of pushing Americans for Prosperity, to cancel tax credits for electric vehicles). Their company Guardian Glass produces solar panels.

Krupp Thyssen, Ulrich Cartellieri, German Council on Foreign Relations.

Lazard banking family. Simon Lazard and his brothers founded Lazard Frères & Co Lazar in 1848. Alexandre Lazard moved to Paris and advised the French government on gold buying. George Blumenthal led Lazard Frères & Co. André Meyer worked for Lazard Frères NY and was a friend of Jackie Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, William Paley, Katharine Graham. Felix Rohatyn of Lazard Frères also worked for Lehman Brothers and Rothschild. The board of directors consisted of Richard Haas was president of the CFR and advisor of the George W Bush administration, Jane Mendillo (CFR, Harvard Management Company) and Richard Parsons (Time Warner). Paul Keating was pm of Australia. Germaine Revel Lazard married Pierre Wertheimer who co-founded Chanel with Coco Chanel (Jackie Kennedy wore pink Chanel suit during the JFK ritual).


Mara Irish family. Jesuit John Mara owns the NY Giants (sport industry), related to actresses Kate and Rooney Mara (Mara= Saturn mother Mary, played Mary Magdalene in movie with Joaquin Phoenix), related to the Rooney family, who own the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Massimo descendants of Roman emperor Fabius Maximus, who defeated Hannibal by avoiding confrontation. Cardinal Camillo Massimo was the patron of Poussin and Velazquez. They were part of the Treaty of Tolentino with jesuit Napoleon (Russian general Kuzutov used the same scorched earth tactic on Napoleon, called the 'Russian Fabius'). They created the socialist Fabian Society (the Left Wing Church), uses the wolf in sheep's clothing logo, the method of Fabius Maximus. Joseph Massimino was a member of the Philadelphia mafia (electronic gambling). Giancarlo Massimo is member of the Order of Malta. The Massimo's control the jesuits through their jesuit school Instituto Massimo (Mario Draghi, head of the European Central Bank, pm of Italy). Francis Ford Coppola's The Godfather trilogy was based on Vittorio Massimo and his wife Dawn Addams (Part II in Massimo Theatre in Sicily).

Dawn Addams played in movies with Charlie Chaplin, Laurence Harvey and Brigitte Bardot. Elisa Massimino is a member of CFR and the Center for American Progress that controls the administration of jesuit Joe Biden with Neera Tanden and Covid19 'expert' Zeke Emanuel (brother of Hollywood mogul Ari Emanyel and mayor Rahm Emanuel).

McMahon Scottish rite masons, founded the WWF (33 symbolism), close to Donald Trump.

Medici Italian banking family of Firenze.



Mérode Belgian family connected to the Saxe-Coburgs

Montagu British family (Earls of Sandwich). John Montagu was vice-chancellor of the University of Cambridge. Samuel Montagu founded a merchant bank. Charles Montagu was Lord of Treasury in the Bank of England. Mary Montagu introduced smallpox vaccines in Britain. Mary Wortley Montagu married John Stuart (Scottish Rite family), pm of Britain from 1762 to 1763. Ralph and his son John Montagu were members of the Grand Lodge of London. Lily Montagu played a role in Progressive Judaism. Israel Ehrenberg changed his name to Ashley Montagu and wrote The Race Question as UN propaganda. Julie Montagu is used on the Smithsonian Channel. Guy Montagu Marston was a member of Aleister Crowley's A.A..

Murray Scottish family that controls the Odd Fellows. John Murray was Grand Master of the Ancient Grand Lodge of England. Bill Murray played a clown in Quick Change, Ghostbusters (phrase 'something strange in your neighborhood') and in Charlie's Angels (Charles Manson). Ralph Murray made propaganda for the BBC. George Murray played in the band of David Bowie (Space Oddity=Oddfellows). Don Murray played in movies with Marilyn Monroe. Henry Murray played a role in the programming of Ted Kaczinsky at Harvard.



Orsini Italian rosicrucian family of the Guelph faction with a rose symbol (ursa= bear of Ursa Major at the North Star and Draco) on their coat of arms=Rosenberg. pope Celestine III and pope Sixtus V. Clarice Orsini married Lorenzo de Medici. Alessandro Orsini and Cosimo II Medici were patrons of Galileo Galilei. Virginio Orsini (Order of the Golden Fleece), son of Isabella de Medici, married niece of pope Sixtus V. Wilhelm Rosenberg was part of the Bohemian court of emperor Maximilian that welcomed Cecil agent John Dee in Bohemia. Franz Orsini-Rosenberg fought jesuit Napoleon in the Napoleonic Wars and against the Ottoman Turks. Felice Orsini was a member of the Carbonari of Giuseppe Mazzini, who were said to attempt to murder Napoleon III. Alfred Rosenberg was a member of the Thule Society and Hitler's nazi party. Paola di Calabra Orsini-Colonna-Pallavicini, daughter of fascist under Benito Mussolini married King of Belgium, Albert II Saxe-Coburg. Alois Konstantin Wertheim Rosenberg was a banker of Merck Fink & Co. Umberto Orsini played in sex farce Candy with John Huston, Marlon Brando and Ringo Starr and The Damned with Charlotte Rampling (rape, sodomy, pedophilia, incest), filmed in Cinecitta Studios. Marina Orsini played in a The Fifth Estate episode about Ewen Cameron's MK Ultra experiments. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes married the Castillo Orsini-Odescalchi in 2006.

Ottobani merged with Serlupi (wolflike) and Crescenzi bloodline (pope Sylvester III, crescent moon on coat of arms). Venetian Ottoboni merged with Boncampagni Ludovisi bloodline.

Packer Australian family thatcontrols Australian media. Frank Packer (Order of the British Empire) owned Australian Consolidated Press and Nine Network. James Packer founded RatPack Entertainment, which produced Hollywood movies like Gravity, The Lego Movie, Winter's Tale, Godzilla, Inherent Vice, Jupiter Ascending, Suicide Squad and Mirror Mirror.

Pallavicini Italian family (black nobility), related to the Iranian Pahlavi dynasty (Allah=the God program) and Lucchese mafia family. Their coat of arms is the 2-headed eagle, the Nesilim symbol of priest-kings, the Holy Roman Empire and freemasonry. Jeronimo Grimaldi-Pallavicini (Order of the Golden Fleece) voted for the suppression of the jesuits after the Seven Years War. Hubert Pallavicini was a Knight of Malta. The Pahlavi-Pallavicini are educated at Le Rosey like Rothschild, Furstenberg and Saxe-Coburgs. King of Belgium Albert II Saxe-Coburg married Paola Orsini-Pallavicini.

They own Global Alliance Wealth Management. Giancarlo Pallavicini was advisor of Russian president Mikhael Gurbachev (Club of Rome). Siegeri Pallavicini works for Athena Management. Fahra Pahlavi is stepcousin of Mercedes Bass (Disney). Jesuit Noor Pahlavi appeared in HarperBazaar of Hearst. Yahia Pallavicini and Nasser David Khalili are Islamic puppets of the Vatican. Karin Akers Pallavicini played in Woody Allen's Purple Rose of Cairo with Mia Farrow and married Kevin Patrick Power of satellite company Orion Network Systems.

Parsons Irish family. Robert Persons was a jesuit priest. Lewis Parsons founded Parsons college in Fairfield Iowa. Charles Parsons invented the steam turbine, used in the Titanic ship. Talcott Parsons was a sociologist. Jack Parsons played an Antichrist figure as leader of the OTO worked with the US Navy (Ron Hubbard) and had a relationship with Marjorie Cameron. Elsie Parsons worked for The New School (Parsons School of Design) and was used in the Feminist Church.

Estelle Parsons was a Hollywood actress who played in Bonnie and Clyde with Warren Beatty. Lucy Parsons played a role in the anarchist movement with Peter Kropotkin. Alan Parsons and Richard Parsons were used in the music industry. William Parsons was director of the Kennedy Space Center of NASA (used as programming center). Jim Parsons plays a nerd character in Big Bang Theory. Julia Stiles (The Omen) played Nicky Parsons in the Bourne franchise with Matt Damon. Rachel Parkins is a character in Gothika with Halle Berry and Robert Downey Jr (Iron Man based on Jack Parsons).

Payne Putnam S&B family of the Boston elite. Harry Payne Whitney married Gertrude Vanderbilt, art patron in Greenwich Village. His sister Pauline Payne Whitney married Almeric Paget, treasurer of the League of Nations Union. Arthur Putnam was member of the Bohemian Club. The Withney Payne's funded Walter Lippmann's The New Republic. Charlotte Payne-Townsend was a member of the Fabian Society and married George Bernard Shaw.

Philips, family that controls the Oddfellows as Baron Strange (phila hippos=horse lover). The Philips family founded elite schools Philips Academy and Philips Exeter Academy in the US.

Jewish brothers Gerard Philips and Anton Philips, son of cousin of Karl Marx, founded Dutch multinational corporation Philips Electronics in Eindhoven in 1891. In 1950 it founded Philips Records and signed Johnny Ray (BSA, gay-pedophilia agenda, movie with MK Ultra slave Marilyn Monroe). It marketed Mercury Records. Philips owned Polydor and released music of France Gall (Serge Gainsbourg), Dominican nun Soeur Sourire and satanist Ozzy Osbourne. Polydor became PolyGram of the Bronfman family and merged with Universal Music Group. It developed the Compact Disc with Sony. Howard Philips Lovecraft wrote science fiction, used in the magic of the OTO. Owen Philipps was a member of the Order of St John and bought the White Star Line after the Titanic ritual.

John Phillips, father of Bijou Phillips (programmed by Church of Scientology and Hollywood Professional School) and Mackenzie Phillips, lived at Mulholland Drive, named after Oddfellow William Mulholland, as neighbor of Roman Polanski and Jack Nicholson and had Lou Adler as manager. Bijou Phillips played in Almost Famous (poster like Strange Angel). Bill Gates is a descendants of Samuel Philips. Michael Philips produced The Sting, Taxi Driver, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and The Flamingo Kid. Anne Saxe-Coburg married Mark Philips and gave birth to Zara Philips (Zar: strange). Mark Philips was the handler of  Cathy O'Brien. Laughlin Phillips worked for the CIA and managed the Phillips Collection at the Dupont Circle in Washington DC.

Todd Phillips (Philip Bunzl) directed Starsky and Hutch, The Hangover and Joker with Joaquin Phoenix. Busy Philipps was educated by jesuits and played in Dawson's Creek and Cougar Town. Gina Philips played in Jeeper's Creepers. Don Philips (Lockheed Skunkworks) participated in the Disclosure Project. Roland Philipps (Todd Sharpville) was used in the blues scene.

Pritzker jewish family from Chicago


Rooney Irish family related to Mara. Mickey Rooney played in movies with Judy Garland. Art Rooney II (related to Patricia Rooney Mara and Kate Mara) owns the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Roosevelt Dutch immigrants that moved to New Amsterdam, related to the Astor, Colonna-Dupont, Delano, Livingston families.

Rosenberg related to Orsini


Rosenwald (friends with Marcus Goldman, Bear Stearns, Sears tower) Armand Deutsch (film producer MGM), Julius Rosenwald (Sears, Roebuck & Company) son Lessing Rosenwald (Cornell) Julius Rosenwald Fund and American Council for Judaism (worked with John Dulles CFR, Erich Fromm Frankfurter School, Hannah Arendt, Arnold Toynbee), daughter Edith Rosenwald Stern (Stern Family Fund), John Rosenwald (CFR), Zionist Nina Rosenwald (CFR, right wing think tank Gatestone Institute promoting Zionist Geert Wilders). Edgar Stern worked at Charity Hospital of New Orleans, Federal Reserve Atlanta and the board of directors of Sears.


Rovere (della Rovere, Italy), oaktree as coat of arms. members of the Order of the Golden Fleece. Vittoria della Rovere married Fernando II de Medici. Giullia della Rovere's son Cesare d'Este married the daughter of Cosimo de Medici. Francesco della Rovere (pope Sixtus IV) was head of the Catholic Church. Marcantonio Colonna married Lucrezia Della Rovere, niece of Giulliano Della Rovere (pope Julius II). Julius II was the patron of Rafael and Michelangelo. Ludovico Chigi Albani della Rovere was a Knight of Malta. Alessandro della Rovere married tv personality Marina Ripa de Meana, friend of Queen Paola of Belgium (di Calabria-Orsini-Pallavicini-Saxe-Coburg). Her daughter actress Lucrezia della Rovere played in James Bond movie Quantum of Solace and had affairs with Giovanni Malago (International Olympian Committee) and Luca Barbereschi (actor in Cannibal Holocaust).

Ruspoli Ruspigliosi Italian papal family from Florence, who built Palazzo Ruspigliosi on Quirinal Hill. Lilio Ruspoli worked for Banco Romano and was a member of the Order of Malta. Alessandro Dado Ruspoli played in The Godfather III and was a friend of Debra Berger, Brigitte Bardot, Truman Capote and Salvador Dali. Mario Ruspoli married Pauline de Talleyrand, related to Charles Maurice de Talleyrand, prime minister of France, present at the Congress of Vienna. Bart Ruspoli played in Empire of ABC. His second cousin is producer William Villiers. Tao Ruspoli married Hollywood actress Olivia Wilde. He directed Fix with Olivia Wilde and the sister of Michelle Pfeiffer. Carlo Emanuele Ruspoli is also a member of the Order of Malta.  Bartolomeo Ruspoli married the daughter of John Paul Getty Jr.

Russell opium trading S&B family

Santo Domingo Colombian family (St Dominic=Dominican Order), related to Colombian president Alfonso Pumarejo, that controls Caracol TV and the beer market through Bavaria Brewery and SABMiller. Julio Mario Santo Domingo was educated at Philips Academy and Georgetown of the jesuits. Alejandro Santo Domingo married Charlotte Wellesley. Andrés Santo Domingo married Lauren Davis, daughter of Ronald Davis (CEO of Perrier) and a Phi Beta Phi at University of Southern California who worked for Vogue and played in commercials with Brad Pitt. She worked with Diane von Furstenberg and Naomi Campbell. Tatiana Santo Domingo married Andrea Casiraghi (House of Monaco, grandson of Grace Kelly). Julio Mario Santo Domingo was related to Brazilian Eduardo Braga, governor of Amazonas.

Sassoon intermarried with the Rothschilds, based in Iraq, controlled the opium trade in China and India. David Sasson had 8 sons. Elias David invested in Burmah Oil, John D Rockefeller's Standard Oil and established E.D. Sassoon in Bombay. Rachel Sassoon Beer owned The Sunday Times and The Observer. Edward Albert married Aline Caroline Rothschild. James Sassoon worked for SG Warburg, was financial advisor of David Cameron and a friend of John Profumo's son. Hollywood actor Jack Huston, grandson of John Huston, is a descendant of Albert Sassoon.

Savoy ruling family of Italy

Saxe-Coburg and Gotha


Schröder German banker family. Gerhard Schröder was Chancellor of Germany, worked for NM Rothschild.

Schuyler Dutch family, related to Van Rensselaer. Schuyler Colfac, US vice-president under Ulysses Grant, was a member of the Oddfellows. George Schuyler worked with Marcus Garvey and was a member of CIA fronts ACCF and John Birch Society. David Crosby, related to the Schuylers, played a role in the Laurel Canyon scene. James Schuyler (gay agenda, The New School) was programmed at Chelsea Hotel and Whitney Payne Psychiatric Clinic. Gregory Peck played Philip Schuyler in Gentlemen's Agreement of Elia Kazan (ACCF). The Schuyler bridge in NY was used in Inception.

Schwab Charles M Schwab founded Bethlehem Steel, ruled the Pittsburgh steel industry with Carnegie and Mellon. Charles R. Schwab founded the Charles Schwab Foundation. Klaus Schwab founded the World Economic Forum in 1971. Frank and Katy Perry are related to the Goldsmith and Schwab family. Susan Schwab was a member of the TC and George W Bush (S&B) administration.

Schwarzenberg Johann Adolf Schwarzenberg (Order of the Golden Fleece) was a diplomat of the Habsburgs. Adam Schwarzenberg was Grandmaster of the Order of St John. Karl Philip Schwarzenberg (Order of the Golden Fleece) won the battle of Leipzig against jesuit Napoleon. Karel IV married Antonia Fürstenberg. His cousin Felix Schwarzenberg was Minister-President of the Austrian Empire. Felix prince of Schwarzenberg married Anna Lowenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg. Josef II of Schwarzenberg married Pauline Arenberg. Karel Schwarzenberg is president of Council of European Union. George Soros (Gyorgy Schwarz) and his Soros Foundation, gave a scholarship to dictator of Hungary, Viktor Orban (TC).

Seligman jewish banking family, who worked with the railroad companies and profited from the American Civil War. Joseph Seligman was a member of the Union League Club with Morgans, Rockefellers, Roosevelts and the Emanu-El Congregation of NY like Simon Rothschild, Adolf Ochs (The NY Times), Paul and Felix Warburg. He founded the Continental Bank of NY with arms dealer (the war industry) Marcellus Hartley (related to James Smithson of Smithsonian), Jacob Schiff (railroad empire with Edward Harriman) and Robert Cutting (Union Club, NYSE). Florette Seligman married Benjamin Guggenheim (used in the Titanic ritual), father of Peggy Guggenheim (modernist art scene). Nicole Seligman was educated at Fieldston School like Robert Seligman Oppenheimer ('father of the atomic bomb', Manhattan Project) and worked for Sony.


Sinclair Scottish family related to Stuart.

Sloane Skull and Bones family. William Douglas Sloane married Emily Thorn Vanderbilt and joined the luxury furniture firm W and J Sloane. John Hammond Sloane Vanderbilt produced Bob Dylan. His cousin William Sloane (S&B) participated in the Civil Rights Movement and RESIST with Noam Chomsky (Institute for Policy Studies of Marcus Raskin, aide of McGeorge Bundy S&B), Benjamin Spock (Scroll and Key) and Allen Ginsberg. He was the president of anti-nuclear organisation SANE with Marilyn Monroe, Marlon Brando, Harry Belafonte.

Henry Coffin Sloane was a member of the Century Group with Allen Dulles CIA CFR, Dean Acheson (Scroll & Key) and James Warburg. Grace Elsie Sloane married Cyrus Vance (Scroll and Key, CFR, TC, US Secretary of State under Jimmy Carter). Michael Sloane went to Hollywood High School and wrote The Majestic with Jim Carrey.

Solvay Belgian family, linked to the Boëls and Saxe-Coburgs, active in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Solvay used the electrolysis method of alchemist Carl Kellner (founder of Ordo Templi Orientis, from 1912 led by Aleister Crowley) for mercury poisoning.

Ernst Solvay organized the Solvay conferences on quantum mechanics with Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Marie Curie, Max Planck,..Alice Solvay owned castle Chateau Amerois, named by Fritz Springmeier as location of child abuse. Jacques Solvay led Solvay in the 70's and was invited to the American Enterprise Institute by Gerald Ford. Pierre and Denis Solvay were members of Bernhard Lippe's 1001 Club. Etienne Davignon and Baron Daniel Janssen (Boël, Sofina, Generale Bank) were TC, ERT, Club of Rome, Le Siècle and Bilderberg members.

Spencer-Churchill Randolph Churchill friends with Rothschild. Winston Churchill promoted antisemitism, responsable for WW2, founded the Other Club. Diana Spencer, mother of William Mountbatten, played the role of mother-moon goddess Diana (Rosemary's Baby, creating a Moonchild).

Stuart/Stewart spread Scottish rite masonry. Elizabeth Stuart married Frederick V of the Bohemian Brunswick-Luneberg bloodline, as a rosicrucian alchemical marriage. Their daughter Dorothea married into the House of Hanover. They founded the Royal African Company (Atlantic slave trade) and the Royal Society. Bonnie Prince Charlie was related to Jacob Frank through the Sobieski family. In 1745 they organised the Jacobite Rising (White Rose symbol) to restore the power of the Stuarts. Mel Stuart directed the pedophile movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (cc=33=sodomy).

Stuyvesant related to Rockefellers, Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood in Brooklyn.

Taft Alphonso Taft founded the order Skull and Bones with William Russell (opium trade). William Howard Taft was US president from 1909, Nicholas Butler (president of Columbia University, Carnegie Endowment for Peace, Society of the Cincinatti) as running mate, Robert Bacon of Boston Elite as Secretary of State. James Grohl, father of Dave Grohl (Nirvana with Kurt Cobain) worked for Robert Taft (CFR). Dave Grohl campaigned for jesuit John Forbes Kerry.

Thurn und Taxis House of Arenberg, intermarried with the Fürstenbergs, Oppenheimers. The Thurn und Taxis family played a role in the Illuminati hoax and the Thule Society. Paul von Thurn und Taxis had a homosexual relationship with King of Bavaria Ludwig II (patron of Richard Wagner) whose castle became the blueprint of the Cinderella Castle of Disney. Johannes von Thurn und Taxis was a member of Bernhard Lippe's 1001 Club.

Thyssen family that funded Adolf Hitler. Hans Thyssen married Fiona Campbell, who had a relationship with Alexander Onassis (son of Aristotle Onassis).

Torlonia bankers of the Catholic Church from Florence Italy, like the Medici's. Giovanni Raimondo Torlonia made a deal with the french troops during the occupation of Rome by Napoleon. They acquired the village Civitella Cesi and intermarried with the Colonna's, Orsini, Sforza and Borghese. Leopoldo Torlonia was the mayor of Rome from 1882. Giovanni Torlonia founded the Banca del Fucino in 1923. They gave Villa Torlonia (with additional House of Little Owls) to Knight of Malta Benito Mussolini. Alessandro Torlonia married Beatriz of Spain (Battenberg-Bourbon), who lived at Magdalena Palace in Santander (castle tower on coat of arms=House of Castile, castle programming of Dominicans who worship Mary Magdalene). His daughter married the son of industrialist Paul-Louis Weiller Javal (friends with Aristotle Onassis, JP Getty, Henry Ford II).

Guido Torlonia directed the movie Domino with Brigitte Nielsen, is a friend of Richard Gere and Tilda Swinton. Model and actress Brooke Shields Torlonia was used to pose for Hugh Hefner's Playboy at age 10, was friends with Michael Jackson and Diana's lover Dodi Fayed. Her father worked for Revlon like Marcella Borghese. Sibilla Torlonia married jesuit Guillaume of Luxembourg (Bourbon), who worked for the IMF, European Commission and ArcelorMittal of jesuit Lakshmi Mittal.

Trump Fred Trump founded the Trump Organisation. Elizabeth Christ Trump died 6/6/1966. Predictive programming of antichrist-bully Donald Trump as Biff Tannen in Back to the Future (mythology about John G. Trump said to have been associated with 'time travel' research of Nikola Tesla). Donald Trump was trained by jesuits at Fordham and Wharton Business School (connection to mind control research of Tavistock), and mentored by Roy Cohn (John Birch Society), to play the role of a succesfull, eccentric entrepreneur (the Horus archetype, the Conquering Child). Trump had connections to the mafia of New Jersey, through his hotels in Atlantic City (Biff tower in BTTF). Trump Organisation, affiliated with Stephen Bollenbach (Disney, Hilton, Time Warner) run by jesuit Eric Trump.

Donald Trump opened a black monolith tower Trump World Tower at United Nations Plaza. Trump appeared on NBC show 'the Apprentice'. His model organisation signed Paris Hilton (whose niece Kyle Richards appeared on NBC the Celebrity Apprentice). Trump worked with the WWF of the McMahon family, who also work with the Hearst family. Trump administration contained jesuit Goldman Sachs banker Steve Bannon, Steve Mnuchin and Stephen Schwarzmann (both Skull and Bones), presented as saviour by the Alex Jones Infowars- Qanon alt right clique. His daughter jesuit Ivanka Trump married Jared Kushner, financed by George Soros.

Vanderbilt family from De Bilt Utrecht Netherlands, migrated to New Amsterdam.


Wallenberg Swedish family of bankers and industrialists.

Walton related to the Mellon family, owners of Walmart. Carrie Walton is married to Goldman Sachs banker Greg Penner, both Georgetown jesuits. Travis Walton was used in the UFO religion (worship of Orion Nordic extraterrestials).


Wellesley British-Irish family that works with the Saxe-Coburgs, House of Orange and House of Bourbon.

Wertheim jewish family intermarried with the Rosenbergs. John Loeb worked for Maurice Wertheim at Wertheim & Company. Sophie Wertheim married OSS/CIA agent Herbert Marcuse (Eros and Civilation, Eros=Rose). Max Wertheimer played a role in Gestalt therapy, was the teacher of Kurt Lewin, taught at Frankfurt School and at The New School. Pierre Wertheimer married Germaine Ravel Lazard and co-founded fashion company Chanel (Vesica Pisces symbol) with Coco Chanel (scene of Igor Stravinsky and Pablo Picasso), now owned by Gérard Wertheimer. Jackie Kennedy wore the iconic pink Chanel suit during the JFK ritual. The Wertheimers own Bordeaux winery Chateau Rauzan-Segla and St Supery winery in California.

Whitney intermarried with Skull & Bones families Payne and Vanderbilt.

Wittelsbach Bavarian dynasty wich also ruled Bohemia, Sweden and Greece. As catholics they played a role in the Counter-Reformation. They were members of the Teutonic Order. Frederick IV Wittelsbach married Louise Juliana of Orange-Nassau. Sophia of Hannover, the child of the alchemical marriage of Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart, married Ernst Augustus and gave birth to George I (House of Hanover). Elizabeth Palatinate-Simmern corresponded with René Descartes and Quaker William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania.

Karl Theodor Wittelsbach outlawed Adam Weishaupt's Illuminati. King of Bavaria Ludwig II was a homosexual mason and patron of Richard Wagner. His Neuschwanstein castle became the inspiration for Cinderella Castle of Disney. Urs Wietlisbach founded Partners Group. Sophie Wittelsbach is a member of the royal family of Liechtenstein.

Zuniga Spanish family related to the Bourbons, Habsburgs (Order of the Golden Fleece), jewish Valero's, Martinez and Guzmans (Dominican Order, Sinaloa Cartel). Gaspar de Zuniga the 5th Earl of Monterrey was a Viceroy of Peru. Cipriano de Valera was the publisher of the Spanish Bible. Daphne Zuniga was poisoned with mercury and played in slasher films The Dorm That Dripped Blood, The Initiation, The Shure Thing with John Cusack, Modern Girls, Space Balls, Fox series Melrose Place with Alyssa Milano.

Misleading books on bloodlines

Texe Marrs 'DNA Science and the Jewish Bloodline'
Fritz Springmeier (Alex Jones clique) '13 Bloodlines of the Illuminati '. It focuses mainly on 13 families, frames them as an anti-christian Illuminati conspiracy, started by jesuit Adam Weishaupt. The concept of 13 families is based on the concept of 12 tribes of Israel, with the Tribe of Dan as mysterious 13th tribe (worshipping the Snakeholder Ophiuchus, the 13th sign).

1. Astor, links them to Society of the Elect, a secret society invented by jesuit Carroll Quigley. Thomas Jefferson was not a member of the Illuminati, nor were the Astors. There is no Committee of 300. They are not worth 40 billion.
2 Bundy, linking the S&B family, to the Illuminati, MJ-12 and serial killer Ted Bundy, claims jesuit Joseph McCarthy was a patriotic good guy fighting the NWO.
3. Collins, claims about fictional Robert Moore Collins, James Collins, Yvonne Collins.
4 Dupont, forgets to mention Collins and Dupont are branches of the jesuit Colonna bloodline, that founded the American Empire and invented the Illuminati hoax.
5. Freeman, promoting the Priory of Sion hoax of Pierre Plantard and mason Michael Baigent and the Dulce base hoax of a fictional Thomas.
6. Kennedy
7. Li
8. Onassis
11. Russell
12. van Duyn
13. Merovingian (European Royal Families)
and four other families: 1. Reynolds 2. Disney 3. Krupp Friedrich Alfried nazi criminals. 4. McDonalds.

In Volume 2 Springmeier mixes the Bohemian Grove, the Cosmos Club, the CFR, the Club of Rome, the Ordo Saturni, the Jason Group, MI6, the OTO groups, the Pilgrim Society with insignificant or fictional distractions like the Jason Society, ACL, the Council of 9, the Council of 13 or the Grand Druid Council, MJ-12, the Mothers of Darkness, the Prieure de Sion, the Process Church (CIA front), the Sanhedrin, the Temple of Power. Springmeier claims Chateau Amerois owned by the Saxe-Coburg, later by the Solvay family, is used for Monarch programming and is referred to as Mothers of Darkness.


Foundations and think tanks