Elia Kazan

Elia Kazan was a mind controlled actor-director, used in the Hollywood film industry, to make propaganda for CIA front American Committee for Cultural Freedom (ACCF). He was educated at Yale. He was a member of the Group Theatre NY with Lee Strassberg, Stella Adler and Will Greer (partner of Harry Hay OTO). He co-founded the Actors Studio in NY.

The Actors Studio trained Marilyn Monroe, Robert de Niro, Harvey Keitel, Ellen Bursteyn, Jack Nicholson.

He married Molly Day Thatcher, Barbara Loden, Frances Rudge.

The Group Theatre developed techniques of realistic acting (method acting) developed by Russian Konstantin Stanislavsky, who directed The Blue Bird of symbolist Maurice Maeterlinck at his Moscow Art Theatre in 1908.

His son Nicolas Kazan wrote the screenplay of Patty Hearst about the media ritual with Patty Hearst and MK Ultra doctors, directed by Paul Schrader (Taxi Driver, Raging Bull of Martin Scorcese). Patty Hearst was played by Miranda Richardson (Redgrave family, Information Research Department with George Orwell).

He also write the screenplay of:

At Close Range (Sean Penn), Mobsters (about Charles Luciano), Matilda (Danny DeVito, novel of Roald Dahl), Fallen (jesuit Denzel Washington), Homegrown (Stephen Gyllenhaal, Billy Bob Thornton, John Lithgow), Bicentenial Man (Robin Williams, Sam Neill, novel of Isaac Asimov), Enough (Jennifer Lopez), The Whole Truth (Keanu Reeves), ..

Nicholas Kazan was educated at Milbrook School like Robert F Kennedy Jr, William F Buckley Jr,..

His daughter Zoe Kazan has a relationship with Paul Dano (The New School). She wrote 2012 movie Ruby Sparks (ruby slippers Wizard of Oz) with Paul Dano, Anette Benning, Antonio Banderas, Steve Coogan and Elliott Gould.

His other daughter Maya Kazan played in The Knick of Steven Soderbergh with Clive Owen.

Martin Scorcese (Greenwich Village) made documentary A Letter to Elia in 2010.

Astrological chart

born 9/7/1909, date Elizabeth I, Buddy Holly, Dario Argento, d Mac Miller.

Asc: Scorpio, mc: Leo. Dom: Libra (Adjustment), Gemini, Virgo - Venus, Pluto, Mars.

Houses 8, 11, 10. 8: Moon and Pluto in Gemini, 11: Jupiter in Virgo, Mercury in Libra, 10: Sun conj Lilith in Virgo. 3: Uranus in Capricorn, 12: Venus in Libra.

died 9/28/2003, date André Breton, Hilary Duff, Ed Sullivan, Brigitte Bardot, Dita von Teese, Naomi Watts.


1940 City for Conquest (as actor) Arthur Kennedy
1945 A Tree Grows in Brooklyn 20th Century Fox Dorothy McGuire
1947 The Sea of Grass MGM Katherine Hepburn (relationship with Howard Hughes) jesuit Spencer Tracy
1947 Boomerang! 20th Century Fox Dana Andrews Lee J Cobb Cara Williams (Hollywood Professional School)
1947 Gentleman's Agreement (about anti-semitism) Gregory Peck (The Omen, Boys from Brazil) Dorothy McGuire
1949 Pinky Ethel Barrymore (related to Drew Barrymore)
1950 Panic in the Streets Jack Palance
1951 A Streetcar Named Desire Warner Bros. Karl Malden Marlon Brando Vivien Leigh (friend of mother Mia Farrow, married to Laurence Olivier) Kim Hunter (Planet of the Apes) play of Tennessee Williams (CCF)
1952 Viva Zapata! 20th Century Fox Marlon Brando Jean Peters (Howard Hughes) Anthony Quinn
1953 Man on a Tightrope Fredric March Richard Boone Adolphe Menjou set in communist Germany
1954 On the Waterfront Columbia Pictures Marlon Brando (The New School, Civil Rights Movement) Rod Steiger (The New School) Karl Malden Eva Marie Saint Lee J Cobb (The Exorcist with jesuit Peter Blatty) based on story of Irish jesuit John Corridan (waterfront controlled by mafia of Lucky Luciano, inspiration for The Godfather) music by Leonard Bernstein (Harvard) written by Budd Schulberg (OSS/CIA unit of John Ford, Nuremberg trial) produced by Zionist Sam Spiegel (accused by Theresa Russell of sexual abuse, friend of Ariel Sharon)
1955 East of Eden Warner Bros. James Dean (year of his car crash) Julie Harris Burl Ives (Order of Demolay) story of Cain and Abel novel of John Steinbeck
1956 Baby Doll (after controverse with cardinal and Knight of Malta Francis Spellman, defended by the NY Times and the American Civil Liberties Union) Caroll Baker Karl Malden Eli Wallach (CCNY, Actors Studio) produced by Tennessee Williams
1957 A Face in the Crowd Walter Matthau (The New School) Lee Remick
1960 Wild River 20th Century Fox Montgomery Clift Bruce Dern
1961 Splendor in the Grass Warner Bros. Nathalie Wood Warren Beatty Pat Hingle Gary Lockwood
1963 America America Frank Wolff (Roger Corman movies)
1969 The Arrangement Warner Bros Seven Arts Kirk Douglas Faye Dunaway Richard Boone
1972 The Visitors United Artists James Woods
1976 The Last Tycoon Paramount Pictures Robert de Niro (father friend of Tennessee Williams) Tony Curtis (The New School) Jack Nicholson Donald Pleasence Anjelica Huston John Carradine Theresa Russell screenplay of Harold Pinter based on novel Scott Fitzgerald


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