Electroshocks are an electrical form of torture, used in trauma based mind control to cause brain damage and memory loss (in combination with hypnosis, drugs like LSD, mescaline). In the media the euphemism Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) is often used to give the impression it is used as a treatment with informed consent to cure mental diseases. It was gradually normalized in pop culture through Hollywood and music industry propaganda.    

The Catholic Church had experimented with torture methods during the Spanish Inquisition.

In 1746 Dutch researchers on electricity discovered electrocshocks through the Leiden jar.

In 1889 the term 'electrocution' and the concept of an 'electric chair' was introduced (as replacement of hanging, symbolism of the Hanged Man), with the help of Thomas Edison (Theosophical Society) and George Westinghouse (Nikola Tesla).

In 1906 Alois Alzheimer and Emil Kraepeln described the symptoms of dementia (caused by mercury) as Alzheimer's Disease. Kraepelin's Social Darwinist eugenics agenda was funded by James Loeb and Rockefeller Foundation. He was the teacher of nazi Ernst Rüdin (related to nazi Alfred Ploetz). Alzheimer's student Gaetano Perusini worked at a hospital in Milan where the son of fascist Benito Mussolini was treated with insulin, with Scottish Rite freemason Ugo Cerletti.

Clovis Vincent used electroshocks on his patients in France. In the 20's Ewen Cameron worked at Gartnavel Royal Hospital, where electroshocks were used, and where RD Laing of Tavistock worked in the 50's.

In Fritz Lang Metropolis a robot is created through electricity (Whore of Babylon archetype). Nazi eugenicist Julius Wagner-Jauregg experimented with malaria inoculation.

In 1938 Ugo Cerletti used electroshocks at the Sapienza University in Rome (Catholic Church). Robert Russell and Lewis Page patented the electroshock machine. Antonin Artaud was treated in Rhodez France. Ladislas Meduna (electroshocks, PTZ to cause seizures) moved to Chicago to become professor of neurology at Loyola University of the jesuits.

Lauretta Bender, Joseph Wortis and Karl Bowman used electroshocks at Bellevue Hospital NY, and Howard Himwich at Edgewood Arsenal. Bellevue is affiliated with New York University.

In the 50's electroshocks were used in CIA Project Artichoke (continuation of Project Bluebird, experiments with hypnosis, LSD, mescaline) by Max Fink in experiments to induce memory loss and brain damage. He was educated at NYU, Bellevue Medical Center (MC like Mind Control) and Army School of Military Neuropsychiatry and did research on the effect of psychedelics.

Ewen Cameron (Scottish masonic bloodline like Marjorie Cameron) used electroshocks at the Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal Canada as Subproject 68 of Project MK Ultra.

Bellevue Hospital treated Greenwich Village Beatnik Allen Ginsberg (mentioned in poem Howl, written under influence of mescaline), Beatnik William Burroughs (after cutting off a finger) and his wife Joan Volmer, Delmore Schwartz (Columbia, NYU, teacher of Lou Reed), Eugene O'Neill (alcohol addiction), Lead Belly, Sylvia Plath, Charlie Parker (jazz scene with Miles Davis), Charles Mingus, Andrea Feldman (Andy Warhol films with Nico, suicide in 1972), Sid Vicious (program Punk Rock, Chelsea Hotel), terrorist George Metesky (after sending a letter to New York Journal American of Hearst).

William Burroughs was also treated at Federal Medical Center, a federal prison in Lexington Kentucky. The prison was mentioned in The Man with the Golden Arm (1949) of Nelson Algren, friend of Terry Southern and partner of jesuit Simone de Beauvoir. The book was promoted by Ernest Hemingway and in 1955  made into a film by Otto Preminger (Alzheimer's Disease) with Frank Sinatra (mind control movie The Manchurian Candidate). Algren wrote A Walk on the Wild Side, made into a song by heroin addict Lou Reed and a movie with Laurence Harvey and Jane Fonda.

In 1960 Ernest Hemingway was given electro-shocks at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota. Phil Ochs (father treated with electro-shocks) was used in the Greenwich Village and Laurel Canyon scene.

Harry Bailey used electroshocks at Chelmsford Private Hospital near Sydney on patients like alcohol and heroin addicted Stevie Wright, the first Australian international pop star. He was used in band The Easybeats with George Young, producer of AC/DC with lightning symbol (=electroshock symbolism).

Stanley Milgram used electroshocks in his experiments at Yale University (S&B). German nazi's used electroshocks at Colonia Dignidad in Chile.

In 1981 John Hinckley was used in a staged assassination ritual with Ronald Reagan (Rockefeller Commission on MK Ultra, Alzheimer's Disease). Hinckley was treated at St Elizabeths in Washington. Reagan's wife played in The Lost Weekend (Paramount Pictures) of Billy Wilder, shot at Bellevue.

Electroshock references in pop culture

Ken Kesey (MK Ultra project of CIA at Veterans Affairs Hospital with Gregory Bateson in Menlo Park, later the home of Facebook and Google), under influence of mescaline, wrote One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, made into a film by Milos Forman with Jack Nicholson (the Joker in Batman), Danny DeVito, Christopher Lloyd and Louise Fletcher, released by United Artists. It was produced by Saul Zaentz and Michael Douglas. The president of Saul Zaentz Productions was Michael Rosenberg (Imagine Entertainment with Ron Howard and Bryan Grazer, mind control movie A Beautiful Mind, 8 Mile with Eminem)

Grateful Dead fans were called Deadheads (Archaic revival of Terence McKenna, Noble Savage escaping and abandoning modern culture, return to primitive, childlike mindstate). They worked with Daniel Levitin, later neuroscientist at McGill University.

1985 Return to Oz Disney Fairuza Balk. Jack Nicholson as the Joker (Arkham Asylum as programming center).

1988 Jane's Addiction Nothing's Shocking.

1990 Total Recall (story of Philip K Dick) Arnold Schwarzenegger Sharon Stone Paul Verhoeven.

Dr Dre is promoted through the label Death Row with electrocution chair logo.

1994 Green Day Basket Case references to OFOCN (filmed at Agnews Development Center, also used in Birdy with Matthew Modine who played an MK Ultra doctor in Stranger Things, later bought by Oracle Corporation).

2000 Requiem For a Dream Darren Aronofsky Jared Leto Ellen Bursteyn Jennifer Connelly. Madonna Die Another Day. Christina Aguilera (Mickey Mouse Club, electrocution device as phallus symbol).

Pop stars imitate the famous picture Aleister Crowley making the Horns of Pan sign (one of the NOX signs). Naomi Klein focuses on Cameron's shock therapy in Part I of The Shock Doctrine.

Eminem (manager Paul Rosenberg) Real Slim Shady parody of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest with Kathy Griffin.

2001 A Beautiful Mind Ron Howard Russell Crowe as John Forbes Nash Jennifer Connelly Paul Bettany.

Timbaland Shock Value, Jay Electronica, Brain Zapped (lightning symbol) Selena Gomez.

2016 Suicide Squad (reference to Jack Parsons) Belle Reve Sanitarium (reference to Bellevue) Jared Leto (played John Lennon's assassin Mark David Chapman, treated at Bellevue) as Joker  Will Smith Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn.

Electroshocks leads to a lazy eye (Eye of Horus symbolism).

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