The ego is the experience of consciousness in fragmented form (being cut off from one's soul essence), a feature of the dimension of the mind-ego-personality (3D), often enforced by the God program through the pineal gland (the I=one eye) and the 7 chakra's. When a soul incarnates in 3D it starts identifying with the 3D body, its primitive animal instincts (sexual drive) and the mind (thoughts of the brain). The ego that keeps people trapped in the Saturn-moon-matrix is worshiped by the Saturn cult in Satanism. The Egyptian and Greek priest class organized rituals and mystery religions (the Dionysian, the Eleusinian Mysteries) to experience ego-death and oneness.

Sigmund Freud developed the theory of Id, Ich and Uberich (Super-Ego, the father) in The Pleasure Principle and The Ego and the Id.

The ego wants infinite and immediate gratification of its needs. When the child is forced to leave the trinity of mother-father-child and discovers it has to adapt to 'reality' and cultural rules, that it can be rejected and punished for doing something 'bad', it develops its first trauma and repression and coping mechanisms.

The ego uses defense mechanisms as denial, faking emotions to play the victim, intimidation, blaming, intellectualization, compensation, fantasy, projection, sublimation, dissociation, somatization and splitting.

The 7 chakra's out of balance represent the 7 deadly sins (sin=moon) sloth, wrath, lust, pride, greed, gluttony, envy.

In a spiritual death and rebirth process, the friction between the soul and ego-mind-personality leads to a painful process of dissolving the old personality to give birth to a new personality more aligned with the true self.

The ego is constantly offended and at war. Cultural identity groups (subcultures), political (Left Wing and Right Wing divide-and-conquer programs) and religious programs lead traumatized people into a set of new rules but with unbound freedom for the ego (blaming on a Devil figure, image of hypocrisy).

The Draco-Orion Empire under influence of the God program, developed a takeover strategy in 3 steps. Cicero coined the term alter ego.

In Kabbalism the Ego is called Nephesh, associated with Yesod (moon) while Tiferet represents the sun, the heart, the self. The going through the Abyss (in Thelema the Night of Pan) represents ego-death. The Tower represents the dethroning of the False King (the Ego).

Franz Anton Mesmer experimented with hypnotic techniques to explore the alter ego.

Carl Jung developed the concept of a persona as a mask for the ego. The Shadow hides the Anima or Animus in the Unconscious.

MI6 and CIA conducted research on trauma based mind control with hypnotic triggers, LSD, mescaline and electroshocks.

The music industry and Hollywood film industry (lunar cult of the silver screen) uses projections to enforce ego projections and fantasies. In alliance with the  media and internet propaganda the Saturn cult programs subconscious fears (abduction, death, viruses, uncontrolled sexuality).


Carl Jung