Edward Bernays

Edward Bernays was a cousin of Sigmund Freud (married to Martha Bernays) and Public Relations agent working for the secret services of the US. The cultural marxists of the Frankfurt School used the theories of Freud and Marx to found the Left Wing Church (unlimited satisfaction of desires). He was born in Austria but his parents moved to NY. His great-grandfather Isaac Bernays was chief rabbi in Hamburg Germany. He was trained at DeWitt Clinton High School (Richard Avedon, Lionel Trilling, Richard Condon, George Cukor, Edward Feldman, Bill Finger, Bill Graham, Robert Hofstadter, Irving Howe, Burt Lancaster, Ralph Lauren, Stan Lee, Tracy Morgan, Jan Peerce, Gill-Scott Heron, Marvin Traub) and Cornell University.

He coached opera singer Enrico Caruso (signed to RCA Victor) to become a pop star.  Caruso's wife, Dorothy Park Benjamin was a member of The Rope of hypnotist George Gurdjieff.

During the WW1 ritual, he made US war propaganda for the Committee on Public Information of Woodrow Wilson with:
- Charles Merriam (Columbia, the Left Wing Church)
- Vira Boarman (like Bernays' wife, part of the woman suffrage movement, early feminism)
- Robert Lansing (related to John Foster Dulles, father of Allen Dulles)
- Carl Byoir
- George Creel
Creel and Byoir worked for Hearst, Creel like William Hearst was a member of the Bohemian Club. Walter Lippman (CFR, Intercollegiate Socialist Society), mentored by William James (TS), was advisor of Woodrow Wilson.

Bernays worked with actor Richard Bennett, who worked for New York American of Hearst. Bennett played in silent film Damaged Goods (1914) of Mutual Films (Charlie Chaplin, later evolved into RKO) to scare audiences with venereal diseases as propaganda for sex education and eugenics.

The movie was made by Tom Ricketts, who worked with cinematographer Charles Rocher (HOGD). His daughter, child actress Joan Marsh (Dorothy Rosher) played in Daddy-Long-Legs with Mary Pickford, based on play with Bernays as PR-agent. The movie was made by First National Pictures, later bought by Warner Bros, which collaborated with Hearst.

Bernays' committee was supported by the Anne Harriman Vanderbilt, wife of William Kissam Vanderbilt (Jeckyll Island Club), Franklin Roosevelt, John Haynes Holmes (NAACP, ACLU) and John D Rockefeller.

Bernays helped creating a media controverse for the Ballets Russes of Igor Stravinsky, Nicholas Roerich (TS) and Léon Bakst Rosenberg.

He attended the Paris Peace conference of 1919 with MI6 agent William Wiseman and Colonel House (architect of League of Nations/UN with Alfred Milner and Robert Cecil). He married Doris Fleishman in 1922.

He worked for Procter & Gamble. In 1923 he wrote Crystalising Public Opinion (a year after Lippman's Public Opinion) and in 1928 Propaganda.

In 1929 he designed his famous Torches of Freedom campaign to promote Lucky Strike cigarettes, helped by A.A. Brill (NY University, Columbia) and The NY Times. The Tavistock Institute used his methods, has a statue of Freud at its headquarter. Bernays was a member of Margaret Mead's Society for Applied Anthropology.

He combined the theories of Freud, Gustav Le Bon and Wilfred Trotter (herd instinct, friend of Freud and mentor of Wilfred Bion of Tavistock). He used the fear of veneral diseases in his Dixie Cup campaign with subliminal images of cups resembling vagina's. He was the publicity director of the NY World's Fair.

In the 50's he worked for the CIA (United Fruits campaign during the overthrow of Guatemalan Arbenz government). In 1955 he wrote the Engineering of Consent. His daughter Anne Bernays was trained by jesuits.

Adam Curtis discussed Bernays with Anne Bernays in his BBC documentary Century of the Self (2002).

His great-nephew Marc Bernays Randolph co-founded Netflix.

Astrological chart

born 11/22/1891, date of JFK ritual, Scarlett Johansson, Charles de Gaulle, Mark Ruffalo, Jamie Lee Curtis, Mads Mikkelsen, in Vienna Austria.

Dom: Scorpio (Death), Sagittarius, Leo - Venus, Neptune, Sun.

Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius, Sun in Scorpio opp Neptune conj Pluto in Gemini.

died 3/9/1995, date Leland Stanford, death The Notorious BIG.

Books on Edward Bernays

2002 Father of Spin: Edward Bernays and The Birth of Public Relations Larry Tye

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