Ed Harris

Ed Harris is a mind controlled actor, used in the Hollywood film industry to play the Jungian Shadow (prince Harry). He was educated at Columbia University (Colonna). He is married to jesuit trained actress Amy Madigan.

His most famous role is Christopher in The Truman Show with Jim Carrey and Paul Giamatti.

Astrological chart

born 11/28/1950, date Truman Capote masque ball of 1966, Anna Nicole Smith (husband Howard Marshall), William Blake, fire sign Sagittarius (Art) knight of wands ruled by Jupiter (idealism, that can turn to tyranny), in New Jersey (Order of the Jesters of the Colonna's). 33 days left, architect 33d degree mason, year of Hubbard's Dianetics, Truman assassination attempt.

Asc: Scorpio (pluto abuse of power), mc: Leo. Dominants: Sagittarius (Art, Knight of Wands), Leo, Cancer- Pluto (Hades, the Shadow, abuse of power), Jupiter (osiris), Moon.

Houses 1, 8, 2. 1: Sun and Venus in Sagitt, 2: Mercury in Sagittarius, Mars in Capricorn, 4: Jupiter in Aquarius, 8: Moon and Uranus in Cancer (Uranus like Dodi Fayed, Terry O Quinn), Lilith in Gemini, 9: Pluto in Leo (abuse of power), 11: Neptune in Libra.


1977 Amazing Howard Hughes (Horus Howard Hughes=Jack Parsons, Anna Nicole Smith married to Howard Marshall) Tommy Lee Jones 9/15 like Harry, Lee Purcell (Scientology)
1978 Coma (sting of Scorpio) Michael Douglas
1981 Knightriders =Sagittarius Knight of Wands William Stephen King

1982 Creepshow (Death Scorpio)
1983 The Right Stuff, space mission mercury 7 by Philip Kaufman (Jim Carrey played Andy Kaufman in Man on the Moon) Barbara Hershey based on book by Tom Wolfe (writer of Electric Kool-Aid Test about Ken Kesey and his Stanford/MK Ultra mind controlled Merry Pranksters)
1984 Swing Shift (Lust) Goldie Hawn Kurt Russell
1984 Places in the Heart Terry O'Quinn
1985 Code Name Emerald (Art, bridge to emerald city) Patrick Stewart
1985 Sweet Dreams (lust, plane crash) John Goodman Jessica Lange Boxcar Willie
1985 Walker, Knight of Wands
1988 To Kill A Priest blindfold Pete Postlethwaite Tim Roth
1989 The Abyss pluto=daath on the abyss, bottomless pit of Revelation 911 James Cameron (Marjorie Cameron) Mary Mastrantonio (mm=33)
1989 Project Y los Alamos Apophis
1990 State of Grace the shadow
1991 Paris Trout Barbara Hershey Dennis Hopper
1992 Glengarry Glen Ross power broken glass=split mind, Al Pacino Kevin Spacey Alec Baldwin (Donald Trump)
1993 The Firm (hidden secrets, mystery) Tom Cruise Gene Hackman
1994 Milk Money (mm=33) aug 31 (diana, shin) Melanie Griffith aug 9 like atom bomb and death Sharon Tate, Malcolm McDowell
1994 China Moon the Moon Queen of Cups
1995 Nixon Anthony Hopkins as Richard Nixon abuse of power, about wiretaps Howard Hunt Watergate pluto in libra James Woods Oliver Stone
1995 Apollo 13 1995 (moon in cancer) the moon control room of demiurge raising Apollyon/Lucifer/Enki out of bottomless pit revelation 911.  Ron Howard Tom Hanks Bill Paxton
1995 Just Cause Sean Connery (died 8/25 like Truman Capote) Kate Capshaw (wife of Steven Spielberg) Laurence Fishburne
1996 Eye for an Eye shadow
1996 The Rock (=peter Jupiter, Emerald City, Alcatraz part of PresidioSean Connery Nicholas Cage David Morse Michael Biehn
1997 Absolute Power pluto=dictator jesuit Clint Eastwood Gene Hackman (Pasadena Playhouse) Laura Linney
1998 The Truman Show day 911, Jim Carrey as Truman Burbank (Truman Capote) Paul Giamatti Laura Linney Natascha McElhone Noah Emmerich references to The Prisoner
1998 Stepmom Julia Roberts Jena Malone
1999 The Third Miracle enigma
2000 Pollock as Jackson Pollock (CIA front ACCF) purging self transforming therapy renewal car crash orgasm, with his wife Amy Madigan. Jennifer Connelly Val Kilmer as Willem de Kooning
2000 Waking the Dead car crash Jennifer Connelly
2001 A Beautiful Mind Russell Crowe as John Nash uranus eccentric, would die in a car crash. Man in black= the Shadow cia, the Jesuits.

Jennifer Connelly (gnostic Sophia) as Alicia Nash (Alice in Wonderland) Christopher Plummer Paul Bettany
2001 The Hours art Julianne Moore Meryl Streep
2001 Enemy at the Gates, Art target sagitt Jude Law Joseph Fiennes Rachel Weisz
2001 Masked and Anonymous (Truman masked ball) Bob Dylan John Goodman Val Kilmer Penelope Cruz Giovanni Ribisi Mickey Rourke Jeff Bridges Christian Slater Bruce Dern Luke Wilson Jessica Lange
2001 Buffalo Soldiers Joaquin Phoenix Idris Elba
2003 Radio (sign apophis) coach of Cuba Gooding Jr as James Robert Kennedy (=Robert Kennedy)
2003 The Human Stain lester (=Aleister Crowley) Nicole Kidman Anthony Hopkins
2005 Winter Passing Will Ferrell (Will and Harry) Zooey Deschanel (Alice in Wonderland dollhouse programming)
2005 A History of Violence David Cronenberg, pluto= purging releasing buried power and core truths, Viggo Mortensen (Aragon, name of Marilyn Monroe)
2006 Copying Beethoven as Ludwig van Beethoven Diane Kruger
2007 Gone Baby Gone abduction Persephone detective Scorpio Casey Affleck (played young RFK) Michelle Monaghan Morgan Freeman Ben Affleck
2007 Cleaner shadow Eva Mendes Samuel Jackson
2007 National Treasure: Book of Secrets Disney Nicolas Cage Harvey Keitel Diane Kruger assassination of Lincoln, all seeing eye conspiracy theories about the Illuminati torch of Diana's memorial in Paris. Helen Mirren (Prospero in The Tempest)
2008 Appaloosa, Virgil Cole (name Dante's Inferno) man in black jesuit
2010 Once Fallen Aryan Brotherhood, connected to Charles Manson and the Aryan Disney family
2010 the Way Back Saoirse Ronan Colin Farrell Mark Strong
2010 Virginia Jennifer Connelly
2011 Thats What I Am jupiter teacher red hair like Harry
2011 Salvation Blvd the sun Greg Kinnear Jennifer Connelly
2012 Man on a Ledge the Fool (Heath Ledger) crossing the Abyss Sam Worthington Anthony Mackie Jamie Bell
2012 Game Change John McCain (campaign logo star obelisk Sirius, cain lucifer) Woody Harrelson Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin

2013 Phantom ww3 sign choronzon abyss secret mission 'dark star', ocean floor
2013 Pain and Gain Mark Wahlberg Dwayne Johnson Anthony Mackie
2013 Snowpiercer Bong Joon-Ho Tilda Swinton John Hurt Ewen Bremner
2013 Sweetwater sadistic leader religious sect (Charles Manson) January Jones (Mad Men) Edwardo Noriega Jason Aldean (Las Vaegas shooting media ritual)
2013 Gravity mission control like Apollo 13 and The Truman Show
2013 Faces of Love Anette Benning Robin Williams
2015 Cymbeline Dakota Johnson Ethan Hawke Milla Jovovich John Leguizamo
2015 The Aderall Diaries broken mirror face=split mind
2016 In Dubious Battle James Franco Vincent D'Onofrio Robert Duvall Selena Gomez
2016 Rules Dont Apply Warren Beatty as Howard Hughes (Jack Parsons) Lily Collins (Colonna) Anette Benning Candice Bergen (house Sharon Tate) produced by Frank Giustra (Lionsgate, foundation with jesuit Bill Clinton) and Steve Mnuchin (S&B, Trilateral Commission, cabinet Donald Trump)
2016 Westworld HBO the Man in Black, adamic man waw=66 (oct 2 like date Jack Parsons) Anthony Hopkins
2017 Mother! poster like Rosemary's Baby Jennifer Lawrence Michelle Pfeiffer (born date wedding William and Catherine) Javier Bardem Darren Aronofsky
2017 Kodachrome set in Parsons Kansas (=Jack Parsons) Elizabeth Olsen
2017 Geostorm wave Abyss Gerard Butler Abbie Cornish
2019 The Last Full Measure (the Hanged Man) William Hurt Samuel Jackson Christopher Plummer Peter Fonda
2020 Resistance Jesse Eisenberg
2020 Top Gun the Chariot Tom Cruise Val Kilmer Jennifer Connelly
2021 The Lost Daughter Maggie Gyllenhaal Peter Sarsgaard Jessie Buckley Dakota Johnson
2021 The Ploughmen Robert Duvall
(5 movies with Jennifer Connelly)


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