East India Company

The East India Company was a multinational corporation and army of 250.000 soldiers, used by the British Empire in alliance with the Jesuits, to conquer India through the tea, slave and opium trade. It was founded in 1600 by Elizabeth I and dissolved in 1874. Its headquarter was in City of London, with its bankers as descendants of the Knights Templar.
Its emblem is the red cross of the Guelph dynasty flanked by lions (the City of London emblem is a red cross flanked by dragons, symbol of the Draco-Orion Empire, James Lancaster Plantagenet's ship was called the Red Dragon).

Portugese explorers like Vasco da Gama (Order of Christ, succesor of the Knights Templar) had discovered a sea route to Asia and in the 17th century the Dutch East India Company (VOC, with jesuits as stakeholders) had already built an opium trade network in India and China.

Francis Drake had explored the oceans and continents for the British Empire, controlled by the Cecil family and the jesuits had already sent missionaries.

First governor Thomas Smythe was knighted by James I Stuart. 13 years of the founding of the EIC his daughter Elizabeth married Frederick V as a rosicrucian alchemical wedding that would usher in a new world order. Richard Hakluyt was chaplain of Robert Cecil. Jesuit Edward Petre controlled James II (House of Hanover). Robert Boyle was associated with the EIC.

 In 1686 the EIC was defeated by the Mughal Empire. In 1711 the South Sea Company (headquarters in the City of London) was founded to create a monopoly in the Atlantic slave trade to reduce national debt. Persian ruler Nader Shah invaded the Mughal Empire of India in 1735.

From 1756 the EIC financed the Seven Years' War between the House of Hanover-Hohenzollern (Frederick the Great) and the Bourbons of France, to take over the opium trade of their competitors, the French and the Dutch.

The war was won by the Anglo-Prussian alliance and resulted in the Treaty of St Petersburg and Treaty of Paris. It generated a fortune for the Vatican and the Jesuits (Cardinal Braschi) and for Frederick II of Hesse, who had his money managed by the jew Mayer Rothschild from 1769. The jesuits and British Empire worked together to monopolise the drug trade and to have a global empire (the Great Game or the Game of Shadows with Russia).

In 1757 Robert Clive and mason Eyre Coote (Order of the Bath, Jacobite Rising of the Stuarts) defeated the Nawab of Benghal and their French allies.

In 1773 the Jesuit order was suppressed by Pope Clement IX (as scapegoats for American insurgency) in countries that had lost the Seven Years' War and thus their opium monopoly, and the EIC collected their money, except in Russia (Catherine the Great) and Prussia (Frederick the Great and Frederick II in Hesse) where they retain their absolute power.

In the US, the Sons of Liberty (Thomas Jefferson, based on European enlightenment ideas) are working on the transition to 'independence' with the boycott of English tea (Lord North, Lord Dartmouth, controlled by the Cecils), wich in combination with the Benghal famine, nearly bankrupts the EIC.

The Tea Act allowed the EIC to pay no taxes, wich leads to discontent and forming of the Boston Tea Party (start of the American Revolution). The British focused more on sugar and tea trade because they are more profitable than colonies.

In 1781 the EIC waged war with Chinese Qing dynasty. Lord Dartmouth founded Dartmouth College. Lord North and Bamber Gascoigne were controlled by James Cecil. Crisp Gascoyne was Mayor of the City of London. Jesuit Angelo Braschi helped spreading the Illuminati hoax.

In 1844 the jesuits built St Joseph College in India.

In 1857 the Indian Rebellion broke loose.  The British used spies to weaken the influence of the Sikhs. Mason Francis Godolphin was Lord Privy Seal.  From 1858 to 1947 the British Empire (Saxe-Coburgs) ruled India as the British Raj.

From 1876 Robert Bulwer-Lytton was viceroy of India.

Opium trader Elihu Yale founded Yale University (Skull and Bones families like Russell and Forbes). Opium trader Lord Dartmouth founded Dartmouth College. Edward Sassoon marries Carolyn Rothschild (bankers of the Vatican and British East India Company through the House of Hesse). The Rothschilds started operating from the City of London.

Freemason and Theosophist Swami Vivekananda helped establishing the nationalist movement in India and the Vedanta Society in 1894. Indian yogi Swami Prabhavanda founded the Vedanta Society of Southern California in Hollywood. He works with Gerald Heard and Aldous Huxley.

From 1947 Earl Mountbatten is general in India. Jawaharlal Nehru, a member of the India League with Bertrand Russell, was made prime minister as a puppet of the Fabian Society and the Theosophical Society, the face of new British imperialism (wolf in sheep's clothing tactic) with Mahatma Gandhi.


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