Earth is a planet in the solar system, the 3d planet that orbits the sun. It is anagram of heart (trinity of soul-mind-body, the take over of earth by the Saturn cult represents the take over of the human heart). It consists mostly out of water (ea) and represents the Divine Feminine mother energy (passive, magnetic water energy) with the sun as Divine Masculine father energy (active, electric fire energy), a compressed form of Sirius and Orion. Knowledge about earth (geology) is distorted by the Science Church, media, freemasonry and NASA (providing no reliable pictures of earth).

Like human beings, it has a electromagnetic torsion field and a traumatized ego-mind (ego=geo, the globe, mind like the frontal lobe).

The atmosphere (Atum's sphere) has an ionosphere, toposphere, stratosphere and ozone layer (allotrope of oxygen).

The crust (cursed) of the earth consists of a half of rock like basalt, diabase, gabbro, granite, and half of oxides (compounds containing oxygen), quartz (crystalline mineral of silicon-oxygen), corundum, iron, calcium oxide (alkaline crystalline solid), sodium oxide, potassium oxide, magnesium oxide, titanium dioxide,..

It has a wobble of 23 degrees in its axis (angle between celestial equator and ecliptic), causing the precession of the equinoxes.

The Saturn cult developed a takeover strategy in 3 steps. The Dracio-Orion Empire (Aryan druids) dominated the first global Atlantis civilization as priests and genetic engineers with knowledge of quartz crystal (crystal ball as symbol of world control). Human DNA was modified to have a more obedient slave/pet mentality.

Earth is an ark: human life (different races=hue's= hue-man) was seeded on earth by extraterrestrial races (Pleiadians, etc..). Reptilians breeded dinosaurs while humans created mammal life. The universe and Earth is a matrix, a womb for (re)birth and growth of the human soul. The sun affects the magnetic field of earth through the solar wind (visible in the aurora borealis). The seeding of life on earth= Garden of Eden in Genesis (gene of Isis) the Bible. The Vedic texts say the ‘supreme country’ is known as Paradesha (paradise, bar of Isis), also called the ‘Heart of the World’. It is the word from which the Chaldeans formed Pardes, and Westerners Paradise, with 4 rivers.

The Saturn matrix (carbon=666) is an artificial overlay, a sacred geometry grid of the God program (presenting itself as almighty creator) to obstruct growth, to feed off negative energy (manipulation through the pineal gland and 7 chakra's), using earth as an energy farm.

Around 13.000 bc the moon was brought into orbit of the earth to conquer the feminine energy (water) with the exact size to eclipse the sun. It caused the flood, with a priest class put in place to rule the traumatized population. Its light regulates the tides (flux field) of the earth.

From then on, the female menstruation cycle (blood) was timed to the months of the moon instead of the sun, people were born into sin (Sin: moon, the lunar matrix, the sinewave, mind control). The priests let the slaves worship the distorted feminine lunar energy as Arya, Tara, Hathor, Isis, Ishtar, Lilith, Anu, Semiramis, Diana, Danu, Artemis, Maria, Gaia,.. as a mother of the sun god, instead of the Saturnian force to eclipse the sun and Saturn as the creator and primordial sun. Women were veiled and treated as dogs (distortion of Sirius the dog star).

With the transition from hunter-gatherer culture to agriculture, the Saturn cult transformed its religion into a cult of agricultural gods (sower and reaper) with the slaves working the earth as a service to God (Babylonian constellation the Plough) and the harvest as a time of sacrifice, necessary for the rebirth of nature.

The elite takes heavy metals and oil from beneath the earth's crust to poison human beings and their environment. Alchemists developed knowledge of poisons like mercury to takeover the intellect, heart and soul.

On the kabbalistic Tree of Life Malkuth (Kingdom) represents earth and the earthly incarnation. Pentacles (pentagrams) and disks are symbol of Assiah, the earthly realm, one of the 4 elements with spirit as 5th element. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are considered earth signs (King, Prince and Queen of Disks/Pentacles).

The hexagon on north pole of Saturn represents the Star of David, the heart chakra, balance abut also duality of red and blue, earth and sky (in Egypt Geb and Nut).

Pigs were slaughtered as an animal of earth. Set was represented as an aardvark, pig of earth. The alchemical marriage represents the union of earth and heaven (physical body and soul in harmony). The masonic square and compass symbolism of squaring the circle represents trapping (hexing) the female earth energy.

The Catholic Church and the British Empire conquered and colonized all countries through its missionaries and fleet and created the Industrial Revolution to rebuild Atlantean civilization and gradually let people alienate from earth. Through a grid of silicon (the internet) a global culture (concept of the Global Village, World Mind) was created.

The UN world state pushes its agenda's through geo-engineering (chemtrails), the Green Church (Whole Earth Catalog, Earth Day, vegan agenda), the New Age Church (Gaia, gay agenda) and the Climate Church (biblical prophecy of a New Earth, After Earth with Will Smith). The Book of Apocalypse represents Apollo's eclipse. The gay (Gaia) agenda is the Luciferian dream-promise to go against nature (the Left Hand Path) and to become a God.

The jesuits created the Flat Earth psyop, popularizing simulation theory.


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