The Dupont (Du Pont) family is an elite family of French origin, a branch of the Italian Colonna family that claims to be descendants of the Roman emperors Julius Caesar and Augustus. Their coat of arms is a column of imperial power of the Roman Empire, an obelisk of Saturn. They are related to the Venetian Da Ponte's.

They have links to the families Astors, Ball, Gardner, Molson, Rockefeller, Roosevelt, Vanderbilt. The Duponts and Colonna's helped founding the American Empire in Washington DC (District of Columbia), the mafia, control the Knights of Columbus, CBS, Columbia Records, Columbia University and Columbia Pictures and have perfected the divide-and-conquer tactic of the Roman Empire, by creating both the Left Wing Church and the Right Wing Church.

Pierre Samuel Dupont de Nemours was elevated to nobility by jesuit puppet Louis XVI, as a Hugenoth family (Colonna Ghibeline imperial forces), president of the Nation Constituent Assembly with Emmanuel Sieyès, jesuit Marquis Lafayette, after the French revolution, to put jesuit Napoleon on the throne. He emigrated from France to the US. Mason Simon Bolivar made Bolivia and Colombia 'independent'.

Eleuthère Dupont was part of the chemist revolution with Antoine Lavoisier, founded a gunpowder company (the war industry) in 1802 in Delaware with Alfred Dupont (educated at elite school Philips Academy).

Samuel Francis Dupont (mason) fought in the Mexican War, Henry A. Dupont in the US civil war.

The Duponts were behind the Treaty of Paris and Louisiana Purchase (from jesuit Napoleon to Thomas Jefferson).

Dupont Circle is a location in Washington DC (District of Columbia=Colonna).

Irénée Dupont (Philips Academy), a supporter of eugenics, was president of Dupont company from 1919-1925, supported Hitler and collaborated with IG Farben. Dupont collaborated with the Manhattan Project and built a plutonium plant in Hanford Washington.

Pierre Dupont had interests in General Motors. Pierre Dupont hired Knight of Malta John Rascob to build the Empire State Building, the column of the Roman Empire, on the site of the Waldorf hotel of the Astors.

Felix Dupont and Laurence Rockefeller invested in company Piasecki Helicopter Corp.

Ethel Dupont (raised at the Owl's Nest) married Franklin Roosevelt Jr. Louisa Andelot Carpenter was a socialite in the Jazz Age, had her horses painted by Ann Collins (Colonna). Her brother Robert Carpenter owned the Philadelphia Blue Jays (blue bird Horus). George Alexis Weymouth was close to the Windsors.

Janee Dupont breeded race horses. George Dupont lived at the Pratt House in Glen Cove.

Marcella Dupont played a role in The Nine psyop, a seance of CIA agent Andrija Puharich.

Edward Breen Dupont was a member of the Business Roundtable.

Marion Dupont married Randolph Scott, actor of the studio of Howard Hughes, in a relationship with Ava Gardner.

Ewald André Dupont was one of the pioneers of the German film industry.

Alfred Dupont worked for William Donavan's OSS.

Clifford Dupont was president of Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), founded by Cecil Rhodes.

In the 70's they built the GM Renaissance Center, the pillar of the Colonna's. The Buick and Chevrolet=chevre, the goat, the buck represented Saturn, GM even invents a brand in 1985, called Saturn Corporation. Irving Shapiro of Citigroup (the bank of the Rockefellers) was made CEO of Dupont.

In 1981 Dupont acquired oil company Conoco. In the 90s Robert Billot played a role in a fake trial against Dupont (subject of movie Dark Waters with Mark Ruffalo, Anne Hathaway and Tim Robbins). Alain Belda, president of ALCOA (Mellon) in the late 90's, also worked for Dupont and Warburg Pincus.

 In 2015 Dupont merged with Dow Chemical.

Other descendants are: George Ball, Laurence Gardner (claiming their bloodline is Holy), Gerald Gardner (founder of modern Wicca), Anthony Luzatto Gardner (CFR). John Dupont was convicted for murder of Dave Schultz.

Richard Dupont had Roy Cohn as lawyer.

Pierre Dupont (Philips Exeter Academy), governor of Delaware (jesuit Joe Biden) has a firm in Silicon Valley, is chairman of the Hudson Institute, founded by Herman Kahn of the RAND Corporation.

His son Ben Dupont founded internet marketplace, is related to tv personality Mehmet Oz (Columbia University, on Oprah Winfrey's Harpo, President's Council on Sports, magazine with Hearst Corporation).

Aurelie Dupont played in Black Swan with Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis.

They are mentioned in the disinfo about Illuminati bloodlines of Fritz Springmeier.


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