Draco-Orion Empire

The Draco-Orion Empire, also known as the Saturn cult, is one of the current rulers of earth. It has a long history going back to wars in Orion after which an alliance was formed between the Draco's and Orion group. It was involved in genetic engineering of the human race (a downgrade of DNA to create a slave race), were worshiped in Sumer as the Anunaki and survived through the ages as the Persian Empire, the Babylonian Empire, Roman Empire, the Holy Roman Empire (Catholic Church), the British Empire, the French Empire of Napoleon, the European Union and the United Nations, with a top-down organized society.

It manages the earth like a plantation, like an energy farm for their 4D overlords, with mass media spreading fear and division. Interdimensionals feed off fear and compliance of human beings like the Covid-19 ritual of mass obedience. From the start of Sumerian civilization, its symbol was the eagle, as birds are related to reptilian dinosaurs.

The global wars between different nations and empires were internal family feuds between elite families who see themselves as endowed with the Divine Right to Rule.

The half reptilian bloodline of Aryans became the Nephilim giants, the Merovingians, Black Venetians, House of Bruce, House of Guelf, House of Hanover, Saxe-Coburgs. First they ruled through cruelty and brutal oppression, from the Enlightenment they rule through propaganda, distraction and puppet show democracy.

A lot of effort has gone into creating disinfo about the subject and conditioning the masses to think an unseen force controlling the rulers of earth as a ridiculous subject, using deception of Theosophical Society, Laurence Gardner, Dan Brown and BBC celebrity David Icke to play the role of crazy conspiracy theorist (comparing himself to Jesus on the Terry Wogan talk show). The method of creating endless distraction and ridiculing somebody who tries taking down the facade, as one person who is crazy, works better than the old method of brutal intimidation.

Gardner was promoted by Jonathan Harmsworth, the family who made war propaganda for the British Empire with their media monopoly since WW1. Theories about the Holy Grail bloodline of Jesus are propaganda to ridicule the fact that freemasonry was invented to protect the royal family bloodline and mix it with fiction in bestsellers and Hollywood movies. Icke uses Stewart Swerdlov (Project Montaulk psyop) and Sandra Fecht to substantiate his claims.

History of the Draco-Orion bloodline

In the mythology surrounding reptilians and even the disinfo, a recurring motif is that they come from the constellation Draco, the Dragon at the north pole of the celestial axis. As part of a takeover in 3 steps the Draco's attacked Orion to conquer the masculine energy of this galaxy. According to myths the long wars between Draco and Orion eventually resulted in an alliance group representing both interests (subject of Star Wars saga of George Lucas). What also keeps recurring in popular UFO folklore  and New Age religion (extraterrestials as new gods), besides reptilians, is the group Orion Nordics. 

This group founded the Northern Atlantis civilization, they became known as the Aryans, giants who worshipped North Star (the point around which everything revolves, origin of the swastika symbol). They acted as arrogant conquerors without empathy, acting from their reptilian brain under the rule of the Draco Empire (synonymous with the axis, the pole, the M, the 13 at the center of the 12 signs of the Zodiac). The pole with winding serpent represents the kundalini energy/pineal gland, the one eye through which human beings are controlled. Sometimes they worked in alliance with groups from the Pleiades (Paal-ea-des, Baal Ea =Enki).

Around 15000 bc the moon was brought into orbit of the earth to conquer the feminine energy of earth, causing a flood.

The Draco-Orion (Aryan) bloodline spread to Western Europe (mythology of the the serpent people leaving the garden) as the redheaded Rh- blood group in Ireland, Scotland, southern France (Basque Country). They build sites with monolith stones ('dragon teeth') on specific lines ('dragon lines', based on sacred geometry, an artificial overlay of the organic). They moved eastward, founding the Sum-Aryan civilization and Egyptian civilization, land of Iran, where they ruled at the top of the pyramid of power because of their origins and created a class/caste society. 

In Sumer, the Reptilian Anunnaki bloodline were depicted with the head of an eagle or hawk, birds descended from the reptilian dinosaurs. 

In Egypt the 3 pyramids represented the 3 stars of Orion, as a stargate aligned with Draco and Orion. The first pyramid was called the North pyramid. They used obelisks as a conductor for energy.

The Atenism of Akhenaten (Atenism, Worship of One God) became Judaism in Jerusalem (Mount Hermon on 33rd parallel as Mount Zion). The holy bloodline became the Tribe of Dan (Danu= goddess Anu of the Anunaki), with their serpent symbol, sign of their 'divine' DNA, the Irish Tuatha de Danaan, wich conquered countries like Swe-den, Den-mark, Sar-Din-ia. 

Greek ruler Draco became famous for his Draconian saving, Pericles had a large skull.

Many myths contain a hero-dragon slayer, Tharhunz defeating Illuyunka, Zeus defeating Typhon, ..

The story from Sumerian mythology about the serpent /dragon that expels people from paradise (the original Atlantis civilization), was copied by the Jews in Babylon in the biblical story of Genesis, which counts as the official creation story for a thousand years.

The Roman Empire were under the same influence, the Empire with the eagle at the top of the axis. The equilibrium the axis represented the Pax Romana (PX symbol in Christianity).

The Merovingians claimed descent of a beast from the sea (Poseidon-Neptune, the kings of Atlantis) in the south of France.

In Christianity goddess Arya became M-aria. Draco's North Star on the Great Bear (Arcturus) became King Arthur. His father was called Pendragon, the dragon of Draco. Charlemagne built 3 towers aligned with 3 stars of Orion, headed by the Dragon. Godefroid of Bouillon planned a Crusade to Jerusalem.  The Knights Templar built the City of London as new Babylon.

The Habsburgs ruled the Holy Roman Empire for 900 years with the red dragon symbol. The coat of arms of papal families Boncompagni, Sforza, Visconti, Hohenstaufen and Borghese also contains a dragon. Count Dracula and Alfonso of Portugal were members of the Order of the Dragon. The Order of St George had St George who defeated the Dragon as their patron saint.

Philip the Good founded the Order of the Golden Fleece, based on the Greek myth of the Argonauts who moved north. The Catholic Church also bears the dragon as an emblem. 

The Sforza family, the patrons of Leonardo da Vinci (who studied sacred geometry) with man-eating dragon serpent as a coat of arms, ordered the making the first Tarot (wheel of goddess Tauwret, Arya). 

Maya's worshipped and sacrificed to human-eating snake Quetzalcoatl. The Ming dynasty built the Forbidden City in Bejing China with sacred geometry symbols.

Agents of the British Empire were sent to America to create a university system and to rebuild the technological civilization of Atlantis  (announced by Francis Bacon's New Atlantis). The declaration of Independence was designed at tavern Green Dragon. The ship of James Lancaster of the East India Company was called the Red Dragon.

The massacre of protestants ordered by the jesuits were called Dragonnades.

Through the missionary work of the Jesuits, combined with the City of London (red dragon statue), they controlled the main leaders, the slave and opium trade and gradually conquered the whole world.

The French Empire (Napoleon), German Empire (Otto Bismarck), American empire (Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson) all worshipped the eagle (Horus, Harya). The Royal Society and Lunar Society created the Industrial Revolution based on atheism and capitalism (corporations with top-down pyramid hierarchy).

The Klu Klux Klan names its leader the pendragon. Richard Wagner composed the Ring cycle about a dragonslayer and Holy Grail bloodline. Helena Blavatsky wrote on an Atlantean race of dragon people in The Secret Doctrine. The Russian Revolution and Spartacus League (slave revolt against Roman Empire) represented the end of Romanov's (red dragon that ruled Russia for 300 years).  

Robert Howard and HP Lovecraft used reptilians from ancient civilization in their science fiction.

The Empire State Building was built as a modern obelisk of the Empire. The Wizard of Oz is based on mythology of Osiris (Orion), judge of the underworld. The Aryan druid religion continued in Hollywood, with Disney movies about dragons. In all movies the hero descends in the underworld, the subconscious to face and defeat the Dragon (dragon Jabberwocky in Alice in Wonderland).

The nazi's (Heinrich Himmler's SS) based their religion on the ancient Aryan religion with Swastika- North Star symbol. They founded the Ahnenerbe institute (Hermann Wirth), with missions to Tibet, to document the spread of Aryan culture.

The end of the WW1 and WW2 ritual, the defeat of Adolf Hitler and fascism represented the symbolic defeat of the Empire, the axis powers, the axis of Draco. From than on, slaves were told they were free and the Empire was defeated. The World Empire of the United Nations (with north pole logo, UN ancient name of the sun) presented itself as an organization of benevolent cooperation between peace-loving nations, who wanted to prevent the forming of a new Empire.

Julius Evola and in the internet age David Wilcock, Michael Tsarion, Barbara Bartholic (friend of with Karla Turner), Eve Lorgen and James Bartley, all share bits of that story.

Japanese mafia created the Black Dragon Society.

The Dutch royal family (House of Orange-Nassau) resided in Drakensteyn.

 As interdimensionals they rule from 4D, feed off trauma, perverse horror or porn (Crowley's sex magick, sexual energy used to manifest things), drugs like crystal meth or ecstasy.

1963 media rituals with the obelisk as a conductor for energy (e.g. Martin Luther King speech).

1968 Rosemary's Baby, in satanic ritual, has sex with a reptilian being to give birth to a child of Satan, announcing the birth of William V.

1969 reptilian character Sauron in X-men of Marvel Comics.

1977 Star Wars of George Lucas about the Draco-Orion war, programming of subconscious with fear of the Draco-nazi Empire. America Orion vs Nazi Germany. Jedi Knights=Knights Templar with knowledge of the Djed pillar (Kundalini energy). Harrison Ford plays in Blade Runner of Orion Pictures (end scene with Rutger Hauer's monologue about the Orion wars).

1982 birth prince William presented by King Charles (red dragon symbol as Prince of Wales) and Diana in dress of Rosemary's Baby, child of Draco. book Holy Grail, Holy Blood (Holy Grail mythology). movie Q.

1985 V series (hebrew letter vav = 6), Enemy Mine (about a reptilian hermaphrodite race Drac's, played by Louis Gosset, which earned him a Saturn Award), Dreamscape, Dragonheart, Ghostbusters (shapeshifing entity, Sumerian god that feeds off negative emotions).

1993 Mario Bros humanoid reptilians in parallel dimension, Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Stargate and Stargate SG-1 (pyramids as stargate, as dimensional portal for the Dracos), Babylon 5 (the Narns). Rise of transgender trend as purple drag queens, androgynous dragon queens.

1996 Dragonheart. Reptilian energy is evoked in Draconian magic and Joy of Satan magic.

1999 The Biggest Secret of controlled opposition David Icke (BBC, mpire creating its own opposition) links the one eye pyramid symbol of the Draco-Orion Empire (America Online) controlling people through the pineal gland to the Illuminati hoax, so it can become omnipresent in pop culture and the truth can be hidden in plain sight.

Reptilians were always linked to underground bases, the Devil residing in hell, underground; Dulce base New Mexico story spread by Paul Bennewitz about fictional Thomas Castello, supposedly a RAND corporation technician, Phil Schneider telling his story in Youtube videos, book 1996 'Branton'. John Rhodes, according to David Icke, an authority on reptilians, appeared on History Channel, repeated the Dulce base story on jesuit controlled Coast to Coast in 2009.

2001 Lord of the Rings Sauron (reptilian dinosaurs) Christopher Lee. Harry Potter character Draco Malfoy (father played by Jason Isaacs who played in remake of Antichrist movie Rosemary's Baby).

2009 Avatar reborn as red dragon (phoenix). Hip Hop character Drake. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. dragon in Game of Thrones. Elon Musk SpaceX Dragon.

2016 Colony series on USA Network (NBC Universal) strict control of movement and military occupation of The Authority serves a raptor race called the Hosts.

2017 Len Kasten (Coast to Coast, MUFON, Gaia, Atlantis Rising) publishes Alien World Order: the Reptilian Plan to Divide and Conquer the Human Race (Vril Society hoax). Philip Coppens (Nexus magazine) publishes The Secret History of the Reptilians.


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