Double-headed eagle

The double-headed eagle is a symbol of the Draco-Orion Empire, used by the elite families of the priest-king class of the Turkish Nesilim (Hittites), Ancient Egyptians, Phoenicians (phoenix symbol), Thracians, the Chatti that became the Germans, Mongolians, Seljuq Empire, Ayyubid dynasty, the Habsburgs and Holy Roman Empire, Eastern Orthodox Church, Pallavicini family, Palailogos, Albanian House of Zogy, alchemists, rosicrucians, freemasons, Russian Empire of the Romanovs (secret service Okhrana) and in pop culture (Eyes Wide Shut,..).

The eagle symbol is a symbol of masculine fire energy. The two headed eagle is a symbol of unity of opposites as end of the alchemical marriage and the Great Work like the two faced god Izimud-Janus-Iacchus or Jack (split mind caused by mercury, woman of the Art card).

The two heads represent duality good-bad, Horus and Set, male and female, spring and vernal equinox, state and religion, Ida and Pingala of the Kundalini energy, Silver and Golden Gate.

The pineal gland (one eye symbolism) was seen as the Eye of Horus. Dark occultists practice Luciferian sodomy rituals to flood the pineal gland with astral images.

In freemasonry of the Scottish Rite the double-headed eagle is associated with the nr 33 (33 degrees, 33 vertebrae leading up to the spine) and the phrase Ordo Ab Chao (creating chaos to create order, Divide-and-Conquer tactic of the Roman Empire, Dialectic method of problem-reaction-solutions). Masons of the House of Hanover founded the lodge of Charleston on 33d parallel.

Antichrist figure Adolf Hitler rose to power in the year 1933 with the eagle symbol.

Draco-Orion Empire