Donald Trump

Donald Trump is a jesuit trained mind controlled over the top media actor who played the role of 45th US president. He played the role of a Christ like saviour in a false hope narrative of controlled opposition and the Right Wing Church (Qanon) and was used in the media industry as a Adolf Hitler like Antichrist figure (the Devil) for the Left Wing Church.

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Trump family

The Trump family originated in the Palatinate Germany, where the rosicrucian Frederick V was crowned as king to lead the new Luciferian world order (Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart wedding). He lived in exile, protected by the House of Orange. The Stuarts created the Scottish Rite of freemasonry (families McMahon, Disney, Kennnedy, who migrated to the US with German families Rogenfelder/Rockefeller and Trump).

Birth Donald Trump

Donald Trump was born June 14 1946 in New York, during a lunar eclipse like Catherine, two weeks before atom bomb Gilda (Rita Hayworth). 1946 is the year of Jack Parsons' Babalon Workings, birth of George W Bush, the year after atom bombs on Hiroshima. Tarot cards are called Trump cards. Donald Trump plays the Fool, the Joker archetype (Trump as Joker on cover of Time magazine), the wildcard, a provocateur agent like Aleister Crowley, the Beast as Trumpet of the Apocalypse.

Elizabeth Trump died 6/6/1966.

He was mentored by freemason Norman Vincent Peale (The Power of Positive Thinking= Spiritual Exercizes of the jesuits, prayer as medicine method of Christian Science). Like his son Donald Trump Jr and Mike Pence, Peale was a member of sodomy cult Phi Gamma Delta (with owl and inverted pentagram symbol).

He was educated at jesuit school Fordham University and at Wharton School of Business of the University of Pittsburgh (like Elon Musk, the school has a connection to Eric Trist of mind control institute Tavistock).

Like Adolf Hitler, Jack Parsons, Howard Hughes and Elon Musk, he was trained to play a masculine conquering warrior Horus archetype in the Aeon of Horus, with a business empire (the Emperor) and Trump Tower 5th Avenue as a phallus symbol (his main imitator Alec Baldwin played in Howard Hughes movie 'the Aviator').

1971 Trump starts his first construction projects in Manhattan.

1973 Roy Cohn (Columbia, John Birch Society, part of jesuit McCarthy anti-communist hearings) becomes his lawyer and mentor. He was the lawyer of Julius Rosenberg (CCNY), mafiosi John Gotti (Gambino), Carmine Galante (Bonanno), Tony Salerno (Genovese), Aristotle Onassis and advisor of Ronald Reagan. He also played a role in the John 'Jack' Profumo media sex scandal with a young girl in 1963, with sensational stories of elite orgies at the Cliveden set in Buckinghamshire (of which the Rothschilds were part of, the subject of Eyes Wide Shut), the Pluto in Virgo era, a month before the John 'Jack' Kennedy ritual.

Through Cohn's mafia connections, union leader John Cody (mobster Paul Castellano) provided concrete for the building of his Trump Tower (the Tower).

1977 wedding with Ivana Trump from Czechia (wedding of Bohemian king Frederick V and Elizabeth, 1977 was the year of the Twin Towers blackout). Opening of Studio 54 by Steve Rubell, also with Roy Cohn as lawyer. 12/31 birth Donald Trump Jr.

1978 He becomes CEO of Resorts International, a company associated with Howard Hughes after a game of competing with talk show host Merv Griffin (Gemini ruled by mercury). Resorts International originated in Paradise Island, location of James Bond movies, owned by Huntington Hartford (CIA, boss of Michael Hollingshead, LSD supplier of Swinging London in the 60's). While building the Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort, he worked with the mafia of Atlantic City (Pluto: underworld, wealth) like Nicky Scarfo Lucchese, while Ivana Trump was linked to Aragona mafia (Roffredo Gaetani) and Marcantonio Colonna (Roman Empire).

1981 10/30 birth Ivanka Trump (part of the transgender agenda).

The media used him as a cartoon character like Donald Duck, a socialite in the circle of Hugh Hefner (Playboy with rabbit logo, Alice in Wonderland programming), Monarch sex slaves Anna Nicole Smith, Paris Hilton (signed by his modeling agency). He published 'How to Get Rich' (Pluto: underworld, plutocrats, wealth). Stephen Bolbach (Hilton, Disney, Time Warner) led his Trump Organization.

1984 opening of Trump Plaza in Atlantic City New Jersey.

Predictive programming