Donald Rumsfeld

Donald Rumsfeld was a jesuit trained mind controlled political puppet of the Right Wing Church, who played the role of Secretary of Defense under Knight of Malta Gerald Ford and under George W Bush (during the 911 Twin Towers ritual) and advisor of Richard Nixon. He was a member of the BSA, Le Cercle, CFW, Bohemian Club, Alfalfa Club, NATO, Hoover Institution, Project for the New American Century.

At Princeton he was a roommate of Knight of Malta Frank Carlucci.

In 1969 he was Director of the Office Economic Opportunity (War on Poverty of jesuit Lyndon Johnson, designed by jesuit Michael Harrington). He worked for Sears and pharmaceutic companies Amilyn and Searle (Pfizer).

In 1973 he was US ambassador to NATO.

In 1983 he met with Saddam Hussein during the Iran-Iraq war. In 1995 he was chairman of RAND Corporation.

He played an important role in the 911 Twin Towers ritual (press conference after the staged Pentagon attack with Beta Theta Pi member John Warner), the War in Afghanistan and the 911 Commission with Paul Wolfowitz.

In the media Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz were branded as 'neocons', a term coined by jesuit Michael Harrington.

After the Abu Graib torture media ritual, Rothschild owned The Economist made a cover with slogan Resign, Rumsfeld.

In 2018 he was played by Steve Carell in Vice with Christian Bale as Dick Cheney.

born 7/9/1932.

died 6/29/2021.

Gerald Ford

the 911 Twin Towers ritual