Donald Pleasence

Donald Pleasence was a British mind controlled actor, used in the British film industry and the Hollywood film industry to normalize the masonic sodomy and pedophilia religion and to announce the 911 Sharon Tate ritual and the Covid19-ritual. He was indoctrinated by the Methodist Church. His daughter Angela Pleasence played in Martin Scorcese's Gangs of NY with Daniel Day-Lewis.


He appeared on the cover of The Beatles For Sale (with Jayne Mansfield), similar to Aleister Crowley on Sgt Pepper's.

Astrological chart

born 10/5/1919, date Neil deGrasse Tyson, Kate Winslet, Jesse Eisenberg, Boys From Brazil, Bernie Mac, Guy Pearce, George Zimmerman, Bob Geldof, Dr No (first James Bond), d Steve Jobs.

Dom: Leo (Lust), Aquarius, Libra - Uranus, Neptune, Moon.

died 2/2/1995, date d Bertrand Russell, d Philip Seymour Hoffman, d Charles Grapewin, d Boris Karloff, d Sid Vicious, in France.


1954 1984 BBC Peter Cushing
1954 Privates Progress Uncredited Scotland Yard Detective
1954 The Beachcomber as Tromp (Donald Trump) Peter Sellers
1955 Orders Are Orders Corporal Martin Peter Sellers
1955 Value for Money 'Limpy' Diana Dors (Sgt Peppers cover)
1956 1984 Robert Parsons Michael Anderson (Logan's Run) Edmond O'Brien Michael Redgrave (IRD with George Orwell)
1956 ITV Playhouse
1956 The Black Tent Ali
1957 The Man in the Sky Crabtree
1957 Manuela Evans
1957 Barnacle Bill Alec Guiness Jackie Collins
1958 A Tale of Two Cities Leo McKern Christopher Lee
1958 Heart of a Child Charles Gray
1958 The Wind Cannot Read Doctor
1958 The Man Inside Organ-Grinder Jack Palance Anita Ekberg
1958 The Two-Headed Spy Kenneth Griffith as Adolf Hitler
1959 Look Back in Anger Hurst
1959 Killers of Kilimanjaro Captain Robert Taylor Albert Broccoli (James Bond)
1959 The Battle of the Sexes Peter Sellers Patricia Hayes
1960 The Shakedown Hazel Court (Roger Corman movies)
1960 The Flesh and the Fiends William Hare Peter Cushing Billie Whitelaw
1960 Circus of Horrors (the Hanged Man like Sharon Tate) Vanet Walter Gotell produced by Samuel Arkoff
1960 Hell Is a City (one eye) Billie Whitelaw
1960 Sons and Lovers Pappleworth
1960 The Big Day Victor Partridge
1960 Suspect Parsons / Bill Brown Peter Cushing Tony Booth (father-in-law of Tony Blair)
1960 The Hands of Orlac Mel Ferrer Christopher Lee
1960 Danger Man ITV
1961 No Love for Johnnie Dean Stockwell
1961 The Wind of Change David Hemmings
1961 A Story of David Nabal
1961 Spare the Rod Mr. Jenkins
1961 What a Carve Up! Shirley Eaton (Bond girl)
1962 The Inspector (Holocaust) Stephen Boyd Leo McKern Harry Andrews
1963 The Caretaker Mac Davies / Bernard Jenkins Clive Donner Alan Bates Robert Shaw
1963 The Great Escape Flight Lieutenant Colin Blythe, "The Forger" James Garner Steve McQueen Charles Bronson Richard Attenborough UA
1963 Dr. Crippen Dr. Crippen
1965 The Greatest Story Ever Told as Satan Max von Sydow as Jesus Angela Lansbury José Ferrer Charlton Heston Roddy McDowall
1965 The Hallelujah Trail Oracle Jones Burt Lancaster Lee Remick
1966 Cul-de-sac Roman Polanski Jack McGowran Jacqueline Bisset
1966 Eye of the Devil (castle programming) Pere Dominic Sharon Tate David Hemmings David Niven Deborah Kerr as Catherine J Lee Thompson (worked for jesuit Alfred Hitchcock)
1966 Fantastic Voyage Stephen Boyd Raquel Welch Edmond O'Brien
1967 The Night of the Generals Charles Gray Joanna Pettet Christopher Plummer Peter O'Toole Paul Dehn Gore Vidal
1967 You Only Live Twice Ernst Stavro Blofeld Charles Gray screenplay by Roald Dahl
1967 Matchless Ira von Fürstenberg (sister-in-law of Diane von Fürstenberg) Henry Silva (The Manchurian Candidate) Patrick O'Neil (Actors Studio) Nicoletta Machiavelli (descendant of Niccolo Machiavelli)
1967 The Diary of Anne Frank Max von Sydow
1968 Will Penny Preacher Quint Charlton Heston Bruce Dern (Laurel Canyon scene) GD Spradlin
1968 The Other People Clive
1968 Creature of Comfort James Thorne
1969 Arthur? Arthur! Arthur Brownjohn Shelley Winters Tammy Grimes
1969 The Madwoman of Chaillot Prospector Katherine Hepburn Oskar Homolka Yul Brynner Charles Boyer Margaret Leighton
1970 Soldier Blue Isaac Q. Cumber Candice Bergen
1971 THX (social distancing) 1138 SEN 5241 George Lucas Robert Duvall
1971 Wake in Fright Clarence 'Doc' Tydon
1972 Death Line Christopher Lee
1972 The Jerusalem File Major Samuels
1972 The Pied Piper Baron John Hurt Diana Dors
1972 Henry VIII and His Six Wives Thomas Cromwell Jane Asher (Paul McCartney) Charlotte Rampling as Anne Boleyn BBC
1972 Innocent Bystanders Loomis Geraldine Chaplin
1972 Wedding in White Jim Dougall
1973 Kidnapped Michael Caine
1973 The Rainbow Boys (Wizard of Oz programming) Ralph Logan
1973 Lonely Water The Spirit (voice) Short film Central Office of Information
1973 Malachi's Cove Malachi
1973 Tales That Witness Madness (decapitated head, John the Baptist) Professor Tremayne Charles Gray Joan Collins Kim Novak
1974 From Beyond the Grave Jim Underwood Segment: "An Act of Kindness" Peter Cushing Diana Dors David Warner produced by Max Rosenberg
1974 Watch Out, We're Mad! Doctor
1974 The Black Windmill Michael Caine
1974 House of the Damned Martin Zayas
1974 The Mutations Professor Nolter
1974 Barry McKenzie Holds His Own Count Plasma Barry Humphries (transgender agenda)
1975 The Count of Monte Cristo Richard Chamberlain Tony Curtis ITC Entertainment
1975 Escape to Witch Mountain Lucas Deranian Ray Milland (The Lost Weekend, shot at Bellevue) Kim and Kyle Richards (Hilton) Disney
1975 I Don't Want to Be Born (birth of demonic child) Dr. Finch Joan Collins
1975 Journey into Fear Kuvelti Shelley Winters Yvette Mimieux Vincent Price
1975 Hearts of the West Jeff Bridges Blythe Danner Alan Arkin
1976 Trial by Combat Barbara Hershey Margaret Leighton Peter Cushing
1976 Land of the Minotaur (sacrifice to cult in Greece) Father Roche Peter Cushing
1976 Goldenrod John Tyler Jones
1976 The Passover Plot Pontius Pilate Dan Hedaya
1976 The Last Tycoon Boxley Robert De Niro Tony Curtis Jack Nicholson (Mulholland Drive) Jeanne Moreau Robert Mitchum Anjelica Huston
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1977 The Uncanny Valentine De'ath Segment: "Hollywood 1936" Ray Milland Peter Cushing
1977 Oh, God! Dr. Harmon John Denver
1977 Telefon Charles Bronson Lee Remick Patrick Magee Sheree North
1978 Blood Relatives Donald Sutherland David Hemmings
1978 Tomorrow Never Comes Dr. Todd
1978 Night Creature Axel MacGregor Nancy Kwan
1978 Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (The Beatles) B.D. Hoffler The Bee Gees Peter Frampton Steve Martin Alice Cooper Earth Wind Fire
1978 Power Play Blair Peter O'Toole David Hemmings
1978 L'Ordre et la sécurité du monde Rothko Dennis Hopper
1978 Halloween Dr. Sam Loomis John Carpenter Jamie Lee Curtis Kyle Richards
1979 Jigsaw Albert Rumpelmayer
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1981 Escape from New York President John Harker Kurt Russell (one eye) Isaac Hayes Ernest Borgnine Harry Dean Stanton John Carpenter
1981 Halloween II Dr. Sam Loomis Dana Carvey
1981 Race for the Yankee George Peppard
1982 Alone in the Dark Jack Palance Martin Landau
1983 To Kill a Stranger Colonel Kostik
1983 Warrior of the Lost World Prossor
1983 The Devonsville Terror Dr. Warley
1984 Frankenstein's Great Aunt Tillie Baron Victor Frankenstein Zsa Zsa Gabor (Hilton)
1984 Where Is Parsifal? Mackintosh Peter Lawford Orson Welles Tony Curtis
1984 The Ambassador Eretz Robert Mitchum Ellen Bursteyn Rock Hudson
1984 A Breed Apart Kathleen Turner Rutger Hauer
1984 Terror in the Aisles Himself (host)
1985 Phenomena John McGregor Jennifer Connelly Dario Argento
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1985 Nothing Underneath Inspector Danesi
1986 Operation Nam Father Lenoir
1987 Warrior Queen Clodius
1987 Specters Professor Lasky
1987 Double Target Senator Blaster
1987 Ground Zero Prosper Gaffney
1987 Django 2 Gunn Franco Nero
1987 Prince of Darkness Priest John Carpenter Alice Cooper Universal Pictures
1987 To Kill a Stranger Colonel Kostik
1987 Animali metropolitani Professor Livingstone
1988 Phantom of Death Michael York
1988 Der Commander Henry Carlson
1988 Last Platoon Colonel B. Abrams
1988 Vampire in Venice Don Alvise Klaus Kinski Christopher Plummer
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1988 Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers Dr. Sam Loomis
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1989 River of Death Heinrich Spaatz novel of Alistair MacLean
1989 Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers Dr. Sam Loomis
1989 Casablanca Express Colonel Bats
1990 Buried Alive John Carradine
1990 American risciò Reverend Mortom Alternate title: "American Rickshaw"
1991 L'avvoltoio può attendere Aaron Shalik
1991 Millions Billy Zane
1991 Shadows and Fog Doctor Woody Allen Mia Farrow Madonna Julie Kavner (Marge Simpson) John Malkovich Jodie Foster John Cusack Orion Pictures
1992 Dien Bien Phu Howard Simpson
1993 The Thief and the Cobbler Phido The Vulture (voice) Vincent Price
1993 The Big Freeze Bob Hoskins
1993 The Hour of the Pig Colin Firth Ian Holm BBC
1995 Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers Dr. Sam Loomis
1995 Safe Haven The Sailor
1997 Fatal Frames


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