Doll programming

Doll programming is a technique used in trauma based mind control, used to program slaves in the media, music industry, porn industry and Hollywood film industry. Dolls are used by the handler to create and enforce an alter ego of the victim (Multiple Personality Disorder), that makes the victim a puppet of the handler. In Alice in Wonderland, Alice is trapped in a too small house as she increases in size (confinement in cages, dollhouse programming). In disinfo about mind control, doll programming is often linked to Project Mannequin.

When the ancients harvested the last sheaf they believed it contained the spit of grain, which led to the sacrifice of the corn doll in the form of the cross (druid ritual of burning the wicker man, Jesus treshed like the grain during harvest).

Dolls were used in the cult of Osiris (worship of an i-dol). In gnosticism the Demiurge creates a false Eve, an eidolon. Duplication is a step in alchemy. Dolls and effigies are used in witchcraft and African voodoo. Annie McKenna wrote Paperclip Dolls.

Obvious examples of doll programming are: toys of Hasbro, Andy Warhol, Andy Kaufman, Frida Kahlo, Courtney Love, Dakota Fanning, Megan Fox, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Asian Doll, Chyna Doll, Nicki Minaj, Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Dolly Parton, Karen Mulder, Kash Doll, Uee (K-pop group After School), Orange Caramel,..