Dissociation is a term coined by Pierre Janet, a student of JM Charcot and fellow student of Carl Jung. It is an effect of trauma's like sexual abuse as a child, used in hypnosis and trauma based mind control of the Saturn cult, where the mind is split into different personalities (Multiple Personality Disorder or Dissociative Identity Disorder) through sexual abuse (pedophilia, satanic ritual abuse).

It can be triggered through drugs like ketamine, alcohol, LSD, PCP,.. Children of multigenerational abuse have genetic ability to dissociate. When the mind splits through trauma, it creates walls of amnesia barriers. The core is a personality essence that programmers hide from the alters. Christian alters can be used to create dark Satanic alters.

British Intelligence agents of the Theosophical Society did research on yoga and meditation to trigger dissociation, overactivation of the pineal gland (flooding with astral images). 

Konstantin Stanislavski developed 'method acting' (use of subconscious and improvisation) and directed The Blue Bird of Maurice Maeterlinck.

In German concentration camps mescaline was used in research on truth serums.

Method acting was taught in Elia Kazan's Group Theatre with Will Geer (linked to the OTO) and Actors Studio.

In Hollywood the Theosophical Society used the techniques to program actors  with Wizard of Oz (symbolism of 'going over the rainbow'), Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan ('going to Neverland').

The CIA continued the drug and dissociation research through Project Chatter, Project Bluebird, Artichoke and MK Ultra. John Lilly (research on sensory deprivation, friend of Timothy Leary), David Woodard (Timothy McVeigh ritual), Marcia Moore and Gilbert Shelton (the Fabolous Furry Freak Brothers, San Francisco comic scene) experimented with ketamine. 

Ketamine, used for acute pain treatment, was tested on prisoners and in the Vietnam War.

In 1957 Joanne Woodward played in The Three Faces of Eve of 20th Century Fox, based on the book of Corbett Thigpen, with Mimi Gibson (black-white programming in Disney's 101 Dalmatians) as young Eve.

In 1976 Daniel Petri (Franz Xavier University) made Sybil with Sally Field and Joanne Woodward about MPD.

Marvel Comics (mc: mind control) created character Moon Knight (MK: MK Ultra) with dissociative identity disorder, based on Egyptian god Khonsu, adapted into a Disney series with Oscar Isaac and F Murray Abraham.

During the Satanic Panic of the 80's (McMartin preschool ritual) the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation was used as antagonist of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (James Randi, Carl Sagan).

In mind control, the New Age Church and media psyops (Charlie Hebdo shooting, Orlando shooting,..) pink (pink sky) and purple (associated with the crown chakra) is used as a hypnotic trigger to dissociate. Another trigger is the Monarch butterfly.

Graeme Galton, Richard Bowlby and Valerie Sinason worked for the Clinic for Dissociative Studies in London. Sinason interviewed John Bowlby for the Tavistock Gazette.

Cathy O'Brien, Colin Ross, Vigilant Citizen and Fritz Springmeier are used to spread disinfo about MPD.

In 1995 Springmeier wrote The Illuminati Formula.

Kim Noble (promoted by Oprah Winfrey, BBC, The Guardian, exhibitions at Tavistock Centre) is used as an example of Dissociative Identity Disorder by Vigilant Citizen.

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