Diana Spencer

Diana Spencer was a mind controlled actress, used to marry Charles Mountbatten and to give birth to Antichrist figure King William V, and his brother Harry Mountbatten, and to play the role in the media industry, of modern moon-mother goddess the Whore of Babylon like Marjorie Cameron and Marilyn Monroe. She became the most photographed woman in the world (the Image=the Beast).

She was born in 1961 (nr of Antichrist is 666, but also 616), year of birth False Prophet Barack Obama. Diana descended from the Scottish Stuart bloodline, which made her wedding to Charles a symbolic imitation of the Frederick V and Elizabeth wedding. They married on 7/29/1981, when Charles was 33, 6 days before birth Meghan Markle (mm=33).

The birth of William and Harry was announced in Roman Polanski's 'Rosemary's Baby'.

She danced with John Travolta at the White House in 1985, symbolic of her betraying of Charles, becoming Babalon, the Liberated Woman.

In 1997 the press reported about her relationship with Dodi Fayed, a movie producer who produced the movie Hook with Robin Williams and Nathan Crowley (Aleister Crowley) and was friends with Brooke Shields Torlonia.

She died in a car crash with Dodi in the Alma tunnel in Paris, 15 years after the car crash of Grace Kelly, 30 years after the car crash of Jayne Mansfield. Fayed was born 4/15 like sinking of the Titanic (Crowley's sodomy rituals of the Paris Workings=book 415) and like the child of Charles Manson and Mary Brunner.

At her funeral Elton John rewrote the song 'Candle in the Wind', a song used for Marilyn Monroe.

The James Cameron movie 'Titanic' released in december 1997, compared their death to Jack Parsons and Marjorie Cameron (Jack and Rose).

The James Holmes Olympic Phoenix ritual in 2012 symbolised her rebirth as Catherine Middleton, 15 years after her death.

Astrological chart

born 7/1/1961, date Liv Tyler, Debbie Harry, bomb Gilda, Wonderland murders, Sydney Pollack, death Marlon Brando, year of birth False Prophet Barack Obama.

Asc: Sagittarius, mc: Libra (Adjustment). Dom: Aquarius, Cancer, Sagittarius - Venus, Jupiter, Moon.

Houses 2, 7, 8. 1: Saturn in capricorn, 2: Jupiter and Moon in Aquarius, 5: Venus in Taurus (Scarlett Woman of the Hierophant), 7: Sun, Mercury, Lilith in Cancer (the Chariot), 8 (Shadow): Uranus in Leo, 12: sagittarius.
7 years after death Thea von Harbau, writer of Metropolis, Queen of Hearts to make the slaves listen to their masters. Whore of Babylon book 17. 'Lam is the gateway to the Void. Its number, 71, is that of "NoThing", an apparition.'

Predictive programming

1968 Rosemary's Baby
1972 The Godfather Diane Keaton
1973 The Devil's Daughter, Natassja Kinski young woman Diane, Shelley Winters (the New School), music by Laurence Rosenthal


William V

Harry Mountbatten

Catherine Middleton