Diamonds Are Forever

Diamonds Are Forever is a James Bond film, produced by Harry Saltzman (jewish), based on a screenplay of Tom Mankiewicz (jewish, related to Herman Mankiewicz), released by UA in december 1971, era of Neptune (stage illusion) in Sagittarius (Art). James Bond is a British movie franchise of MI6 propaganda, invented in 1953 (year of MK Ultra) by Ian Fleming, friend of MI6 agent Aleister Crowley. James= Jack.

It announced the BP oil spill ritual in 2010 (events on earth are scripted 50 years ahead). 71 is the nr of Lam.

Diamonds are a symbol of the gem alters (James=gems) of presidential models like Marilyn Monroe (Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend) and Jackie Kennedy who had married Aristotle Onassis.

Operation Diamond was a Mossad operation in 1963 before the JFK ritual. Screenwriter Christopher Wood (Bond movies The Spy Who Loved Me, Moonraker) wrote the screenplay of Mossad propaganda Steal the Sky (HBO) with Mariel Hemingway and Ben Cross about Operation Diamond.

After the JFK ritual The Pink Panther (pink dissociation for sodomy) was released with David Niven (Bond in Casino Royale) as Charles, Robert Wagner (married to Jill St John), Peter Sellers (married to Miranda Quarry), Claudia Cardinale as princess Dala (princess Diana) was released about a pink diamond.

The sequel (poster with looking glass) featured Christopher Plummer (like Jackie's son Christopher).

In the movie Bond wears a pink tie.

Guy Hamilton (like Guy in Rosemary's Baby) also directed Charley Moon, The Mirror Crack'd with Elizabeth Taylor and Rock Hudson.

Sean Connery as Bond

Jill St John (Hollywood High School, married to Robert Wagner, who also married Natalie Wood and to Lance Reventlow who also married Disney MK Ultra victim Cheryl Holdridge) as Tiffany Case

Lana Wood (Ruth Gordon as godmother) sister of Natalie Wood as Plenty O'Toole. Lana like Lana Clarkson shot by Phil Spector (=Spectre) and Lana Del Rey who imitated Jackie Kennedy.

Jimmy Dean (lived in Virginia, signed to RCA Victor, Charlie in Fantasy Island, related to James Dean, worked with Jim Henson and at the Desert Inn) as Willard Whyte, based on Howard Hughes.

Bruce Cabot (King Kong) as Albert Saxby.

Charles Gray (Lou Adler's Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Devil Rides Out with Christopher Lee) as Blofeld using different masks (the Hierophant). Charles=Charlie alter.

Joseph Furst as laser expert.

Bernard Lee as M.

Desmond Llewyn as Q.

Lois Maxwell as Miss Moneypenny

Trina Parks (Beyond the Valley of the Dolls of Russ Meyer, sequel to film with Sharon Tate) as Thumper (rabbit Alice in Wonderland programming)

Bruce Glover (Mission Impossible, The A-Team) father of Crispin Glover (Back to the Future, Alice in Wonderland).

Sid Haig (Pasadena Playhouse, The A-Team, Fantasy Island, Mission Impossible)

Norman Burton (Actors Studio) as CIA agent

edited by John W Holmes (like John Holmes).

music by Shirley Bassey (Legion of Honour).

Bond chases Blofeld after killing his wife and drowns him in a pool of heated mud, meets Tiffany Case in Amsterdam (A'dam, Sabbatean jewish trade of diamonds), meets CIA agent Felix Leiter in LA and Plenty O'Toole at craps table (dice) at the Whyte House (White House in Washington) in Las Vegas (Hughes moved to Vegas in 1967, exterior filmed at Las Vegas Hilton, interior filmed at Riviera Hotel). She is thrown from a window (the Tower) into a pool.

product placement of Playboy Clubs.

Neptune (stage illusion) in Sagittarius: the Apollo moon landing  (month before death Sharon Tate, Sean Connery 8/25 like Neil Armstrong) as staged act in studio of Willard White, based on Howard Hughes. Telly Savalas also played in Capricorn One about staged moon landing.

White locates Blofeld at an oil platform near the Mexican coast.

references to Diamonds Are Forever

1978 Capricorn One Elliott Gould as Robert Caulfield (like Holden Caulfield in The Catcher in the Rye) Telly Savalas OJ Simpson

1999 Inside the Gemstone Files David Hatcher Childress and Kenn Thomas rumors of Howard Hughes imprisoned at Onassis' island and Ian Fleming.

2005 King Kong island Peter Jackson (10/31 date death Connery)

2006 Blood Diamond Leonardo di Caprio (Howard Hughes in The Aviator) as Danny Archer (archer Sagittarius) Jennifer Connelly Djimon Hounsou (The Island, Caliban in The Tempest) about pink diamond produced by Marshall Herskovitz (jewish)

Kanye West Diamonds from Sierra Leone, remix with Jay-z (presidential model Beyoncé, Armani ads with diamonds, The Pink Panther) from Late Registration, imitating Abbey Road of The Beatles.

2010 BP oil spill Pensacola Beach (Jayne Mansfield). Shutter Island Michelle Williams (White House groupie in Dick) like Michelle Obama.

2016 Deepwater Horizon (angel from the bottomless pit) Mark Wahlberg Kate Hudson (4/19 like Mansfield, The Skeleton Key, Glass Onion with Daniel Craig on Greek island) Kurt Russell John Malkovich Ethan Supplee.

2018 Mark Ronson Diamonds Are Invincible.

James Bond