Davis Guggenheim

Philip Davis Guggenheim is a mind controlled director, used in the Hollywood film industry, to promote Al Gore in the Climate Church (An Inconvenient Truth), Barack Obama in the Left Wing Church and Bill Gates in the Corona Church (Inside Bill's Brain). He was educated at Sidwell Friends School (children of Barack Obama, Robert F Kennedy Jr, Vanessa Wruble, Nancy Reagan, John Deutch, Julie Nixon, Chelsea Clinton, Charles Lindbergh, John Dos Passos of ACCF, Bill Nye) and Brown University.

He is the son of Charles Guggenheim who worked for CBS and for Robert Kennedy. He directed the United Artists movie The Great St Louis Bank Robbery (1959) with Steve McQueen (Laurel Canyon).

He is married to Elizabeth Shue (Back to the Future).

In 2006 he directed An Inconvenient Truth with Al Gore (vice-president of jesuit Bill Clinton), produced by Jeffrey Skoll (worked with the Rockefeller Foundation, member of the Berggruen Institute) and Lawrence Bender (world government Council of Foreign Relations, Miramax/Disney, fundraiser for jesuit John Kerry).

He made election propaganda for political puppet Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 (The Road We've Traveled, narrated by Tom Hanks, interview with jesuit Joe Biden).

He directed It Might Get Loud about Jimmy Page (house of Aleister Crowley), the Edge and Jack White, From the Sky Down about U2 and He Named Me Malala about Malala Yousafzai.

In 2019 he made Netflix propaganda movie Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates to promote Bill Gates.

born 11/3/1963, date Roseanne Barr, Charles Bronson, month of the JFK ritual.

the Climate Church

Al Gore