David Horowitz

David Joel Horowitz is a puppet of the Left Wing Church and later of the Right Wing Church, used to spread disinfo in the Conspiracy Church (Alex Jones-Rebel News-Breitbart News network). He praised jesuit Donald Trump as saviour and used George Soros as villain.

His parents were members of the Communist Party of USA and supporters of Joseph Stalin. He was educated at University of California and Columbia University.

He first played the role of puppet in the Left Wing Church (the New Left of the 60's with Herbert Marcuse). He worked for the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation and created the Vietnam Solidarity Campaign in London with Bertrand Russell, marxists Tariq Ali (The Guardian, friend of John Lennon). He wrote for Commentary.

He was a friend of Isaac Deutscher, biographer of Joseph Stalin, writer for Rothschild owned The Economist, Astor owned The Observer with George Orwell, lecturer at NYU and Harvard.

He helped James Weisenstein to found magazine In These Times with Julian Bond (NAACP), Noam Chomsky (IPS), Barbara Ehrenreich (IPS), Glenn Greenwald (Salon, The Guardian) and Herbert Marcuse (CIA, Frankfurt School). In the 80's In These Times participated in the Iran Contra media ritual.

He works with Salon of David Talbot (Time, books on JFK ritual, Allen Dulles), owned by Chris Richmond, who also owns 'fact-checking' website Snopes. He also collaborates with Infowars of Alex Jones. He is a friend of Ben Shapiro (Breitbart News).

He wrote The Rockefellers An American Dynasty with Peter Collier and The Shadow Party How George Soros, Hilary Clinton and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party. Peter Collier worked for Playboy, The NY Times, The Weekly Standard of William Kristol.

He co-wrote 2 books with Robert Spencer of JihadWatch.org and Stop Islamization of America with Pamela Geller (Breitbart News of Steve Bannon, Rebel News). In 2020 Horowitz wrote BLITZ Trump Will Smash the Left and Win.It funds Robert Spencer of JihadWatch.org. Spencer and Geller met with Tommy Robinson (Rebel News, English Defence League) in London.

He founded the David Horowitz Freedom Center, funded by the Shillman Foundation of Robert Shillman (also funds Rebel News and Project Veritas, connected to Alex Jones) and Zionist Nina Rosenwald (CFR, Gatestone Institute). It also received funding from the Bradley Foundation of Art Pope (funds Hoover Institution, Heritage Foundation, Frank Gaffney's Center for Security Policy and Middle East Forum of Gatestone Institute member Daniel Pipes).

It publishes FrontPage magazine (Daniel Greenfeld, fellow of the Shillman Foundation) and Encounter Books. Encounter was named after Encounter magazine of Irving Kristol (CIA front Congress for Cultural Freedom). It published When Harry Became Sally as controlled opposition against the transgender agenda, wich was banned from Amazon. It also published Betsy McCaughey (Hudson Institute, advisor of Trump, married to Wilbur Ross, Rothschild banker and Secretary of Commerce under Trump) and John Bolton (Gatestone Institute).

He is editor of Discover the Networks with Ron Radosh (Julius Rosenberg media ritual, Hudson Institute, married to Allis Rosenberg). Radosh was a member of Walter Lippman's Students for a Democratic Society, published in Lippman's The New Republic, Weekly Standard of William Kristol (PNAC). Discover the Networks focuses on leftist villain George Soros and his funding of Black Lives Matter (ties to the Weather Underground, offshoot of the same Students of Democratic Society).


His son Ben Horowitz (born 6/13/1966) worked at AOL (America Online, created by the Hoechst family of nazi company IG Farben), founded venture capital firm Andreesen Horowitz with Marc Andreesen (Facebook), wich invested in Twitter of Jack Dorsey (Business Roundtable) and Cadre of Jared Kushner (like fellow investor George Soros).

He attended the Collapse of Europe Conference in 2017 at Peperdine University Malibu with Ayaan Hirsi Ali (American Enterprise Institute), James Q Wilson (American Enterprise Institute), Daniel Pipes (Gatestone Institute), Dennis Prager (PragerU).

As a right wing provocateur, he plays the role of antagonist of Noam Chomsky, with who he published in In These Times.

born 1/10/1939 in NY.

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