David Hatcher Childress

David Hatcher Childress is a disinfo agent and media actor, used to spread disinfo about CIA mind control research with LSD, the Illuminati, NWO, NASA, the JFK ritual, Operation Paperclip, Atlantis, UFO's, Knights Templar, time travel, Nikola Tesla, extraterrestials and 911. He participated in Contact in the Desert and appeared on Discovery, Earth Ancients with Cliff Dunning, A&E of Disney-Hearst, Ancient Aliens with Erich von Dänicken, Fox, NBC,..

He published HAARP: the Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy.

In Inside the Gemstone File (1999, IllumiNet Press) written with Kenn Thomas, he promoted the Gemstone File theory that claimed Aristotle Onassis (married to jesuit Jackie Kenedy) worked with the mafia, was the master mind behind the JFK murder and abducted and imprisoned Howard Hughes on his island Skorpios (astrological symbolism of Scorpio ruled by Pluto: abduction, dark secrets, underworld, island programming of the mind, gem alters are trained to stay mute). The theory was published in Larry Flynt's Hustler.

Author of The Gemstone File 'Bruce Roberts' supposedly worked on synthetic rubies and posed with Carmen Miranda who died 8/5 like presidential model Marilyn Monroe. Gerald Carroll had introduced the idea Hughes had a clone/twin.

Onassis' associate Ernst Stavros Livanos was the inspiration for villain Stavros Blofeld in MI6 propaganda James Bond. In Diamonds Are Forever (1971) Willard White was a character based on Hughes.

Thomas' concept of the Octopus =Spectra with octopus logo in James Bond franchise, Hydra in Captain America mythology (Howard Stark=Howard Hughes).

He wrote Vril: Secrets of the Black Sun, Andromeda The Secret Files, The Bigfoot Files, Vimana: Flying Machines of the Ancients, Yeti's, Saquatch and Hairy Giants, Haunebu the Secret Files, Bigfoot Nation, Ark of God, Atlantis and the Power System of God, Obelisks Tower of Power, The Tesla Papers, Lost Cities of Ancient Lemuria, Anti-Gravity and the World Grid, Pirates and the Lost Templar Fleet, Lost Continents and the Hollow Earth,..

Leonardo di Caprio played Howard Hughes in The Aviator, Teddy Daniels imprisoned in Martin Scorcese's Shutter Island with Mark Ruffalo (born 11/22, date of JFK ritual), Michelle Williams, John Carroll Lynch and FBI director J Edgar Hoover in J. Edgar with Judi Dench (James Bond) as mother.

Hatcher=hatching an egg (creating Monarch butterfly). Terry O'Quinn (The Rocketeer about Howard Hughes) finds a hatch on an island in Lost.

His publishing company Adventures Unlimited publishes the work of Joseph P. Farrell.

born 6/1/1957, date of birth presidential model Marilyn Monroe (Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend). Kenn Thomas born 6/12, date Rosemary's Baby.

2016 Ancient Aliens (A.A. like Crowley's Astrum Argentum)

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