David Carradine

John Arthur David Carradine was a mind controlled actor, used in the Hollywood film industry, to announce the birth of Antichrist Moonchild William, the James Holmes Joker Phoenix ritual and the Isis ritual. His most famous role is Bill in Tarantino's Kill Bill with Uma Thurman. He had a relationship with Barbara Hershey (sister of Mia Farrow in Woody Allen's Hannah and Her Sisters, Mary Magdalene in Scorcese's Last Temptation of Christ and mother of Natalie Portman in Black Swan).

They posed nude together for Hugh Hefner's Playboy.

He was the son of John Carradine, from 1934 a member of Wilfred Talbot Smith's Ordo Templi Orientis (worship of Sirius as decapitated John the Baptist). He was born 2/5 (date Barbara Hershey, the Wrecking Crew movie with Sharon Tate). He worked for Cecil DeMille and John Ford (CIA) and played in Elvis Presley's last movie and Moonchild, based on the novel of Aleister Crowley, with Victor Charles Buono (died 1982). Like John Cassavetes, his movies announced the birth of Moonchild William V (Satan's Mistress in jun 1982, month of his birth). He also played in Sex Kittens Go to College with sister of Brigitte Bardot, Woody Allen's Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex, The Last Tycoon with Robert de Niro and Peggy Sue Got Married with Jim Carrey (JC Jesus Christ). He died 11/27/1988, date birth Bruce Lee.

David was called Jack by his family like Jack Parsons, head of the OTO, from 1942.

He was the brother of actors Keith and Robert Carradine, who both went to Hollywood High School.

David's brother Robert Carradine played in Bonanza (Spahn ranch of Charles Manson cult), Revenge of the Nerds (Bill Gates- Kill Bill), The Cowboys with John Wayne. His half-brother Michael Bowen Jr was born 6/21 like William V, played Danny Pickett in Lost, Jack Welker in Breaking Bad and in Valley Girl with Nicolas Cage. Keith Carradine's daughter Martha Plimpton played in The Mosquito Coast with Harrison Ford and River Phoenix, Stanlet & Iris with Robert de Niro and Jane Fonda and Parenthood with Keanu Reeves and Joaquin Phoenix (Hanged Man pose poster).

He had a relationship with Season Hubley, partner of Kurt Russell. His 2nd wife Linda was married to the frontman of Laurel Canyon act The Byrds. He had a child Kansas with his 3d wife Gail (Dorothy Gale Wizard of Oz mind control).

In 1974 (Pluto in Libra) he was arrested, after breaking into a home in Laurel Canyon (mind control project of Charles Manson), nude and under influence of peyote (mescaline).

He died in a hotel room in Bangkok Thailand (movie Only God Forgives) 6-3-2009=9-11, in the Hanged Man pose like the 911 Sharon Tate ritual. In Quentin Tarantino's the Hateful Eight, Jennifer Jason Leigh is hanged, born 2/5 like John Carradine (JC hanging of the Christ).

He was age 72 (nr of Chesed Jupiter, Dakota on 72nd str), 12 days before suicide of Mia Farrow's brother Patrick Villiers.

After his death jesuit Mark Geragos played the role of lawyer of Carradine's family.

During the Covid19-ritual, the media focused on Bill Gates and controlled opposition called him Kill Bill (David Icke as nemesis).

Astrological chart

born 12/8/1936, date Nicki Minaj, d John Lennon (killed by Mark David Chapman), Jim Morrison, Dominic Monaghan, Kim Basinger, Sinéad O'Connor, Sammy Davis Jr, Alan Bennett (buddhist of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn with Crowley), in Hollywood.

Asc: Pisces, mc: Sagittarius. Dom: Sagittarius (Art), Pisces, Capricorn - Saturn, Sun, Neptune.

Houses 7, 10, 9. 7(partners): Neptune in Virgo, Mars and Moon in Libra, 10: Mercury in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Capricorn. 1: Saturn in Pisces, 2: Uranus in Taurus, 8: Lilith in Scorpio, 11: Venus in Capricorn. Sun Square Saturn like Charles Manson, moon in Libra like princess Charlotte.

died 6/3/2009, date d Frances Kydd (mother of Diana), Raoul Castro, Allen Ginsberg, Tony Curtis, Jill Biden (Joe Biden), Wu Tang Forever, William's head wound, wedding Wallis Simpson, London Bridge attack, d Muhammad Ali.


1964 Taggart
1964 The Royal Hunt for the Sun Broadway play Christopher Plummer
1965 Bus Riley's Back in Town (Universal Pictures) Jocelyn Brando (sister of Marlon Brando, whose daughter also died as the Hanged Man)
1967 Too Many Thieves Britt Elkland (married to Peter Sellers, in Get Carter with Michael Caine, Bond girl in The Man With the Golden Gun)
The Violent Ones
1969 Heaven With a Gun Glenn Ford Barbara Hershey
1969 Young Billy Young Robert Mitchum Angie Dickinson Robert Walker Jr
1969 The Good Guys and the Bad Guys Robert Mitchum George Kennedy John Carradine
1969 The McMasters Nancy Kwan (the Wrecking Crew with Sharon Tate, trained by Bruce Lee) Macho Callahan Jean Seberg
1972 Boxcar Bertha Martin Scorcese John Carradine Barbara Hershey Victor Argo
1972 Kung Fu Shaolin monk Kwai Chang Caine (Thelema influences of Taoism) guest Harrison Ford, John Carradine in episode Oct the 31st (date River Phoenix).
1973 The Long Goodbye Elliott Gould as Philip Marlowe Sterling Hayden (CIA) Arnold Schwarzenegger written by Leigh Brackett (Manana Society of Robert Heinlein with Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons head of the OTO)
1973 Mean Streets Martin Scorcese Robert de Niro Harvey Keitel as drunk (uncredited)
1975 You and Me Keith Carradine Robert Carradine
1975 Death Race 2000 as Frankenstein Sylvester Stallone Mary Woronov totalitarian society produced by Roger Corman
1976 Cannonball Robert Carradine Sylvester Stallone Paul Bartel produced by Roger Corman
1976 Bound for Glory Randy Quaid
1977 Thunder and Lightning Kate Jackson Charles Napier (year 7 the Chariot)
1977 The Serpent's Egg as Abel Rosenberg (rosicrucians of John Dee) Ingmar Bergman Liv Ulman
1978 Gray Lady Down (the Tower) as Don Gates Charlton Heston Christopher Reeve Dorian Harewood (Full Metal Jacket)
1978 Deathsport (the Chariot) Claudia Jennings (Playboy, died in a car crash in 1979)
1978 Circle of Iron (Mars) Death role intended for Bruce Lee Eli Wallach Christopher Lee Roddy McDowall (Planet of the Apes)
1979 Fast Charlie..The Moonbeam Rider as Charlie (Charles Manson, enemy in Vietnam war) Brenda Vaccaro (played Mary Alice Schwarz in Tarantino's Once Upon A Time in Hollywood) as Grace (movie written for Steve McQueen, who was invited at the house of Sharon Tate on the night of the 911 Sharon Tate ritual).
1980 The Long Riders (Knight of Wands) Keith and Robert Carradine James Keach as Jesse James
1980 Cloud Dancer Jennifer O'Neill
1980 Safari 3000 the Chariot Christopher Lee Stockard Channing/Susan Williams (2 years for birth William)
1981 Americana Barbara Hershey Bruce Carradine carrousel of horses in Kansas (Wizard of Oz)
1982 Q the Winged Serpent (Quain, child of Lucifer) as detective Shephard Michael Moriarty 10/29 date Anton LaVey AIP of Samuel Z Arkoff
1982 Trick or Treats Halloween
1983 Lone Wolf McQuade Chuck Norris Leon Isaac Kennedy Sharon Farrell (=Sharon Tate, played in Death Valley Days)
1984 The Warrior and the Sorceress (Libra Queen of Swords) as Kain the Warrior= Arnold Schwarzenegger in Conan the Destroyer

1985 North and South Patrick Swayze Jean Simmons Kristie Alley Kyle Chandler
1986 Behind Enemy Lines Vietnam war (Mars in Libra) as Colonel Cooper
1986 Armed Response Lee Van Cleef
1986 Kung Fu the Movie with Bruce Lee's son Brandon Lee
1987 Six Against the Rock David Morse
1988 Marathon Franco Nero
1988 Tropical Snow lady in red broken glass=split mind Tim Allen
1989 Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II (Wizard of Oz)
1989 Crime Zone (pink sky dissociation, tagline God Is Dead of Friedrich Nietzsche) Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks) 3/31 date Brandon Lee
1989 Nowhere to Run (the Devil) executive produced by Roger Corman

1989 Sundown vampire movie (era Pluto in Scorpio)
1989 Try This One For Size (red shoes Wizard of Oz)
1989 Think Big (the Chariot) 3/9 date death Biggie
1989 Future Force
1990 Bird On a Wire Mel Gibson Goldie Hawn
1991 Martial Law (Mars in Libra)
1992 Roadside Prophets Adam Horowitz (Beastie Boys) Flea (River Phoenix ritual) Timothy Leary John Cusack Don Cheadle
1992 Waxwork II Lost in Time one eye Drew Barrymore
1992 Night Rhytms Martin Hewitt (Endless Love with Brooke Shields)
1997 The Rage Roy Scheider
1998 Children of the Corn V (sickle of Saturn, based on novel Stephen King) Alexis Arquette Eva Mendes Ahmet Zappa (Frank Zappa Laurel Canyon like Manson) 6/21 date William V
1998 The New Swiss Family Robinson Disney Jane Seymour
1998 An American Tail: the Treasure of Manhattan Island Ron Perlman Dom DeLouise
2000 Nightfall (Isaac Asimov)
2000 Queen of Swords (year 8 Adjustment)
2003 Kill Bill Quentin Tarantino Uma Thurman (born 4/29 date wedding William and Catherine) Lucy Liu Michael Madsen (Brandon Lee shot on set by Michael Massee) Daryl Hannah Vivica Fox Michael Bowen Jr Deadly Vipers= Johnny Depp's Viper Room.
2003 American Reel as James Lee Springer
2004 Dead & Breakfast Ever Carradine
2004 Kill Bill 2 4/16 Taurus, dies of a 5 point exploding heart technique, Heath Ledger died in Five Points NY. year of decapitation Ken Bigley, start of the Isis ritual.

2004 Hair High Dermot Mulrony (movie with River Phoenix, 10/31) Matt Groening
2004 Max Havoc: Curse of the Dragon Carmen Electra
2007 Epic Movie parody of Bérenger Saunière murder in Da Vinci Code (pentagram five points, Barbara Hershey played Mary Magdalene) Crispin Glover imitation of Johnny Depp in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Carmen Electra as Mystique of X-Men (parody of Kill Bill in Date Movie) Kevin Hart
2007 Treasure Raiders Sherilyn Fenn (Knights Templar)
2007 Richard III Danny Trejo
2007 How to Rob a Bank Gavin Rossdale/Rosenthal
2007 Homo Erectus Sasha Grey (porn industry) Ron Jeremy Talia Shire
2008 Hell Ride Michael Madsen Dennis Hopper
2008 Camille (2nd wife Charles) James Franco
2008 Last Hour Michael Madsen DMX
2008 The Golden Boys Bruce Dern (played George Spahn owner of Manson ranch in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood)
2008 Absolute Evil (one eye)
2009 Crank High Voltage Jason Statham artificial heart Amy Smart Chester Bennington (died as the Hanged Man in 2017)
2009 Dark Fields (sickle of Saturn)
2011 Stretch chinese mafia
2012 Eldorado Daryl Hannah Michael Madsen Kerry Washington parody of Johnny Depp movie Sweeney Todd
2013 Night of the Templar


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