Daryl Hannah

Daryl Christine Hannah is a mind controlled actress, used in the media and Hollywood film industry, to play the role of girlfriend of JFK Jr. Her sister Page Hannah married Lou Adler (manager of Laurel Canyon act The Mama's and The Papa's with John Philips). She participated in fake protests with NASA climate scientist James Hansen (the Climate Church), with Neil Young and with Robert F Kennedy Jr at the Keystone pipeline. She appeared on Democracy Now!.

She attended Francis W Parker School in Chicago (like Billy Zane, Jay and Jennifer Pritzker)

She produced climate propaganda Greedy Lying Bastards with Exxon Mobile and Koch as villains.

She endorsed political puppet Bernie Sanders. She is a member of the World Future Council with Vandana Shiva (Facebook Oversight Board).

She had relationship with JFK Jr, Jackson Browne (born in military family in Germany, made a song for Andy Warhol's protegé Nico, part of Greenwich Village and Laurel Canyon scene, signed to Elektra-Asylum) and Neil Young (also Laurel Canyon).

She played a role in the Harvey Weinstein media ritual.

Astrological chart

born 12/3/1960, date Julianne Moore, Amanda Seyfried, Brendan Fraser, Sean Parker, d Oswald Mosley, Joseph Conrad, Ozzy Osbourne, sagittarius art.

Asc: Taurus, mc: Aquarius. Dominants: Capricorn (the Devil, ayin eye), Scorpio, Taurus- Venus, Mercury, Saturn.

Houses 9, 6, 7. 9: Venus and Saturn in Aquarius, 6: Neptune and Mercury in Scorpio (mlk jfk era), 7: Sun in Sagittarius.


1978 The Fury Pam Brian De Palma Kirk Douglas John Cassavetes (Rosemary's Baby)
1981 Hard Country Loretta Kim Basinger Michael Parks ITC Entertainment (The Prisoner)
1982 Blade Runner Pris Stratton Harrison Ford Sean Young (Mia Wallace look) Joe Turkel Rutger Hauer Ridley Scott based on novel of PKD
1982 Summer Lovers (Rosemary's Baby pose) Cathy Featherstone (venus= love) Peter Gallagher
1982 Paper Dolls (doll programming)
1983 The Final Terror Windy Morgan Rachel Ward (girlfriend of David Kennedy) Joe Pantoliano
1984 Reckless Tracey Prescott (the star) Aidan Quinn Adam Baldwin Pamela Springsteen (sister of Bruce Springsteen) Dan Hedaya
1984 Splash Madison Saturn Award for Best Actress, twin towers princess of cups Tom Hanks John Candy Eugene Levy Ron Howard Disney
1984 The Pope of Greenwich Village Diane Mickey Rourke Eric Roberts Stuart Rosenberg
1986 The Clan of the Cave Bear Ayla
1986 Legal Eagles Robert Redford Debra Winger Terence Stamp
1987 Roxanne the fool Steve Martin Shelley Duvall Damon Wayans
1987 Wall Street Darien Taylor (capricorn materialism) Michael Douglas Charlie Sheen Martin Sheen Terence Stamp Oliver Stone (movie about JFK) premiere with Diana Spencer (in the media linked with JFK Jr) 20th Century Fox
1988 High Spirits Mary Steve Guttenberg Liam Neeson Peter O'Toole Peter Gallagher Jennifer Tilly

1989 Crimes and Misdemeanors Lisa Crosley Uncredited Woody Allen Mia Farrow (played in Hannah and her Sisters) jesuit Alan Alda Anjelica Huston Martin Landau
1989 Steel Magnolias Annelle Julia Roberts Shirley MacLaine Olympia Dukakis Dolly Parton Sally Field Tom Skerritt
1990 Crazy People Kathy Burgess Paul Reiser
1991 At Play in the Fields of the Lord (archer diana) John Lithgow Tom Berenger Tom Waits Kathy Bates
1992 Memoirs of an Invisible Man Alice Monroe (=Marilyn, Alice in Wonderland, helmet of Athena, Athena cult of Francis Bacon) John Carpenter Chevy Chase Sam Neill
1993 Grumpy Old Men as Melanie (name of wife Donald Trump) Walter Matthau Ann-Margret Warner Bros
1993 Attack of the 50ft woman nancy archer (taurus=big) Frances Fisher Daniel Baldwin
1994 The Little Rascals Miss June Crabtree Donald Trump Olsen twins Raven-Symoné Lea Thompson Whoopi Goldberg Amblin Entertainment Universal
1995 The Tie That Binds Keith Carradine
1995 Grumpier Old Men Melanie Walter Matthau Sophia Loren Ann-Margret
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1996 The Last Days of Frankie the Fly Dennis Hopper Michael Madsen Kiefer Sutherland
1998 The Gingerbread Man (hierophant) Robert Altman Kenneth Branagh Tom Berenger Robert Downey Jr Famke Janssen Robert Duvall
1998 The Real Blonde Kelly Matthew Modine Catherine Keener Christopher Lloyd Steve Buscemi Dave Chapelle
1998 Addams Family Reunion Morticia Addams (binah) Tim Curry Haylie Duff (sister of Hilary Duff) Uncle Fester based on Aleister Crowley
1998 Hi-Life Eric Stoltz
1998 Rear window (remake of Hitchcock movie with Grace Kelly, who was played by Nicole Kidman) Christopher Reeve Robert Forster
1999 My Favorite Martian Lizzie mars in cancer Christopher Lloyd Jeff Daniels Elizabeth Hurley Disney
1999 Speedway Junky Veronica (=Speedway with Nancy Sinatra, imitated in Pulp Fiction) Jonathan Taylor Thomas
1999 Diplomatic Siege
2000 Cord Jennifer Tilly
2000 First target target sagitt
2000 Wildflowers Eric Roberts
2001 Jackpot Adam Baldwin
2001 Dancing at the Blue Iguana Angel Jennifer Tilly
2001 Cowboy Up Celia Jones aka Ring of Fire (the hierophant) Kiefer Sutherland Molly Ringwald
2001 Jack and the Beanstalk Matthew Modine Jon Voight Vanessa Redgrave
2002 A Walk to Remember Peter Coyote (Haight-Ashbury) Mandy Moore Warner Bros
2002 Searching for Debra Winger Herself (sagittarius rainbow) Rosanna Arquette Patricia Arquette Laura Dern Jane Fonda Gwyneth Paltrow Vanessa Redgrave Meg Ryan
2002 Hard Cash Christian Slater Val Kilmer Balthazar Getty Verne Troyer
2003 Northfork James Woods Nick Nolte Kyle MacLachlan Peter Coyote
2003 The Job
2003 Casa de los babys Maggie Gyllenhaal Mary Steenburgen
2003 The Big Empty Stella suitcase mia wallace Jon Favreau Sean Bean
2003 Kill Bill: Volume 1 Elle Driver (Deadly Viper=Viper room ritual with River Phoenix Johnny Depp) Quentin Tarantino Uma Thurman as the Bride (Sharon Tate ritual) David Carradine Vivica Fox Lucy Liu Michael Madsen Michael Parks Sophie Dreyfus Michael Bowen Jr

2004 Kill Bill: Volume 2 Uma Thurman
2004 Silver City Chris Cooper character based on George W Bush Danny Huston Richard Dreyfuss Tim Roth Kris Kristofferson
2004 Whore Adriana venus= babalon Denise Richards
2004 Careful What You Wish For Store Patron Short film
2006 Love Is the Drug Sandra Brand
2006 Keeping Up with the Steins Sacred Feather / Sandy Jeremy Piven Cheryl Hines (wife of RFK Jr)
2006 Olè Maggie Granger
2007 The Poet (hearts of war) nazi swastika Roy Scheider
2008 Vice Michael Madsen
2008 The Garden Herself Danny Glover
2008 Dark Honeymoon Jan (dark moon) Tia Carrere Roy Scheider Eric Roberts
2009 The Cycle Carrie aka The Devil's Ground
2009 Shannon's Rainbow Dr. Rita Baker Eric Roberts George Lopez Steve Guttenberg Michael Madsen
2010 A Closed Book Jane Ryder
2011 Every Generation Needs a Revolution Herself Short film
2011 A Fonder Heart Margaret Boone
2011 Lovemakers Mimi
2012 Eldorado The Stranger David Carradine Michael Madsen Rik Mayall Tyrese Gibson
2013 Garbage Herself
2013 Zombie night (Hannah=the moon) resurrection of Paula Schultz Michael Anthony Hall
2013 The Hot Flashes (Venus: pink) Ginger Peabody Virginia Madsen Brooke Shields Eric Roberts

2014 2047: Sights of Death
2014 Father Rupert Mayer
2015 I Am Michael (gay agenda) James Franco Zachary Quinto Emma Roberts
2015 Skin Traffik (the hierophant) Mickey Rourke Eric Roberts Michael Madsen
2015 Awaken Mao
2015 Sicilian Vampire James Caan Robert Loggia
2015 Sense8

2017 The American Connection
2017 The Slider
2018 Papa Eric Roberts Michael Madsen
2018 Paradox (director) Neil Young Willie Nelson Netflix
2021 The Now Dave Franco


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