Darwinism is an unproven theory of Charles Darwin, that postulates human beings are apes that evolved through a process of natural selection. Darwin's theory is a dogma in the modern Science Church. Charles Darwin was the son of freemason Erasmus Darwin of the Lunar Society and grandson of Josiah Wedgewood (Lunar Society, Royal Society). His theory was promoted by the Huxley family, to transform religion and move towards atheism, communism, fascism, and eventually a Luciferian world religion in a United Nations totalitarian world state, with eugenics and genetic racism.

The Lunar Society (Saturn-moon worship) was founded by Erasmus Darwin and Samuel Galton, met at Soho house, and consisted of Benjamin Franklin (Hellfire Club, founded University of Pennsylvania), mason John Smeaton, Josiah Wedgwood, Wiliam Herschel, Rudolf Raspe (worked for Frederick II of Hesse-Kassel), James Watt. Many of the members of the Lunar Society were instrumental in creating the Industrial Revolution (religion of capitalism).

Charles Darwin (2/12/1809 like Abraham Lincoln-4/19/1882) was educated at Oxford UK, a university controlled by the Cecils. Darwin married his first cousin Emma Wedgwood, both families that ruled the Royal Society. He was related to mason Francis Galton (International Congress on Eugenics with Winston Churchill).

He published 'On the Origins of Species' in 1859 on november 24 (year XXI the World, Osiris= Jupiter nr 24, Saturn old man). Its subtitle was 'Preservation of the Favourite Races In The Struggle For Life'. It introduced the concept of survival of the fittest, a selection process of nature.

It was published by John Murray who also published Johann von Goethe and Lord Byron. Baron d'Holbach Roslin (Scottish Aryans) had introduced the concept of atheism in 1770.

Pluto in Taurus was the era of transformation of religion, Karl Marx and his Young Hegelians declared God was an invention of man, Friedrich Nietzsche declared God is dead, calling himself the Antichrist, Sigmund Freud reduced human beings to a set of primitive, repressed sexual desires and occultist Eliphas Levi introduced the figure of Baphomet. Neptune (evolutionary destiny, Darwin's dominant) was in Pisces.

At the same time evolution theory was also propagated by Alfred Russell Wallace, from the Scottish House of Bruce (bloodline of Akhenaten/Moses who also transformed religion in Egypt).

Darwin was a Fellow of the Royal Society. Darwin's main defender was 'Darwin's bulldog' mason Thomas Huxley, president of the Royal Society (closely associated with freemasonry), grandfather of Aldous Huxley (The Doors of Perception) and Julian Huxley who founded the League of Nations-United Nations with the Cecils and the WWF (Green Church).

Huxley's X-Club (George Busk and Darwin's closest friend Joseph Dalton Hooker) created the Neanderthal hoax to implement Darwinist as the new dogma in science.

Darwin was also a member of the American Philosophical Society.

Evolution theory became a stepping stone for the philosophy of social Darwinism (survival of the fittest, natural selection in society). His half-cousin and freemason Francis Galton worked with Cyril Burt (Mensa). The Galton family worked with eugenicist Abraham Maslow. Ernst Haeckel used Darwinism for racist theories (start of nazism). Social Darwinism is a tenet of Satanism, self preservation, satanists consider themselves evolutionary superior because they have no compassion and consider eugenics as a Divine right to rule and to decide who lives and who dies.

Like Hegelian Dialectics of Marx, Darwin's Tree of Life, considered as evidence is a concept from sacred geometry in kabbalism (the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, Saturn worship, the Luciferian promise that man can become God).

After Darwinism the religious idea of god made man, was explained as naive and outdated, stepping stone to communism 'man made god'. Suddenly mankind was degraded from divine creation to coincidence, a primitive monkey with no real meaning in an empty universe, with no foundation for morals (moral relativism, another tenet of Satanism). Suddenly not only God, but also Satan was considered an unscientific invention, as if the the worship of Saturn/El/Moloch never existed.

The story from the bible is very similar to Evolution theory. Sumerian creation story of Enki, associated with the South and Ninhursag mother of all living=> bible story of Eve, tempted by serpent, also title of mother of all living=>in Scientism, belief in a mitochondrial Eve, that lived in South Africa, and that birthed the entire human race.

Asa Gray promoted Darwinism as president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Darwinism became influential in the regimes of Mao, Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, and Pol Pot.

Ursula Darwin married surrealist artist Julian Trevelyan, who experimented with mescaline and worked with Oskar Kokoshka and Pablo Picasso (program Modernism).


For 2000 years the Catholic Church indoctrinated its followers with the story of Adam and Eve, based on Sumerian mythology Adamu, about people being expelled from the Garden of Eden. In the 2nd half of the 19th century this dogma was replaced with the dogma of Darwin's unproven evolution theory. The Science Church promised evidence of the transition from ape to man, would be found in the future as the 'missing link'.

Evolution theorists believe fish evolved into reptiles and reptiles evolved into mammals.

Skulls with lower forehead were interpreted as intermediary species Neanderthal (who disappeared 100.000 bc) modern human pops up 80.000 bc, no explanation why there are different races in different continents (Mongoloid, Caucasoid, and Negroid).

Jesuit Pierre Teilhard de Chardin played a role in the Peking Man publicity stunt (Out of Asia theory).

Darwin in modern times

The monkey bones of Lucy, named after their god Lucifer, was found by 'coincidence' in 1974 on nov 24, date of publishing 'On the Origins of Species'.

Stephen Jay Gould (AAAS) and Richard Dawkins helped promoting Darwinism in popular science.

In 2002 Michael Shermer published Why Darwinism Matters: the Case Against Intelligent Design (fake dilemma Darwinism-Christianity).

Darwin as the Luciferian hero who rebelled against the gods, is glorified in Hollywood movies like 'Creation' with Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly.

The media industry promoted the New Atheism of Richard Dawkins (1976 The Selfish Gene, 1995 River Out of Eden, A Darwinian View On Life, 2006 The God Delusion like Friedrich Nietzsche's God Is Dead, oct 2 bday of Jack Parsons), Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris and Daniel Dannett, called the 4 Horsemen, a concept out of the Bible - Book of Apocalypse.

The media used the self created islamic fundamentalism in the Isis-ritual to push atheism, with debates between religious people who adhere a literal interpretation of the bible vs followers of Scientism (thesis-antithesis game with the New Age Church to move towards Luciferianism). Freemason Edward Wilson of Harvard, considered the new Darwin, introduced the term biodiversity (diversity used as Newspeak in the Multiculti Church).

X-men (Luciferian sodomy religion, X-Club) has a Darwin character announces the new humanity 2.0.

Transhumanist Ray Kurzweil (Google) born 2/12 like Darwin, considers forced vaccination with nanotechnology as the next step in human evolution. Planet of the Apes franchise announced the Covid19-ritual, people without nanobots are treated as evolutionary inferior, introducing genetic racism and eugenics, genetic manipulation.

Karl Marx

Friedrich Nietzsche

the Science Church