Danny DeVito

Daniel Michael DeVito is a mind controlled actor-comedian, used in the Hollywood film industry to push the Luciferian sodomy religion. He plays the archetype of Lam, the hidden dwarf god, the Magician Danny Boyle who revives the Joker in the James Holmes Phoenix ritual. He was married to Rhea Perlman who took part in the 911 Twin Towers ritual.

Rhea Perlman was born 3/31, date of death Brandon Lee and played in NBC show Cheers (era of Barry Diller) and movies Hoffa (Jack Nicholson) and Throw Momma Off the Train (Danny DeVito and Billy Crystal). His daughter is actress Lucy DeVito.

Astrological chart

born 11/17/ 1944 date founding Theosophical Society, Rock Hudson, Rachel McAdams, Jeff Buckley, Martin Scorcese, in Neptune, New Jersey, planet of dreams and stage illusion (DD=44 Mass of the Phoenix), in Scorpio, blue veil tribe of Dan.

Dominants: Sagittarius (Art), Scorpio (Death), Capricorn (the Devil)- Venus (=pearl), Jupiter, Moon (Man on the Moon).

Houses 12, 11, 1. 12: Moon and Mercury in Sagittarius, 11: Sun conj Mars in Scorpio,1: Venus in Capricorn. 6: Uranus (eccentric) in Gemini 7: Saturn in Cancer, 8: Pluto in Leo, 9: Jupiter in Virgo, Lilith and Neptune in Libra.


1970 Dream of Glass
1971 Lady Liberty Sophia Loren as Statue of Liberty (Venus the Lightbringer) Susan Sarandon
1972 Hot Dogs for Gauguin Rhea Perlman
1973 Hurry Up or I'll Be Thirty
1973 Scalawag Kirk Douglas
1975 One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest Jack Nicholson Louise Fletcher Christopher Lloyd based on MK Ultra experiments with Ken Kesey, Oregon State Hospital 44th parallel produced by Michael Douglas
1975 Deadly Hero as Harry Debbie Harry James Earl Jones Don Murray (Bus Stop with Marilyn Monroe) Diahn Williams (Diana's son William)
1978-1983 Taxi with Andy Kaufman Christopher Lloyd produced by Barry Diller ABC
1983 Terms of Endearment James Brooks (Taxi) Jack Nicholson John Lithgow Jeff Daniels Shirley MacLaine as Aurora (James Holmes ritual)
1984 Romancing the Stone Kathleen Turner Michael Douglas
1986 Wise Guys the Tower (drowning Pluto underworld in Scorpio)
1987 Tin Men (tin man Wizard of Oz programming) Richard Dreyfuss Barbara Hershey
1987 Throw Momma from the Train Billy Crystal Oprah Winfrey
1988 Twins brother of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mercury (88 ruling Gemini) Heather Graham
1989 The War of the Roses (rose Venus, divorce Charles and Diana) Michael Douglas Kathleen Turner Sean Astin
1991 Other People's Money Gregory Peck (father of Antichrist in the Omen)
1992 Batman Returns the penguin (umbrella symbolism), Michael Keaton Michelle Pfeiffer Christopher Walken Tim Burton

1992 Hoffa, Jack Nicholson
1993 Jack the Bear Reese Witherspoon (Man in the Moon) Julia Louis-Dreyfus  Robert Steinmuller as Jack Leary (born 7/29 date wedding Charles and Diana with Robert Kennedy as priest), 4/2 (42 nr of rainbows, rabbit hole)
1993 Look Who's Talking Now (dog star Sirius) John Travolta Kirstie Alley (both Scientology) Diane Keaton Bruce Willis
1994 Reality Bites Ethan Hawke Winona Ryder Ben Stiller
1994 Junior Arnold Schwarzenegger Emma Thompson
1994 Renaissance Man Mark Wahlberg Stacy Dash
1995 Get Shorty John Travolta Gene Hackman Renee Russo novel of jesuit Elmore Leonard
1996 Sunset Park
1996 Matilda (name child Heath Ledger) Rhea Pearlman Mara Wilson (NYU, gay agenda) novel of Roald Dahl screenplay by Nicolas Kazan (son of Elia Kazan ACCF) produced by Michael Shandberg (Time)
1996 Space Jam Michael Jordan (Venus Ishtar rabbits Alice in Wonderland programming)
1996 Mars Attacks! Jack Nicholson Michael J Fox Natalie Portman Christina Applegate Glenn Close Jack Black Anette Benning Tim Burton
1997 The Rainmaker Matt Damon Claire Catherine Danes
1997 L.A. Confidential Kevin Spacey, Black Dahlia ritual Kim Basinger (mother of Eminemin 8 Mile) Guy Pearce Russell Crowe
1997 Hercules Disney James Woods
1998 Gattaca Ethan Hawke Uma Thurman Jude Law, announces the eugenics program of the Covid-19 ritual
1998 Out Of Sight George Clooney
1998 Living Out Loud Queen Latifah
1999 Man on the Moon Jim Carrey Paul Giamatti life of Andy Kaufman Courtney Love (Kurt Cobain, Gavin Rosenthal)
1999 The Virgin Suicides Kirsten Dunst Josh Hartnett (The Black Dahlia) James Woods Sophia Coppola (daughter of Francis Ford Coppola)
2000 Drowning Mona (death) Casey Affleck (young RFK) as Bobby=drowning David Kennedy Mark Pellegrino (in Capote about Truman Capote) Will Ferrell
2001 Heist (the Tower) Gene Hackman, year of the 911 Twin Towers ritual
2002 Death to Smoochy Robin Williams Edward Norton
2002 Austin Powers in Goldmember Mike Myers Beyoncé (orange) as Mini Me (mm=33) based on Blofeld in James Bond 007 movies.
2003 Anything Else (Venus love) Woody Allen Christina Ricci
2003 Big Fish Ewan McGregor Marion Cotillard Miley Cyrus
2004 Christmas in Love (Venus)
2004 Friends stripper Jennifer Aniston (with Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty)
2005 Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing and Charm School (the Lovers) Robert Carlyle Sean Astin
2005 Be Cool John Travolta Uma Thurman dance of Diana, Pulp Fiction scene Will-I-Am Harvey Keitel Dwayne Johnson Anna Nicole Smith
2006 The Oh in Ohio Parker Posey Paul Rudd Heather Graham Keith David Liza Minelli
2006 Deck the Halls
2006 It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia P Diddy
2007 The Good Night Gwyneth Paltrow Penelope Cruz
2007 Nobel Son Alan Rickman
2008 Just Add Water umbrella like the Penguin
2009 House Broken (the Devil) Alice in Wonderland dollhouse programming

2009 Solitary Man Michael Douglas Jesse Eisenberg Susan Sarandon
2010 When in Rome Disney Kristen Bell Josh Duhamel Anjelica Huston Disney
2011 Girls Walks into a Bar Zachary Quinto Rosario Dawson Josh Hartnett
2012 The Lorax (orange creature, Scorpio= orange=33=sodomy) Taylor Swift
2012 Hotel Noir Rufus Sewell Rosario Dawson
2016 Wiener-Dog
2019 Dumbo Michael Keaton Colin Farrell Tim Burton
2020 The One and Only Ivan (Disney) Sam Rockwell Angelina Jolie Helen Mirren Chaka Kahn Bryan Cranston


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