Danny Boyle

Daniel Francis Boyle is a British mind controlled movie director, used in the British film industry and Hollywood film industry to normalise heroin addiction, to announce the Covid19-ritual and to play a role in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London (the James Holmes Phoenix ritual). He married actress Frances Barber (Prick Up Your Ears with Gary Oldman). He worked for BBC Northern Ireland and the Old Vic Theatre.

Astrological chart

born 10/20/1956, date Snoop Dogg, Kamala Harris, John Dewey, d Henry Stimson, Viggo Mortensen, Arthur Rimbaud, d Michael Massee, wedding Jackie Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis.

Dom: Virgo (the Hermit), Libra, Taurus - Moon, Neptune, Mars.


1994 Shallow Grave (Scottish rite, death of Hiram Abiff) Ewan McGregor Kerry Fox Channel 4 Polygram
1996 Trainspotting Ewan McGregor Jonny Lee Miller Robert Carlye Ewen Bremner Kelly Macdonald as Diane novel of Irvine Welsh Channel 4 Polygram Lust for Life of Iggy Pop Perfect Day of Lou Reed
1997 A Life Less Ordinary Ewan McGregor Cameron Diaz Holly Hunter Ian Holm (Holmes) Dan Hedaya Stanley Tucci
2000 The Beach Leonardo di Caprio Guillaume Canet Virginie Ledoyen Tilda Swinton Robert Carlyle Alex Garland (Generation X trend, Ex Machina) Isle of Wonders island of Aristotle Onassis
2001 Vacuuming Completely Nude in Paradise Timothy Spall BBC
2002 28 Days Later (cycle of the moon, red eye like The Omen, the Covid19-ritual) Cillian Murphy Naomie Harris Brendan Gleeson Megan Burns (Meghan Markle) 20th Century Fox
2004 Millions BBC
2007 Sunshine Mark Strong Cillian Murphy Rose Byrne Chris Evans
2008 Slumdog Millionaire jesuit Freida Pinto
2008 Alien Love Triangle (Short film) Courtney Cox Kenneth Branagh Heather Graham
2010 127 Hours James Franco Kate Mara Warner Bros
2012 Isles of Wonder London Olympics opening ceremony Kenneth Branagh
2013 Trance James McAvoy Vincent Cassel Rosario Dawson Tuppence Middleton
2015 Steve Jobs Michael Fassbender as Steve Jobs Kate Winslet Seth Rogen Jeff Daniels basedon book of Walter Isaacson (Aspen Institute, CNN, Time)
2017 T2 Trainspotting Ewan McGregor
2019 Yesterday (The Beatles, Apple Records) Himesh Patel Kate McKinnon Lily James James Corden Ed Sheeran Kate McKinnon
2022 Pistol (Sex Pistols)


Mind control