Cyril Burt

Cyril Burt was a psychologist and agent of the Cecils to push the eugenics agenda and mental health agenda. He was educated at Jesus College Oxford and trained by William McDougall (Society for Psychical Research). He was a member of the Tavistock Clinic, British Psychoanalytical Society, London Psychological Society, London School of Differential Psychology and British Eugenics Society. He helped creating Mensa (organization of people with high IQ) with Lancelot Ware (Atheneum Club, Porton Down) at Oxford in 1948 and became its president from 1960. He developed intelligence tests like the Eleven-Plus examination system and worked with the brothers Galton (freemasons, Social Darwinism, related to Charles Darwin).

McDougall worked for Scientific American, like skeptic Martin Gardner.

He was also a member of the Eugenics Education Society with Oddfellow Winston Churchill, Margaret Sanger, Arthur Balfour Hans Eynsenck (student of Burt), John Harvey Kellogg, John Maynard Keynes, Frederick Osborn (APS, Pioneer Fund), Madison Grant, William Beveride (British Welfare State of the Fabians), Roger Pearson (Order of Malta), Havelock Ellis and Julian Huxley as president.

He was vice-president of the Progressive League of Fabian HG Wells with Bertrand Russell, Aldous Huxley, CEM Joad, Barbara Wooton (British Sociological Association), Kingsley Martin (The New Statesman of Fabian Society). It was based on Wells' book The Open Conspiracy (agenda of the Left Wing Church).

Mensa was a continuation of the Lebensborn program of Heinrich Himmler's SS.

Through the British Psychoanalytical Society he was in contact with Wilfred Bion of Tavistock, Melanie Klein, Anna Freud, Hanna Segal (Polish Socialist Party), Edward Glover, Donald Winnicott, Michael Balint (worked for Otto Warburg), Enid Balent (Tavistock) and Thomas Walker Mitchell (hypnosis and somnambulism), who in 1922 became president of the SPR.

Burt taught Hans Eysenck (books on IQ and race) at University College London (affiliated with Anna Freud Centre). Eysenck wrote The Case of Sir Cyril Burt, signed the Humanist Manifesto of Paul Kurtz (AAAS) with Corliss Lamont, Sidney Hook, Isaac Asimov, BF Skinner and founded the World Future Council with Glenn Seaborg, Edward Teller, Desmond Morris, Abdus Salam (Nobel Prize). He was funded by Pioneer Fund (racist agenda of the Right Wing Church).

He influenced Raymond Cattell (Clark University, Harvard).

Leslie Hearnshaw and Nicholas Macintosh (Royal Society) also published on him.

Mensa members: Isaac Asimov, Geena Davis, Jimmy Savile, Stephen Fry, Buckminster Fuller,..

born 3/3/1883.

died 10/10/1971.


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1923 The Causal Factors of Juvenile Crime
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1940 The Factors of the Mind: An Introduction to Factor Analysis in Psychology
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