Cultural Marxism

Cultural Marxism or cultural Freudianism) is a technique of social engineering and a slave master tactic to create a Hegelian dialectic (philosophy of Marxism) between the establishment (control system of elite families) and fake anti-establishment and liberation movements that are used as controlled opposition with political correctness, pornography, violence, drug addiction controversy and shock value as a weapon of distraction and control.

Examples of cultural marxist programs aimed at teenagers are jazz, Pop, Punk Rock, World Music, Gothic, Gabber, Disco, Alternative Rock, Hip Hop, Reggae, Dancehall, Metal, Techno, Drill, Skate culture,..

Because the topic is used by puppets of the Right Wing Church in a narrative of a jewish conspiracy (Frankfurt School as main scapegoat), followers of the Left Wing Church (Wikipedia propanda with marxist Slavoj Zizek of The New School) stay in denial about how cultural marxism is used in entertainment as a propaganda weapon.

Because of cultural marxism, the illusion of resistance and freedom of choice and freedom of speech is maintained.

While Sabbatean jews are involved in cultural marxism, it is a variation on the Divide and Conquer trick of the Roman Empire (Colonna's who control Columbia University, Columbia Pictures and Columbia Records).

Cultural marxism is used in the art scene, media, music industry and Hollywood film industry. Mass media is used to create trends clothing and hairstyles and other forms of individual protection to perfect techniques of manipulation and hollow out the concept of a common identity. The population is divided into different subgroups and cult, to divide and conquer them.

History of cultural marxism

1848 Jesuit trained Karl Marx Young Hegelians (Friedrich Engels, atheist Ludwig Feuerbach, David Strauss) is selected to write the Communist Manifesto. Decadence movement (Modernism) with jesuit Charles Baudelaire and Felicien Rops (focus on the perverse) and exotism.

1916 Dada art movement, nihilism in art, childish mentality of the Aeon of Horus).

1918 Oswald Spengler publishes Decline of the West (concepts of Friedrich Nietzsche: Will of Power, Apollonian culture, war as condition of life).

1919 Cultural marxists of Columbia University (John Dewey) found The New School (the Left Wing Church). John Dewey invents the concept of pragmatism (cultural relativism).

Russian Revolution with Vladimir Lenin and Leon Trotsky.

1920 rise of the jazz trend, moral crisis in the art scene (modernism, Death of God, announced by Friedrich Nietzsche).

1923 Marxist Felix Weil founds the Frankfurt School at the Goethe University in Germany where jewish intellectuals develop Critical Theory. The concept of alienated labour in capitalism leads to alienation in consumerist culture.

Marxist Antonio Gramsci, opponent of Benito Mussolini, is imprisoned and writes his Prison Notebooks (theory of how dictators develop a cultural hegemony and how marxist revolutionaries must infiltrate and undermine these institutions to create their own hegemony).

1924 Marxist André Breton publishes the Surrealist Manifesto (based on theories of Sigmund Freud).

1936 Wilhelm Reich (theories of Marx and Freud) Sexuality in the Culture War.

Erich Ludendorff puts the blame of the decline of Germany on jews and marxists. Mao Zedong imposes marxism in China.

1935 Arnold Toynbee A Study of History (influenced by Spengler).

1944 Palmiro Togliatti (Italian Communist Party with Antonio Gramsci) as Deputy Prime Minister of Italy under Ferrucio Parri.

1945 After the WW1 and WW2 ritual the US and UK present themselves as moral victors, start of the Multiculti Church. Clement Atlee (Fabian Society) creates the Welfare State.

1946 Communist Party Historians Group.

1950's Beatnik culture in Greenwich Village (normalization of heroin addiction) with William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg, Gregory Corso-Colonna.

Theodor Adorno Spengler After the Sinking.

Herbert Marcuse begins teaching at Columbia, Harvard, Brandeis University (Angela Davis, Abbie Hoffman, Abraham Maslow, Martha Kaufman and David Crane, creators of NBC show Friends) and University of California San Diego.

CIA fronts Congress for Cultural Freedom and American Committee for Cultural Freedom with marxist Sidney Hook (CCNY) as central figure. ACCF promotes Abstract Expressionism (Jackson Pollock) in the art scene.

1951 Adorno and Horkheimer Dialectic of Enlightenment.

1955 Marcuse writes Eros and Civilisation, while staying with Susan Sontag (CIA front the Esalen Institute, part of the gay agenda) and Philip Reiff (sociologist at University of Pennsylvania, Freud: the Mind of the Moralist). Their son David Rieff worked for The New School and Open Society Foundations of George Soros. Marcuse considered the idea of class struggle as irrelevant and promoted a view of moral relativism (permissive society) with man's erotic instinct as the only thing to be liberated.

Mind controlled sex slaves like Marilyn Monroe and pornography magazine Playboy are used to sell the concept of a 'sexual revolution' (Wilhelm Reich, jesuit Margaret Mead of Tavistock).

1958 Philips (Anton Philips, cousin of Karl Marx) releases 1st album of Serge Gainsbourg.

1961 the Civil Rights Movement of Martin Luther King Jr as fake black liberation movement. Program Pop Culture with The Beatles (programming of teenagers with religious idolatry, creation of temporary hair and clothing trends).

1968 Columbia Pictures releases Easy Rider with Dennis Hopper to promote the CIA controlled hippie counterculture. NY Intellectuals create a cultural hegemony.

From may 68 the Left Wing Church becomes the official doctrine of France: jesuit Jean-Paul Sartre, normalization of incest with Serge Gainsbourg and Charlotte Gainsbourg, the Crowleyan religion of fame promoted by mind controlled sex slaves like Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin, Myléne Farmer, Alizée, Mélanie Laurent, Marion Cotillard, Emmanuelle Seigner, Audrey Tautou, transhumanist agenda with Daftpunk,...

Columbia Records spreads the world music trend with Paul Simon. Rise of the ska and reggae trend in Jamaica, marketed to white audiences by The Clash, Eric Clapton, Serge Gainsbourg and Madness. Rise of Heavy Metal trend.

1969 Woodstock festival as fake counterculture movement with acts of Columbia Records, hippie commune Hog Farm and Abbie Hoffman (student of Herbert Marcuse).

1972 the jesuits (Jean-Marie Le Pen) found the Right Wing countermovement.

1977 program Disco and Punk Rock (Johnny Rotten, Sid Vicious) in the UK and NY. program Hip Hop in NY (propaganda disguised as free expression of repressed minority).

The music industry promotes a criminal lifestyle as rebellious because the jesuits control the drug trade and Bain Capital is also connected to the prison industry.

Hip Hop is marketed to white teenage audiences, leading to white children imitating so-called black culture (gangster lifestyle, Wigger phenomenon).

Postmodernism (jesuit Michel Foucault, jesuit Jacques Derrida) and cultural relativism (justification of crime and violence as open mindedness). Consumer culture with endless gratification of instincts as ultimate liberation (and ultimate slavery).

1990s Gangsta rap (Dr Dre, Ice Cube, Ice-T) is supposedly 'criticized' by jesuit William Bennett, so the mainstream media can promote it as 'rebellious'. Punk Rock bands Green Day, The Offspring, Bad Religion,.. Program Grunge (Nirvana with Kurt Cobain, Pearl Jam). Program Alternative Rock Red Hot Chili Peppers.

promotion of violence and gangster lifestyle in video games.

2000s pushing of the gay-transgender agenda and pedophilia agenda as liberation movement.

2010 Occupy Wall Street movement.

2011 Anders Breivik (villain of the Right Wing Church), Thierry Baudet (Right Wing Party in Netherlands) and Jordan Peterson use the term cultural marxism. Renaud Camus writes Le Grand Remplacement.

2013 Black Lives Matter movement, term cultural appropiation. Censorship and cancel culture.

2020 drill trend (normalization of crime and violence) in Chicago. the Woke trend of the Black Church.

the Left Wing Church

the Music Industry