Council for National Policy

The Council for National Policy (CNP) is an American think tank of conservatives (the Right Wing Church), founded in 1981, by Tim LaHaye (Moral Majority), Paul Weyrich (The Heritage Foundation).


- Charlie Kirk (Students for Trump, Breitbart News, Turning Point USA with Jack Posobiec)
- Edwin Feulner (The Heritage Foundation, Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation)
- Edwin Meese (assistant to Ronald Reagan, Hoover Institution, The Heritage Foundation)
- Elsa Prince (mother of Erik Prince of Blackwater and Betsy Devos of Trump administration)
- Frank Gaffney (jesuit, Washington Times of Unification Church, Breitbart News)
- Jerome Corsi (jesuit, Infowars of Alex Jones)
- Jerry Falwell Sr (Moral Majority, Liberty University)
- John Ashcroft
- John Singlaub (World Anti-Communist League)
- Joseph Peter Grace (Order of Malta, PRODEMCA, Reagan administration)
- Kellyanne Conway (Trump administration)
- Larry Pratt (Gun Owners of America, campaign of Pat Buchanan, American University of Margaret Melady, Infowars of Alex Jones)
- Michael Farris (jesuit)
- Morton Blackwell (Leadership Institute with Grover Norquist CFR and vice-president Mike Pence)
- Oliver North (World Anti-Communist League, Iran Contra affair)
- Pat Robertson (Christian Broadcasting Network)
- Richard DeVos (friend of Gerald Ford, The Heritage Foundation, AEI)
- Richard Viguerie (Unification Church)
- Robert Grant (Christian Voice)
- Robert Waring Stoddard (JBS)
- Steve Bannon (Goldman Sachs, Breitbart News)
- Terry Dolan (anti-gay rights activist later revealed to be gay, CAUSA International of Unification Church, National Conservative Political Action Committee with Roger Stone)

- Tim LaHaye (Moral Majority, Unification Church, John Birch Society, apocalyptic fiction Left Behind, Illuminati hoax)
- Tony Perkins (Family Research Council, Liberty University of Jerry Falwell)
- Virginia Thomas (jesuit, Tea Party Movement, endorsed jesuit Trump)
- Willard Cleon Skousen (FBI, Mormon Church, focus on Rockefellers and CFR)

the Right Wing Church

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