Copper is a chemical element with symbol Cu (cuprum) and atomic number 29 (between 28 Nickel and 30 Zinc). It is a red-orange metal with high electrical conductivity, associated with planet Venus (symbol of femininity, derived from the Ank symbol, red haired descendants of Lucifer with higher percentage of copper in their blood). It was used by the Saturn cult in alchemy as coins (Venus associated with money) and the war industry (swords and axes). From 3500 bc it was alloyed with tin (metal of Jupiter) to create bronze. Copper is a constituent of hemocyanin (blue blood of snails, octopuses). Blue blood gods were worshiped in Hinduism (police force with blue clothing called cops). The tail of comets like Venus contain cyanogen. Venus was called the morning star or 'torch of heaven', later known in Greece as Phosphorus.

It plays a role in making neurotransmitters and collagen.

Nickel was derived from Old Nick's copper (Old Nick: the Devil). Brass is made of copper and zinc. Gypsum is green because of its copper. Saturn and the moon are linked to the nr 29 because of their cycle of 29 years and 29 days.

Copper is used from at least 9000 bc. The Egyptians and Greeks used copper for the Egyptian blue pigment and mirrors.

During the Roman Empire it was mined in Cyprus. A tube of copper and rod of iron were discovered as artifact of the Partian Empire (battery of Bagdad).

Swedish queen Christina Vasa Hohenzollern issued copper as currency. Jacob Fugger had a monopoly on copper.

Alessandro Volta (Legion of Honour) used copper and zinc plates in the first batteries (the bar of Isis).

Cooper wire is used in Tesla coils.

Copper is mainly mined in Chile and the US by corporations FreePort McMoRan (past board members Henry Kissinger, John Hay Whitney, Godfrey Rockefeller), Codelco (Venus symbol, owned by Chilean state), BHP, Grupo Mexico, Glencore, First Quantum, ... Sharon Tate posed for Coppertone sunscreen.