Congress for Cultural Freedom

The Congress for Cultural Freedom (CCF) was a CIA front of anti-communist propaganda, founded in Berlin Germany in 1950.

It was initiated on 6/26/1950, 2 months after the start of Project Bluebird. In 1950 the secret police Stasi was founded in East Germany and the Committee for the Present Danger (CPD) was founded. The CCF published magazines Encounter and Der Monat (Germany), Minerva (UK), Quadrant (Australia).

Der Monat published Arthur Koestler, Theodor Adorno (Frankfurt School), Hannah Arendt (NY Intellectuals), Franz Borkenau, TS Elliot, Ignazio Silone, Thomas Mann (gay and pedophilia agenda), Raymond Aron (friend of JP Sartre), Richard Löwenthal (Fabian Society).

Encounter was founded in 1953 by Stephen Spender, Irving Kristol and Zionist T.R. Fyvell, related to Zionist Ahad Ha'am, who worked with Golda Meir (pm of Israel). Fyvell's daughter married Robert Gavron (The Guardian Media Group). Encounter published writings of Caroline Blackwood (married to grandson of Sigmund Freud and poet Robert Lowell).

Julian Amery (Le Cercle, Conservative Monday Club with Robert Cecil, son of Leo Amery) attended the congress as British delegation. The British had founded the Information Research Department in 1946, with George Orwell, Michael Redgrave (father of Vanessa Redgrave), publisher Frederic Warburg.

Michael Josselson of the CFF had worked with WH Auden and Vladimir Nabokov at the Morale Operations of the O.S.S. (later CIA).

André Malraux was in contact with Pablo Neruda and Stephen Spender, member of WH Auden's circle (Aleister Crowley, Igor Stravinsky, Christopher Isherwood, JP Sartre, Allen Ginsberg, WB Yeats of the HOGD)

Sidney Hook was the central figure in the American Committee of Cultural Freedom (ACCF), the US branch of the CCF, with members Jackson Pollock (Greenwich Village), Robert Oppenheimer, George Schuyler (related to Saxe Coburgs, Marcus Garvey), Arthur Schlesinger Jr (Philips Exeter, OSS, CFR, campaign of RFK), James Burnham (National Review of William Buckley),...

The CCF had offices in 35 countries.

Most propaganda writers of the CCF were trained at Columbia University, New York University or City College of NY and wrote for Commentary of the American Jewish American Committee. Buell Gallagher, president of CCNY was a member of the Institute for British-American Cultural Exchange with Lionel Trilling (Columbia, NY Intellectuals), Michael Hollingshead (LSD mind control in Swinging London).

Its successor was the Committee for the Free World, founded in 1981, with jesuit Jeane Kirkpatrick (CFR, CPD, Reagan administration, American Enterprise Institute), Midge Rosenthal Decter (CPD), Irving Kristol, Ray Cline (WACL), Edwin Feulner (The Heritage Foundation), Melvin Lasky, Sydney Hook, Norman Podhoretz (student of Lionel Trilling), James Goldsmith (father of Ben and Zac Goldsmith, married to Rothschilds),,..

Sidney Hook was also vice-president of the League for Industrial Democracy with Midge Decter and Arch Puddington of the CFW, Arnold Beichman (Washington Times of Unification Church).

In 1966 The NY Times (a CIA front itself) revealed that the CCF was a CIA front. Jesuit Michael Harrington (Lyndon Johnson's War on Poverty) also published in Partisan Review.

In 1991 the Soros Foundation merged with Entraite Intellectuelle Européenne, an affiliate of the CCF to form Open Society Foundations.

Irving and William Kristol were members of the American Enterprise Institute, linked to the Bush administration and war in Iraq.

Main actors

- André Malraux (Spanish Civil War, French minister of information under jesuit Charles de Gaulle, friend of jesuit Bernard-Henri Lévy, Combat of Albert Camus with JP Sartre and Raymond Aron)
- Arthur Koestler (Communist Party Germany, British Ministry of Information, Information Research Department, essays in The NY Times, Playboy, worked with Victor Gallianz, publisher of George Orwell)
- Betrand Russell (Russell family affiliated with Tavistock, LSE, India League with Fabian Society puppets, Bloomsbury Group with Aldous Huxley, Alfred Whitehead)
- Franz Borkenau (Communist Party Germany, Frankfurt School)
- Ignazio Silone (essay in The God that Failed)
- Irving Kristol (CCNY, Council on Foreign Relations, The Public Interest, Commentary, conservative movement, American Enterprise Institute, the NY Intellectuals with Norman Mailer Greenwich Village, Migde Rosenthal Decter. He was the father of William Kristol who founded PNAC, writes for Rupert Murdoch's Weekly Standard, is a member of Manhattan Institute of CIA director William Casey, Keep America Safe of Liz Cheney and plays an antagonist of Donald Trump)
- John Dewey (Columbia The New School who worked with the Frankfurt School, ACCF, Dewey Commission in the trial of Leon Trotsky)
- Melvin J Lasky (CCNY, ACCF, Encounter)
- Michael Josselson
- Nikolaj Nabokov (friend of Igor Stravinsky and Isaiah Berlin, worked for the Ballets Russes, Aspen Institute, cousin of Vladimir Nabokov, who pushed the pedophilia agenda with Lolita, published by Maurice Giroidias, adapted into a film by Stanley Kubrick)
- Sidney Hook (City College of NY, NYU, ACCF, CFW, Commentary, student of John Dewey at Columbia, The New School, letter with Albert Einstein and Hannah Arendt of The New School in The NY Times, member of PRODEMCA)
- Stephen Spender
- Tennessee Williams (Actors Studio, Pasadena Playhouse, Chelsea Hotel, Algonquin Hotel, friend of Robert de Niro's father, A Streetcar Named Desire, made into film by Elia Kazan ACCF with Marlon Brando, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof with Marjorie Steele, wife of Huntington Hartford, who also funded Max Eastman, The Night of the Iguana of John Huston with Sue Lyon, The Chapman Report by George Cukor with Jane Fonda)

Books on the CFF

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