Communism is a fake anti-establishment movement doctrine, invented by jewish masons (Illuminati agenda) and the jesuits (marrano jews), where slaves are not allowed to have private property or have little or no rights in a one-party dictatorship.

The jesuits trained jewish mason  Karl Marx, to write The Communist Manifesto. German nationalism and fascism (antisemitism) was spread as antithesis.

Communism serves as a dialectic antithesis to western capitalism with the illusion of choice in a puppet show democracy, with advanced forms of media manipulation and censorship. The communist doctrine was imposed in Russia, China, Cuba, Poland, Romania, North Korea, Ethiopia, Czechia, ..

History of Communism

1600 the jesuits create a communist society in Paraguay, owned by Catholic Spain. 30 Jesuit missions in Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay become self-sufficient colonies with 100,000 Guarani, with only 2 priests per mission. They work as a fifth column through infiltration, blackmail through confessional secrets. No private property is allowed, everything is state property, all proceeds go to the Jesuits. The profits of the South American colonies start to anger the slave traders who exploit the African colonies and the Jesuit mission in Paraguay is temporarily abolished.

The Diggers advocate the abolition of private property in the UK.

1785 (before the French Revolution), Victor d'Hupay, a follower of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, describes himself a communist. During the French Revolution, the Jacobin Club is also influenced by Rousseau.

After the Industrial Revolution, that spreads from Britain to the rest of Europe, a new tactic is necessary to control the exploited masses.

Karl Marx, initiated in freemasonry in Belgium, member of the Communist League (red flag, color of Mars=Marx) with Karl Schapper (son of catholic priest) and Christian Wilhelm Weitling, is also a member of the Young Hegelians with Friedrich Engels and atheist Ludwig Feuerbach, Max Stirner, 'antisemite' Bruno Bauer and David Strauss (attacked by Friedrich Nietzsche in Untimely Meditations). They transform religion in the Pluto in Taurus era. Engels analyzed the Peasant's Revolt led by Thomas Müntzer.

1848 Marx and Engels write the Communist Manifesto in the Swan Tavern in Brussels before the Spring of Nations. The manifesto describes a revolution where oppressed majority overthrows the oppressive minority and gains control over the means of production (Capital). It is published in the US by Stephen Pear Andrews, who invented the word Scientology.

The First International is organized in London with Karl Marx and anarchist Mikhail Bakunin (the jesuits used anarchists to attack the Russian Romanovs).

1884  the socialist Fabian Society.

As a game of Hegelian dialectics, the Saturn cult creates Communism (Left Wing) - Fascism (Right Wing) - and eventually a United Nations world government, with the same tactics of propaganda, censorship, intimidation and secret services. All the cults celebrate 1 may (Taurus, ruled by Venus the Lightbringer) as the continuation of the ancient cult of Baal.

1904 Walter Lippmann founds the Intercollegiate Socialist Society  with Upton Sinclair, Clarence Darrow (ACLU) and Jack London (Bohemian Club, eugenics advocate, San Francisco Examiner of Hearst).

W.E.B. Du Bois, a student of William James (Theosophical Society, SPR) at Harvard like Walter Lippmann and Gertrude Stein, co-founds the NAACP with Charles Edward Russell.

1911 the Xinhai Revolution in China replaces the Qing dynasty with communists.

1914 start of the WW1-WW2 ritual.

1917 the Russian Revolution is instigated in Russia with Bolsheviks and Mensheviks (Russian for majority and minority), which leads to the Russian Civil War (Mars: war). Jewish freemason Vladimir Lenin considers socialism as a transition from capitalism to communism. He lived in Zurich near the modernist Cabaret Voltaire. He founds the secret police Cheka with Gelb Bokii (influenced by the Theosophical Society). Theosophist Nicholas Roerich works with Maxim Gorky. Nikolaj Bukharin becomes editor of Pravda magazine.

In the US the First Red Scare (Pluto: the Jungian Shadow, higher octave of Mars) leads to the Palmer Raids.

Like the Jesuits, freemasons and other Saturn cults, communism worships Saturn, planet of government, control of society. The Soviet Union had a symbol with hammer (Jupiter) and sickle (Saturn).

1919 John Reed (Greenwich Village scene with Mabel Dodge, Max Eastman and Eugene O'Neill, friend of Gertrude Stein) founds the Communist Party USA.

1921 Chen Duxiu founds the Chinese Communist Paty with Li Dazhao in China. Marxist Antonio Gramsci founds the Italian Communist Party in Italy with Palmiro Togliatti. PR Stephenson joins Communist Party Australia.

1923 the Frankfurt School with jewish marxists Gyorgy Lukasz, Felix Weil, Herbert Marcuse, Erich Fromm, Theodor Adorno, Jürgen Habermas,.. Development of the doctrine of cultural marxism (social engineering disguised as fake rebellion and anti-establishment movements).

1924 Marxist André Breton writes the Surrealist Manifesto. Alfred Rosenberg founds the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations.

Joseph Stalin takes over as dictator. Naftaly Frenkel helps organizing the Gulag system of forced labor camps. The forced communist system of agriculture leads to a widespread famine (so called Holodomor), used in British and US propaganda (Gareth Jones in The Times, denied by Aleister Crowley's friend Walter Duranty in The NY Times).

1933 Adolf Hitler blames the Reichstag fire (Mars: fire), a false flag attack with Marinus Van der Lubbe, on the communists. Tristan Tzara is a member of the French Communist Party. Karl Korsch is a member of the Fabian Society and Frankfurt School, Communist Party with Arthur Rosenberg, friend of Sidney Hook (CIA front CCF) and teacher of Bertolt Brecht.

1937 Joseph Stalin's Great Purge or Great Terror (Pluto: biggest fear, purger).

1944 Palmiro Togliatti as Deputy pm of Italy after the fall of fascism. French existentialism of Albert Camus (French Communist Party).

1947 Boleslaw Bierut as leader of communist Poland.

1948 Czechia becomes an Eastern Bloc communist state.

1949 Mao Zedong becomes chairman of the Communist Party of China with a cult of personality, similar to Adolf Hitler.

The Communist Party USA endorses Henry Wallace.

1950 the Second Red Scare with jesuit Joseph McCarthy (mentored by jesuit Edmund Walsh). The US creates the Congress for Cultural Freedom in Berlin and American Committee for Cultural Freedom, World Anti-Communist League and Victims of Communism.

Harry Hay, member of the OTO and Communist Party USA founds the Mattachine Society to push the gay agenda.

1953 Cuban Revolution with jesuit Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, who plays the role of child Horus in the Aeon of Horus.

Cold War, red vs blue (Mars vs Jupiter). Capitalist US and Western Europe vs Russia - Cuba - China.

1958 founding of the anti-communist John Birch Society.

The jesuits train Che Guevara in Argentina. The Argentinian Marxist group Ejército Revolucionario del Pueblo (ERP) uses the method of guerilla warfare of Che Guevara.

Rosa Parks of Communist Party USA plays a role in the fake Civil Rights Movement.

1966 Cultural Revolution in China with Mao's Little Red Book with 33 chapters (nr of Scottish Rite).

CIA agent John Singlaub founds the World Anti-Communist League.

Angela Davis, student of Herbert Marcuse and member of the Communist Party helps founding the Black Panther Party.

Jesuit Jean-Paul Sartre defends communism in the French media, meets with jesuit Che Guevara.

In Haight-Ashbury the CIA creates collective the Diggers. hippie commune Hog Farm with Wavy Gravy (the Fool archetype, Merry Pranksters of Ken Kesey) and Dianne Lake (Manson Family).

1968 year of Antichrist movie Rosemary's Baby, may 1968with JP Sartre.

Communist Pol Pot in Cambodia. Kim Jong Un in North Korea. Tupac Shakur is a member of the Young Communist League in Baltimore.

1974 communist regime in Ethiopia.

1993 jesuits Zbigniew Brzezinski, Lee Edwards and Lev Dobrianski found the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation with jesuit Ed Feulner.

1997 Fabian socialist Tony Blair is made pm of the UK.

1998 The Communist Party USA helps founding the Black Radical Congress (left pillar Boaz=black pillar on the Tree of Life).

Jacques Fresno promotes communism in the Venus Project, affiliated with the Zeitgeist movement.

The People's Bank of China becomes the biggest bank in the world.

2020 the Corona ritual (fear of communism through theories about Klaus Schwab and the Great Reset).