Committee on the Present Danger

The Committee on the Present Danger (CPD) is a CIA front group, founded in 1950 by Tracy Voorhees.

It was closely associated with World Anti-Communist League, the John Birch Society, the Korean Unification Church and Asian drug trade of the jesuits and S&B. It provided 33 actors in the Ronald Reagan administration.


- Andrew Goodpaster (NATO)
- Barry Bingham (International Press Institute, Rockefeller Foundation)
- Bayard Rustin (Committee of the Free World, PRODEMCA, Civil Rights Movement, organizer of March on Washington with MLK)
- Ben J Wattenberg (Committee for the Free World, PRODEMCA, American Enterprise Institute, strategist for Henry Jackson)
- Bess Myerson (Miss America)
- Charles Kupperman (National Security Advisor of Donald Trump)
- Chet Nagle (jesuit, Le Cercle)
- Clare Booth Luce (Order of Malta, Time magazine)
- Daniel Pipes (Gatestone Institute, Foreign Policy Research Institute, Middle East Forum, CFR, Commentary, advisor of Rudy Gulliani, Collapse of Europe Conference with David Horowitz, Foreign Policy Research Institute with jesuit Adrian Basora CFR and jesuit John Lehman of 911 Commission, son of Richard Pipes CPD CFW)
- David Goldman (LSE, follower of Oswald Spengler, Forbes magazine)
- Dean Rusk (CFR, Secretary of State)
- Dillon Anderson (Draper Committe with John McCloy)
- Douglas Dillon (National Security Council, worked for John Dulles, Rockefeller Foundation)
- Dov Zakheim (CFR, Atlantic Council, Booz Allen Hamilton, Foreign Policy Research Institute)
- Edmund Walsh (jesuit, Nuremberg trial)
- Edward Meese (US Attorney General, Mont Pelerin Society)
- Edward Teller (father of the Hydrogen bomb)
- Eli Wiesel (Buchenwald survivor, worked with Oprah Winfrey)
- Eliot Cohen (CFR, TC, American Enterprise Institute, Project for the New American Century)
- Floyd Odlum (met Crowley, Atlas Corporation, sold RKO pictures to Howard Hughes)
- Frank Altchul (Lazard Freres, Chase)
- Frank Gaffney (jesuit, Center for Security Policy, Washington Times of Unification Church, PNAC)
- George Schultz (Bohemian Club, Reagan administration, speechwriter Robert Kagan who co-founded PNAC)
- George Tanham (RAND)
- James Woolsey (CIA, Atlantic Council, CSIS)
- Jeanne Kirkpatrick (jesuit, CFR, Committee for the Free World, PRODEMCA, Le Cercle, Reagan administration)
- Jeffrey Gedmin (Atlantic Council, CFR, Project for New American Century)
- John Connally (the JFK ritual)
- John Lehman (jesuit, 911 Commission, The Heritage Foundation, Foreign Policy Research Institute, Project for New American Century, cousin of Grace Kelly)
- J Peter Grace (Order of Malta, Operation Paperclip, PRODEMCA)
- Jose Maria Aznar (pm of Spain, war Iraq with George W Bush and Tony Blair)
- Julius Ochs Adler (freemason, The NY Times)
- Mark Helprin (Claremont Institute, CFR)
- Michael Horowitz (CFR)
- Midge Rosenthal Decter (NYU, The Heritage Foundation, Committee for the Free World, National Review, NY Intellectuals)
- Moshe Yaalon (army of Israel, Washington Institute for Near East Policy)
- Newt Gingrich (US House of Representatives, Hoover Institution, Bohemian Club, AEI, European Foundation for Democracy with Jeane Kirkpatrick, promoter of Donald Trump)
- Nina Rosenwald (CFR, Israel lobby, Sears Roebuck, Gatestone Institute)
- Norman Podhoretz (speechwriter of George HW Bush and Ronald Reagan)
- Paul Hoffman (Ford Foundation, Marshall Plan)
- Paul Nitze (Secretary of Defense, Team B)
- Paul Violet (son of Jean Violet, advisor of jesuit Jacques Chirac)
- Philip Karber (jesuit)
- Ray Cline (CIA, World Anti-Communist League)
- Raymond Allen (UCLA, WHO)
- Richard Allen (Reagan administration, Le Cercle)
- Richard Mellon Scaife (Deerfield, CSIS)
- Robert McFarlane (Iran-Contra affair)
- Robert Oppenheimer (Project Manhattan)
- Robert Patterson (Secretary of War, CFR)
- Ron Silver (CFR, Le Cercle)
- Samuel Goldwyn (Hollywood studio MGM)
- Samuel Rosenman (advisor to Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman, coined the term New Deal)
- Saul Bellow (NY Intellectuals)
- Stephen Solarz (International Crisis Group)
- Steve Bannon (jesuit, Breitbart News, Goldman Sachs, Donald Trump administration)
- Steve Forbes (John Birch Society, Forbes Magazine, Board for International Broadcasting of CIA front Radio Free Europe)
- Theodore Schultz (economist at University of Chicago)
- Vannevar Bush (General Electric)
- William Casey (jesuit, CIA, CSIS)
- William Colby (Director of Central Intelligence, CSIS, Order of Malta, Le Cercle)
- William J Donavan (CIA)
- William G Boykin (Family Research Council)

In 1972 Henry Jackson founded the Coalition for a Democratic Majority with Irving Kristol (CCF), Wyche Fowler (Le Cercle), Daniel Moynihan (LSE, CFR), Sam Nunn (CFR, CSIS, Atlantic Council), Ben Wattenberg (CFW, PRODEMCA), Samuel Huntington (CFR, PRODEMCA), Nina Rosenwald (CFR, Israel lobby).

Unification Church

the Right Wing Church

Order of Malta