Committee for the Free World


The Committee for the Free World (CFW) was a CIA front group, founded in 1981, that existed until 1989. It was the successor of the anti-communist Congress for Cultural Freedom. It was closely associated with World Anti-Communist League, the John Birch Society, the Korean Unification Church and Asian drug trade of the jesuits and S&B. It was funded by Richard Mellon Scaife.


- Arch Puddington (Freedom House, CIA front Radio Free Europe)
- Arnaud de Borchgrave (Diligence, CSIS)
- Arnold Beichman (Hoover Institution, Washington Times of Unification Church)
- Bayard Rustin (PRODEMCA, Civil Rights Movement, organiser of March on Washington with MLK)
- Ben J Wattenberg (CIA front Radio Free Europe, American Enterprise Institute, strategist of Henry Jackson)
- Carl Gershman (National Endowment for Democracy, Victims of Communism, Henry Jackson Society, B'nai B'rith, Philip Randolph Institute under Bayard Rustin, American Jewish Committee, UN)
- Donald Rumsfeld (Le Cercle, Hoover Institution, PNAC, RAND)
- Edwin Feulner (jesuit, The Heritage Foundation, CSIS, Victims of Communism, Le Cercle)
- Irving Kristol (City College of NY, CCF, ACCF, Council on Foreign Relations, Commentary, American Enterprise Institute, conservative movement The NY Intellectuals, father of William Kristol who writes for Rupert Murdoch's Weekly Standard, co-founded PNAC, is a member Manhattan Institute of CIA director William Casey, Keep America Safe of Liz Cheney and plays an antagonist of Donald Trump)
- James Goldsmith (father of Ben and Zac Goldsmith, married to Rothschilds)
- Jeane Kirkpatrick (jesuit, CFR, CPD, Reagan administration, Commentary, American Enterprise Institute)
- Joshua Muravchik (CPD, PNAC, jesuit, Commentary)
- Michael Ledeen (Iran Contra affair, CSIS, American Enterprise Institute, Le Cercle)
- Midge Rosenthal Decter (Rosenthal family, National Review of William Buckley, The Heritage Foundation, mother of John Podhoretz)
- Norman Podhoretz (husband of Midge Decter, Zionist lobby American Jewish Committee, Commentary, PNAC, father of John Podhoretz, assistant of William Bennett, speechwriter of George H Bush and Ronald Reagan)
- Paul Henze (CSIS)
- Ray Cline (WACL, CIA analyst during Cuban Missile Crisis, CPD)
- Richard Allen (CFR, CPD, Hoover Institution, Order of Malta, Le Cercle)
- Richard Perle (Hollywood High School, LSE, Le Cercle, PNAC, World Affairs of James Denton, Henry Jackson Society, Defense Policy Board under George W Bush)
- Robert Bork (Hotchkiss, American Enterprise Institute, Hudson Institute, Mont Pelerin Society)
- Roy Godson (jesuit university Georgetown)
- Seymour Lipset (CPD)
- Sidney Hook (City College of NY, CCF, ACCF, Commentary)
- William Bennett (jesuit, CPD, PNAC, War on Drugs in Reagan administration, Norman Podhoretz as assistent)

Unification Church

the Right Wing Church

Order of Malta