Columbine High School massacre

The Columbine High School massacre was a media ritual in Columbine Colorado on 4/20/1999 (the 90s) birthday of Antichrist Adolf Hitler (nr 42) with Eric Harris and Dylan Kiebold, MK Ultra victims programmed with 1st person shooter video games, brain-computer interfaces, satanic propaganda of the music industry,... The Adjustment card represents Columbina, counterpart of Harlequini (the Fool). Columbine= dove  (Holy Spirit, John the Baptist sybolism; CBS, Columbia Pictures, Columbia University, of Colonna family, descendants of Roman emperor Julius Caesar). It was the start of a fake moral outrage debate on influence of of music and video games (Mortal Kombat=MK Ultra). The sacrifice of the dove is a theme in Ordo Templi Orientis.

They represented brothers John and Robert Kennedy, William and Harry.  1999 was the Saturn in the bull of Taurus (ruled by Venus) era. In satanism the period of april 19 to may day is a period of sacrifice to Baal. Mars: rivalry, controversy, guns,..

Dylan Kiebold (DK 4:11 curse of Cain) Like Bob (Robert) Dylan he named after Dylan Thomas ('Do not go gentle in the good night', poetry scene of TS Eliot, Stephen Spender, resident of Chelsea Hotel, Sgt Pepper's cover with Crowley) who died 11/9. born 9/11, 11:19 am (Rev 911). Manson of the Rev 911 murders died 11/19. Kobolds (goblins) are used in role playing game Dungeons and Dragons (Hasbro).

Eric David Harris (Harry, child Horus) born 4/9/1981 (Jack Parsons' Babalon Working= Liber 49, date of d François Rabelais, Elle Fanning, Paul Krassner, Kristen Stewart, marriage Charles and Camilla) in Kansas (Wizard of Oz, 42 nr of rainbow), year before William. His father was a pilot of the US Air Force (the war industry).  He wore a t-shirt with phrase Natural Selection (Church of Satan= Darwinist Survival of the Fittest).

They were part of a gifted children program Colorado CHIPS (Challenging High Intellectual Potential Children). They were programmed with music of KMFDM (Sasha Konietzko 6/21 like William), Rammstein, Marilyn Manson.

Theosophists and nazi's of Operation Paperclip used mind control on children of Hollywood High School.

1950 4/20 mind control Project Bluebird.

1969 the 911 Sharon Tate ritual with MK Ultra programmed Manson Family (Bobby Beausoleil, friend of Kenneth Anger) of Charles Manson.

1977 Stephen King (42 symbolism in The Shining) novel Rage (=anger) about school shooting, character Charlie.

1988 school shooting in San Gabriel California with Jeffrey Cox, programmed with novel Rage.

1989 Jackson County High School police stand-off shooter programmed with Rage.

1991 9/11 Stevens High School in South Dakota shooter Ryan Harris programmed with Rage.

1992 Donna Tart (Bennington College with Brett Easton Ellis) The Secret History (Dionysian cult of gifted children). bombing campaign of Ted Kaczynski (gifted children program), brother of David Kaczynski.

1993 1/18 shooting at East Carter High School. 3/31 Michael Massee shoots Brandon Lee (son of Bruce Lee who taught Karate to Manson victim Sharon Tate) on set of The Crow. West Memphis Three ritual Damien Echols Wayne.

Doom 1st person shooter video game company id Software of Wolfenstein 3D (nazi symbolism= Mind Kontrol) with last stage in Hell, co-designed by Sandy Petersen of Mormon Church. Eric Harris is raised secluded with internet and video games like Doom. 4/19 David Koresh ritual.

1994 Natural Born Killers Woody Harrelson baldhead like Crowley Scientologist Juliette Lewis 6/21 like William as Mallory (Marjorie)  Robert Downey Jr Tommy Lee Jones Oliver Stone Quentin Tarantino produced by jesuit Don Murphy (Transformers of Hasbro with character Rage) Warner Bros, serial killers causing copycat effect through the media, becoming Antichrist Superstars (parody of interview with Manson.

1995 Natural Born Killers copycat ritual, shooting of William Savage after concert of CIA band Grateful Dead. 4/21 The Basketball Diaries Leonardo di Caprio fantasy about shooting students book of Jim Carroll (died 9/11).

1996 Beavis and Butthead Do America Mike Judge MTV.Frontier Middle School shooter programmed with Natural Born Killers.

1997 Lost Highway David Lynch (influenced by Kenneth Anger=rage), Balthazar Getty Bill Pullman Patricia Arquette (twin alters) Natasha Wagner (daughter of Natalie Wood) Keanu Reeves' girlfriend Jennifer Syme Michael Massee (shooter of Brandon Lee) Henry Rollins music of Rammstein Marilyn Manson.

death Diana and Dodi Fayed after spending summer on boat Colombo.

Pearl school (pearl: Venus) shooting in Mississipi of Manson fan Luke Woodham (satanic cult of Grant Boyette= Kenneth Grant the Kroth) on 10/1/1997 (year of death Diana) programmed with Role Player Games, stabs his mother Mary Ann Woodham.

12/1 (date death Aleister Crowley) Heath High School shooting (=Joker Heath Ledger who played Bob Dylan) with Michael Carneal, programmed with Rage, drugs Zoloft and Godeon.

1998 8/21 Blade  Wesley Snipes in black trench coat prince of swords, with Shannon Lee, sister of Brandon Lee, vampire movie like Sharon Tate, adjustment, red eyes of taurus the Omen, gnostic theme underworld. 10/30 American History X Edward Norton (born 8/18 like Polanski swastika like Charles Manson) Edward Furlong. Eric Harris and Dylan Kiebold start planning their Final Solution-Judgement Day ritual, learn to make propane bombs (journal about plan to hijack a plane and fly it into NY).

1999 3/2 The Rage: Carrie 2 (Stephen King) Mena Suvari Dylan Bruno. 3/31 (date d Brandon Lee) The Matrix long black trench coats Keanu Reeves (Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure with Alex Winter, girlfriend died after Marilyn Manson party) Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus Wachowski brothers-sisters reference to Trinity Test, id card with date 9/11, rescues Morpheus with machine guns,  end scene with Bombtrack of Rage Against the Machine.

Lawyer Jack Thompson's 33 million lawsuit against video game companies and producers of Natural Born Killers and The Basketball Diaries (bd=24).

4/20 Columbine ritual with pump-action shotgun like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2 Judgement Day. Their trench coat was based on a Dracula costume (Bram Stoker of HOGD died 4/20).

6/23 South Park Bigger Longer Uncut Saddam Hussein sodomy scene with the Devil, Mike Judge as Kenny (orange=33).

7/16 d John F Kennedy Jr son of Knight of Columbus JFK in plane crash (curse of the Kennedys=Curse of Cain). Eyes White Shut Scientologist Tom Cruise in black robe, appears for Osiris and 42 judges, Michael Doven. woman sacrificed as Columbina of Adjustment card.

The Virgin Suicides Kirsten Dunst born 4/20.

Time magazine cover The Monsters Next Door. copycat effect called the Columbine effect.

Jennifer Syme gives birth to Keanu's stillborn child in december .

2000 Eminem The Marshall Mathers LP references to Columbine The Way I Am Marilyn Manson based on The Hudsucker Proxy with Tim Robbins. Battle Royale island killing of 42 students. conference of psychologists about Columbine with Dwayne Fusilier of FBI.

Saturn in Gemini. American Psycho Christian Bale killing Joker Jared Leto. Bret Easton Ellis worked with Gus Van Sant on script about video game designer Theresa Duncan.

2001 Jennifer Syme dies 4/2-(nr of rabbit hole Alice in Wonderland) on Sunset Boulevard, like River Phoenix, after a party of Marilyn Manson. Lynch dedicated Mulholland Drive (Diane-Camille) to her, her last film Elle Parker (Camilla Parker with Naomi Watts) was released posthumously like Brandon Lee.

911 Twin Towers ritual at Statue of Liberty (Columbia), Osama Bin Laden as villain (army of the east of Rev 911) day after Rammstein Ich Will (mohawk=Golden Dawn).

2002 Bowling for Columbine (bull's eye of Taurus, wheelchair like The Big Lebowski) Michael Moore Matt Stone (South Park) Charlton Heston (NRA, friend of MK Ultra doctor Jolyon West who died in 1999) images of Manuel Noriega CIA training Osama Bin Laden and 911 Marilyn Manson (Antichrist Superstar, Anton LaVey's Church of Satan)  United Artists Alliance Atlantis.

2003 Elephant (elephant on the Hierophant card) Gus Van Sant (gay agenda, film with Keanu Reeves and River Phoenix) John Robinson (Lords of Dogtown with Heath Ledger) Alex Frost JT LeRoy

2009 Sue Kiebold writes for O magazine of Disney/Hearst controlled Oprah Winfrey.

2011 id Software releases 1st person shooter game Rage (novel Stephen King). Anders Breivik ritual in Norway.

2012 the James Holmes Phoenix ritual in Denver Colorado. Sue Kiebold promotes Andrew Solomon's book Far from the Tree, written at Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center. Sandy Hook shooting with 19y old Adam Lanza.

2016 Sue Kiebold"s book A Mother's Recknoning (introduction by Andrew Solomon who also interviewed the father of Adam Lanza), interviewed by Diane Sawyer (=Diana Spencer archetype) for ABC (Disney) show 20/20. Orlando shooting

2017 Las Vegas Shooting on 10/2. Pizzagate psyop, framing of 'conspiracy theorists' (skepticism towards the media) as dangerous lone wolf shooters.

Sue Kiebold appears at a TED convention, in American Tragedy and works with Arnold Schwarzenegger's daughter Katharine Schwarzenegger-Kennedy.

2018 Marjorie Stoneman Douglas (Babalon Marjorie Cameron) school shooting in Parkland Florida, March for Our Lives with Cameron Kasky.

2021 Sue Kiebold appears in BBC Storyville with other parents of high school shooters.


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