Cocain is a stimulating drug, synthesized in 1855, mostly produced in jesuit controlled Colombia and mostly used in the UK, Spain, US, Australia, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Netherlands. CC=33. Cain= the child of Lucifer.

History of Cocain trade

The indigenous people of South America chewed on cocoa leaves for a stimulating effect.

1500s the Spanish colonists ban the use cocoa.

1825 The Colonna's found Colombia and Bolivia (mason Simon Bolivar).

1855 German chemist Friedrich Gaedcke synthesizes cocain.

1884 Karl Koller and Sigmund Freud use cocain. Freud writes Uber Coca.

1886 founding of Coca-Cola (cc=33, 33 cl, 666 logo) in Atlanta (33d parallel).

Jesuit AC Doyle let his character Sherlock Holmes inject cocain.

1930s Theodor Morell supplies cocain to Adolf Hitler and other nazi's. Jazz singer Cab Calloway promotes cocain in the US.

1950 cocain is used as recreational drug in Cuba.

1970 Juarez cartel in Mexico (city founded by the Franciscans, Torlonia family), connected to Camorra in Napels.

In Bolivia the jesuits create a global cocain industry through Roberto Suarez Gomez who recruits cocoa traders for his company La Corporacion, Bolivian dictator Hugo Banzer, the World Anti-Communist League, the Unification Church, jesuit trained accountant Ramon Milian Rodriguez and jesuit Fidel Castro. Santa Cruz cartel.

1972 Superfly Ron O'Neal Warner Bros, glorification of cocain dealer lifestyle as rebellion against white establishment.

1973 The Mack Richard Pryor (12/1 like Escobar), produced by Harvey Bernard (Antichrist movie The Omen). Cocain is promoted in program Hip Hop.

1976 Medellin cartel of the jesuits (Pablo Escobar, Griselda Blanco, George Jung as front men) in Colombia, in collaboration with La Corporacion in Bolivia. JJ Cale Cocain.

1977 opening of Studio 54 (program Disco) by Ian Schrager and Steve Rubell with Roy Cohn (representative of Gambino, Bonanno, Genovese families) as lawyer. Studio 54 was previously owned by CBS (Colonna).

1982 Sinaloa cartel (Joaquin Guzman, Ismael Zambado Garcia) in Mexico, trade of opium and marihuana, 90% of cocain and heroin market, money laundering through HSBC, DEA controlled by jesuits like Timothy Shea), also active in Colombia.

1983 Scarface Al Pacino as Tony Montana Michelle Pfeiffer as cocain addict (managed by Alan Carr, guest of Studio 54) Paul Shenar as Alejandro Sosa (based on Roberto Suarez Gomez).

Melle Mel White Lines Sugar Hill Records, music video by Spike Lee (NYU) with Laurence Fishburne. Crack cocain is sold in black suburbs (Black Chamber Brothers in Detroit). Freeway Ricky Ross distributes cocain to the Blood and Crip LA street gangs.

Get Crazy Malcolm McDowell as cocain addicted rockstar based on Mick Jagger Lou Reed

1984 cocain overdose of David Kennedy.

1985 establishment of Black Mafia Family in south Detroit.

Ice-T (sex slave Coco Austin) and N.W.A. are used in the marketing of a gangster and drug dealer life style.

George HW Bush (Skull and Bones who controlled the opium trade) plays the role of Saviour in the War on Drugs of jesuit William Bennett.

1991 Twin Peaks Sheryl Lee as Laura Palmer, addicted to cocain.

1993 overdose of River Phoenix

1994 Pulp Fiction Uma Thurman as Mia Wallace, cocain overdose with John Travolta.

1995 study of the WHO.

1996 conviction of Freeway Rick Ross, series of articles in San Jose Mercury News by Gary Webb about connection between Ross' Nicaraguan connection Danilo Blandon, the CIA and the Iran Contra's.

1998 Gary Webb Dark Alliance the CIA the Contra's and the Crack Cocain Explosion. cocain dealer image in program Hip Hop: The Clipse Virginia with Pusha T and Pharrelll Williams, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy (friend of Demetrius Flenory of BMF), Gucci Mane. Black Mafia Family Entertainment is promoted by Jay-z, P Diddy, T.I., Fabolous.

Charlie Sheen is used in the media to normalize cocain addiction.

2002 cocain related heart attack of Ted Demme, related to Jonathan Demme (student of Roger Corman).

2004 Lost Dominic Monaghan as cocain addict Charlie. overdose of Ol' Dirty Bastard (Wu Tang Clan), overdose of Marco Pantani.

2007 overdose of Ike Turner.

2011 Novacane Frank Ocean (mixtape Nostalgia, Ultra=MK Ultra). Hip Hop character Rick Ross, based on Freeway Ricky Ross.

2013 Wolf of Wall Street Leonardo di Caprio as Jordan Belfort sniffing cocain from anus.

2015 overdose of Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots, replaced by Chester Bennington).

2021 Black Mafia Family Starz (Lionsgate) Demetrius Flenory Jr Steve Harris (Tyler Perry movies) produced by 50 Cent.

Pablo Escobar