Club of Rome

The Club of Rome is a think tank, founded in 1968 by Aurelio Peccei (Fiat of Agnelli family, WWF of Julian Huxley and Bernhard Lippe), Dean Rusk of Rockefeller Foundation, Alexander King, Alexander Christakis (Georgetown University).  Like Council on Foreign Relations transition to UN world government (Roman Empire as Beast of Book of Revelation) with ties to Tavistock. Sandrine Dixson (TED talks) is co-president with Mamphela Ramphela. It is used in disinfo of John Coleman and Fritz Springmeier.

In 1972 it published The Limits of Growth report (start of euphemism 'sustainable development'). It spread propaganda about overpopulation to push the eugenics agenda and one child policy like Mao Zedong to reduce the indigenous population of Europe (extermination-replacement of whites).

Paul Ehrlich-Rosenberg (Stanford, Commonwealth Club, APS, AAAS) had published The Population Bomb in 1968.

In 1987 Maurice Strong and Mikhail Gorbachev (members of The Club of Rome) wrote the Earth Charter, calling themselves the 'United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development' with jesuit Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Steven Clark Rockefeller, Jordan 'princess' Basma bint Talal (family of jesuit King Abdullah), jesuit Ruud Lubbers.


- Anders Wijkman (European Parliament, World Future Council)
- Ashok Khosla (UN Environment Programme, worked with Indira Gandhi, influenced Al Gore)
- Bas de Leeuw (UN)
- Beatrix of Nassau (Order of Malta, House of Orange)
- Daisaku Ikeda (Soka Gakkai International, book with Arnold Toynbee)
- David Korten (Harvard Institute for International Development, funded by Ford Foundation, book The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community)
- Dennis Gabor (jewish, Nobel Prize in Physics)
- Derrick de Kerckhove (McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology of University of Toronto)
- Dzhermen Gvishiani (cousin of Russian pm Alexei Kosigin)
- Eberhard von Koerber (Scout movement, BMW)
- Elizabeth Mann-Borgese (daughter of Thomas Mann, Order of Canada, married to Giuseppe Borgese= Black Nobility)
- Ernst von Weizsäcker (World Future Council, cousin of German president Richard von Weizsäcker)
- Fernando Cardoso (president Brazil, Legion of Honour)
- Fredrick Chien (Republic of China)
- Frederick Vester (influenced the German Green Party)
- George Papandreou (Greek debt crisis, LSE, ECFR, papal Order of Pius IX)
- Graeme Maxton (Booz Allen, the Climate Church)
- Hassan bin Talal (royal family of Jordan)
- Horst Kohler (president of Germany, IMF, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Club of Madrid, Rotary International)
- Ivo Slaus (World Academy of Art and Science with Jonas Salk, Buckminster Fuller and Arthur C Clarke)
- Joren Randers (WWF of Julian Huxley, AstraZeneca)
- Jospeh Stiglitz (economist of World Bank, Initiative for Policy Dialogue of Columbia University, Clinton administration, Greek debt crisis, Royal Society, married to Anya Schiffrin OSF, mentor of Janet Yellen of the Federal Reserve)
- Juan Carlos I of Spain (Order of Malta, King of Jerusalem)
- Liz Mohn (AB, Bertelsmann)
- Mahdi Elmandrja (predicted 'clash of civilization')
- Mamphela Ramphela (World Bank, Black Consciousness Movement with Steve Biko)
- Manmohan Singh (ex-pm of India)
- Michael Dorsey (environmental advisor of Barack Obama)
- Mohan Munasinghe (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the Climate Church)
- Mugur Isarescu (pm of Romania, National Bank of Romania, IMF, TC)
- Tomas Björkman (University of Sussex)

Deceased member: Averell Harriman (S&B), Mikhail Gurbachev (president Russia, worked with the Pallavicini's), jesuit Pierre Trudeau (implemented multiculturalism in Canada, father of Justin Trudeau), Mauricio de Maria y Campos (UN Industrial Development Organization, Sussex University), Bohdan Hawrylyshyn (Scout movement, consultant of Unilever, IBM), Hans-Peter Dürr (Max Planck Institute for Physics, student of Edward Teller, Pugwash conferences, World Future Council), John Platt (Salk Institute), Max Kohnstamm (secretary of queen Wilhelmina of House of Orange, TC, Bilderberg), Vaclav Havel (first president of Czech Republic), Victor Urquidi (Bretton Woods conference), ..

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