Civil Rights Movement

The Civil Rights Movement was a CIA controlled fake anti-establishment movement in the US, in the 50's and 60's, centered around actor Martin Luther King Jr, who played a Christ/martyr role.

The Civil Rights Movement was a program of the Left Wing Church, played the role of antagonist for the Right Wing Church (KKK, George Wallace).

WEB Du Bois (The New School), Zionist Stephen Wise and Henry Moskowitz (both City College of NY) founded the NAACP in 1909.

1941 OSS agent Ralph Bunche (LSE of Fabian Society, United Nations) mentored Kenneth Clark (Society for Studies of Psychological Issues with Kurt Lewin of Tavistock).

1946 The police men who attacked Isaac Woodward, were acquitted by an all white jury, which led to Harry Truman's speech for the NAACP in 1947. He established a commission with Franklin Roosevelt, married to Ethel du Pont (Colonna), Knight of Columbus Francis Matthews.

1955 Emmett Till media ritual. Montgomery bus boycott.

1963 March on Washington to Lincoln Memorial (the JFK ritual contained many references to the killing of Abraham Lincoln). It was organised by CIA agent Bayard Rustin (CPD, CFW, PRODEMCA with jesuit Theodore Hesburgh). The media industry used mind controlled celebrities of the Greenwich Village project like Bob Dylan (produced by John Hammond Sloane Vanderbilt, cousin of Civil Rights activist William Sloan Coffin S&B) and Joan Baez, Abbie Hoffman, Hollywood actors Marlon Brando, Harry Belafonte, Sidney Poitier, James Baldwin (The New School), Charles Heston (Planet of the Apes), Ralph Bunche.

Joan Baez (of mind control project Laurel Canyon) led the crowd to sing the song We Shall Overcome, recorded by Pete Seeger, who worked for organisation People's Songs with OTO member and pedophilia supporter Harry Hay.

1964 Civil Rights Act jesuit Lyndon Johnson, Robert F Kennedy, proposed by JFK in 1963, designed by jesuit Theodore Hesburgh (CFR, linked to Rockefeller Foundation and Chase bank who funded the nazis). As climax of the Civil Rights Movement, blacks were given the meaningless right to vote in political circus, media ritual with MLK and Malcolm X.

1965 Selma to Montgomery march (on 33d parallel). Lyndon Johnson used the phrase We Shall Overcome after the staged violence media ritual.

The Civil Rights Movement was a prelude to the Black Power movement. Paul Robeson (Information Research Department) published Freedom with John Henrik Clarke.

1966 CIA founded the Black Panther Party.

1968 MLK used the phrase We Shall Overcome in a speech, 4 days before his assassination ritual. Assassination of Civil Rights hero RFK, the Neptune (idealism, dreams) in Scorpio (death, dark secrets) era.

Joan Baez performed We Shall Overcome in the White House for Barack Obama, presented in the media as a resurrected MLK (died on 4/4, Obama 44th president).

The Black Church

Martin Luther King Jr