Cillian Murphy

Cillian Murphy is an Irish mind controlled actor, used in the Hollywood film industry to push the gay-transgender agenda and announce the James Holmes Olympic ritual and the Covid19-ritual. He is married to Yvonne McGuiness (related to Irish politician John McGuiness).

Astrological chart

born 5/25/1976, Gemini ruled by mercury, date Mike Myers, Ian McKellen.

Dominants: Taurus (the Hierophant), Gemini (the lovers, William and Harry), Aries (roman, the Emperor, war movies WW1, WW2) - Uranus (androgynous, mental diseases in Scorpio), Venus (in taurus), Sun (in Gemini).

Pluto in Libra (era of Manson and Polanski trial), Neptune (dreams) in Sagittarius (opp sun in gemini), Uranus in Scorpio, Moon and Lilith in Aries, Jupiter, Venus conj Merc (air travel) in Taurus. mars (child rivalry) in leo (power) Saturn in Cancer like Leonardo di Caprio.


1999 Sunburn
2001 On the Edge (edging orgasm control in ero-comatose lucidity) car suicide, psychiatric hospital Rachel
2001 The Way We Live Now (the Way the Dao, the Lovers Gemini)

2002 Disco Pigs
2003 28 Days Later (virus Big Ben, moon cycle of Khepri, sting scorpio, coma, similar to Vanilla Sky desert of the real, announcing the Covid19 ritual) wakes up in movie, 28 days after Red Dragon, Naomie Harris Brendan Gleeson Danny Boyle (director of the James Holmes London Olympics ritual and the Beach)
2003 Intermission director John Crowley jc (=Aleister Crowley) Colin Farrell (role Heath Ledger in The Imaginarium)
2003 Girl with the Pearl Earring (hearts and pearls) Scarlett Johansson venus=pearl scarlett woman Tom Wilkinson
2003 Cold Mountain Nicole Kidman (Batman Forever) as Ada Monroe (Marilyn Monroe) Jude Law (Holmes' friend Watson) as William Renée Zellweger Philip Seymour Hoffman (Ron Hubbard in The Master) Scientologist Giovanni Ribisi Scientologist Ethan Suplee Donald Sutherland Natalie Portman Richard Brake (Joe Chill in Batman Begins)
2005 Batman Begins, Christopher Nolan psychiatrist (uranus mental diseases) Jonathan Crane (=jc, bird constellation next to Phoenix, like Ward Crane) Scarecrow (sign Scorpio, Wizard of Oz mind control) Uranus in Libra, era of prison experiments, Tom Wilkinson Katie Holmes Christian Bale Michael Caine (both Uranus as dominant) Morgan Freeman Linus Roache (played RFK).
2005 Red Eye (has blue eyes like horus) Jackson Rippner (Jack the Ripper) planning to assassinate Charles Keefe. Saturn Award, Rachel McAdams, girlfriend of Sherlock Holmes (the Omen antichrist), flight to Miami. poster with holding hands like Sherlock Jr and Kathryn.
2005 Breakfast on Pluto (rainbow, abducted by hades) Patricia Kitten (beta kitten programming, gay-transgender agenda, rainbow Wizard of Oz programing)
2006 The Wind That Shakes the Barley Damien O Donavan (uranus rebellion, irish fight for independance)
2007 Sunshine Danny Boyle Mark Strong zero hedge symbol of death
2007 Watching the Detectives (sherlock jr projectionist=video store enters movie), year i phone 15 the devil ayin.
2008 The Dark Knight Christopher Nolan Christian Bale Heath Ledger Gary Oldman Jonathan Crane jc
2008 The Edge of Love (venus) Keira Knightley (Pirates of the Carribean with Johnny Depp), William Diana/Catherine (edging=surfing, sex magic)
2008 Waveriders (edging=surfing, riding the wave=sex magic)
2009 Perriers bounty 9/11 Michael Mmccrae
2009 The Water the Son
2010 Peacock (transgender agenda, split personality) the lovers in one, train, transgender Elliot/Ellen Page (gay-transgender agenda, Gaycation of Hearst media) Susan Sarandon

2010 Hippie Hippie Shake richard neville (iam legend) 60s , editor of Oz (Wizard of Oz)
2010 Inception Christopher Nolan Leonardo di Caprio Tom Hardy Joseph Gordon-Levitt Pete Postlethwaite
2010 Tron Legacy Edward Dillinger (Biograph Theatre of John Dillinger, VR world) Olivia Wilde
Perrier's Bounty
2011 Retreat Island, (=Shutter Island) architect, wife Kate Kennedy, Jamie Bell as Jack- red eye Mercury ruling Gemini
2011 In Time (uranus in libra) Raymond Leon, time as cryptocurrency Justin Timberlake (The Social Network) Olivia Wilde
2012 Red Lights Robert de Niro psychic Simon Silver controlling Murphy's mind
2012 Broken Tim Roth
2013 Peaky Blinders Sam Neill (Antichrist in The Omen) Tom Hardy Charlotte Riley Anya Taylor-Joy Adrien Brody BBC

2014 Aloft Jennifer Connelly jc, crossing frozen sea, faith healer the Architect, Mélanie Laurent
2014 Transcendence (Uranus= technology, Neptune=omniscience) as Donald Buchanan, Johnny Depp Morgan Freeman Rebecca Hall (the Prestige with Christian Bale) Paul Bettany
2015 In The Heart of the Sea (neptune sea in sagitt: art diamond heart of the ocean) Ron Howard
2012 Broken (wall) Tim Roth
2016 Anthropoid moon in aries
2016 Free Fire Target
2017 the Party (art) Patricia Clarkson
2017 Dunkirk Christopher Nolan Kenneth Brannagh (London Olympics Phoenix ritual) Tom Hardy Harry Styles (William Sargant conducted trauma based mind control research with war veterans after Dunkirk evacuation)
2018 Delinquent Season
2019 Anna
2020 A Quiet Place part 2
2023 Oppenheimer
as Robert Oppenheimer Emily Blunt Matt Damon Robert Downey Jr Matthew Modine as Vannevar Bush Gary Oldman as Harry Truman Rami Malek Josh Hartnett Casey Affleck (Interstellar) Kenneth Brannagh Jason Clarke Tom Conti as Albert Einstein Christopher Nolan


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