Christopher Lloyd

Christopher Lloyd is a mind controlled actor, used in the Hollywood film industry to normalize mind control, announce the 911 ritual and the presidency of Donald Trump. He plays the archetype of Jack Parsons Christ-Bacchus who performs a death-rebirth trick through Luciferian sodomy.

He is related to Lewis Henry Lapham, founder of Texaco oil company, Roger Lapham mayor of San Francisco and Lewis Lapham of Harper Magazine (child Harpo, the Left Wing Church, HarperBazaar owned by Hearst, specialised in mind control). Lewis's son Andrew Lapham of the Blackstone Group married Caroline Mulroney, child of pm of Canada Brian Mulroney, a wedding attended by George HW Bush, Conrad Black, Noor Al-Hussein of Jordan.

He was trained at Neighborhood Playhouse School of the Theatre like Gregory Peck, Robert Duvall, Jean and Lyova Rosenthal, Leslie Nielsen, Burt Reynolds, Sydney Pollack, Diane Keaton, Gloria Vanderbilt,.. He played in Broadway plays.

He married Catherine Dallas Boyd (name wife William) on 6/6/1959.

Astrological chart

born 10/22/1938, date of San Francisco LSD guru Timothy Leary, Catherine Deneuve, Deepak Choprah, air sign Libra 3d decan mercury (the Magician), Heath Ledger died 1/22.

Dom: Libra (Adjustment), Sagittarius (Art), Virgo (the Hermit)- Jupiter (osiris, like Leary), Moon, Venus.

Llilith and jupiter in Aquarius, Mercury (the Magician) in Scorpio, Pluto in Leo, Mars and Neptune in Virgo. Venus in Sagitt, Pluto in Taurus.


1975 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Max Taber Jack Nicholson Louise Fletcher Danny DeVito Scatman Crothers Will Sampson based on MK Ultra experiments with Ken Kesey (History of Mind Control)
1977 Another Man, Another Chance Jesse James Uncredited
1977 Taxi with Andy Kaufman and Danny DeVito
1978 Three Warriors Steve Chaffey
1978 Goin' South Deputy Towfield (the Hanged Man) Jack Nicholson Tate like Sharon Tate
1979 Butch and Sundance: The Early Days Bill Tod Carver
1979 The Lady in Red (shooting of John Dillinger) Frognose Louise Fletcher Mary Woronow
1979 The Onion Field Jailhouse lawyer James Woods
1980 The Black Marble Arnold's Collector
Schizoid Gilbert
1981 The Legend of the Lone Ranger Maj. Bartholomew 'Butch' Cavendish (Brandon Lee-Johnny Depp) filmed at Spahn Ranch of Manson family Jason Robards (in Isadora about Crowley's muse Isadora Duncan)
1981 The Postman Always Rings Twice The Salesman Jack Nicholson Jessica Lange Anjelica Huston
1981 National Lampoon's Movie Madness (mm=33) Samuel Starkman Segment: 'Municipalians'
1983 Mr. Mom (mm=33) Larry Michael Keaton as Jack
1983 To Be or Not to Be S.S. Captain Schultz (nazi mind control)
1984 Star Trek III: The Search for Spock Commander Kruge
1984 The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension John Bigbooté (88 portal like BTTF) Peter Weller John Lithgow Jeff Goldblum Dan Hedaya
1984 National Lampoon's Joy of Sex Coach Hindenberg
1985 Back to the Future Dr Emmett 'Doc' Brown (doc Rabbit Alice in Wonderland programming) based on Jack Parsons (house in Pasadena) and Wernher von Braun, references to Project Bluebird with Michael J Fox, announcing presidency of Donald Trump Lea Thompson Billy Zane Robert Zemeckis
1985 Clue Professor Plum
1986 Miracles Harry
1987 Walk Like a Man Reggie Shand / Henry Shand
1987 The Legend of the White Horse Jim Martin
1988 Track 29 Henry Henry
1988 Who Framed Roger Rabbit Judge Doom (rabbit Alice in Wonderland programming, movie becoming real) tunnel Griffith Observatory=sodomy, blue bird references
1988 Eight Men Out Bill Burns
1989 The Dream Team Henry Sikorsky
1989 Back to the Future Part II Dr. Emmett 'Doc' Brown (rainbow hat Wizard of Oz programming) Elijah Wood
1990 Back to the Future Part III (Aeon) Mad Dog announces Trumps general Mad Dog Matthis Mary Steenburgen (wife of Malcolm McDowell)
1990 Why Me? Bruno Daley (4/20 the hanged man)
1990 DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp Merlock the Magician (voice)
1991 Back to the Future: The Ride Dr. Emmett 'Doc' Brown Simulator ride
1991 Suburban Commando Charlie Wilcox Hulk Hogan Shelley Duvall
1991 The Addams Family Uncle Fester/Gordon Craven (=Aleister Crowley) Massimo family intermarried with Addams Christina Ricci Anjelica Huston Raul Julia
1993 Twenty Bucks Jimmy
1993 Dennis the Menace Switchblade Sam Walter Matthau Lea Thompson
1993 Addams Family Values Uncle Fester Addams
1994 Angels in the Outfield Al "The Boss" Angel Danny Glover Tony Danza Adrien Brody Joseph Gordon-Levitt Matthew McConaughey Disney
1994 Camp Nowhere Dennis Van Welker
1994 Radioland Murders Zoltan Rosemary Clooney
1994 The Pagemaster Mr. Dewey / The Pagemaster Macaulkey Culkin (Donald Trump cameo in Home Alone 2)
1994 Felidae Pascal/Claudandus English Dub
1995 Mr. Payback: An Interactive Movie Ed Jarvis Short film
1995 Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead Pieces (James Holmes ritual in Denver, dd=44) Andy Garcia Steve Buscemi (Jack Rabbit Slim) Christopher Walken
1996 Cadillac Ranch Wood Grimes
1997 Changing Habits Theo Teagarden Shelley Duvall
1997 Dinner at Fred's Dad
1997 Anastasia (poster of The Crow) Grigori Rasputin (voice) Meg Ryan John Cusack Kirsten Dunst Hank Azaria Angela Lansbury
1998 The Real Blonde Ernst Joker Matthew Modine Catherine Keener (Catherine Middleton) Daryl Hannah Kathleen Turner Steve Buscemi Dave Chappelle
1998 The Animated Adventures of Tom Sawyer Judge Thatcher (voice)
1999 My Favorite Martian Uncle Martin Daryl Hannah Disney
1999 Baby Geniuses Heep
1999 Convergence Morley Allen
1999 Man on the Moon Himself Cameo Jim Carrey Danny DeVito
1999 Alice in Wonderland Ben Kingsley Pete Postlethwaite Gene Wilder Miranda Richardson (The Tempest)
2001 Kids World Leo
2001 Happy Birthday Attorney Burn
2001 When Good Ghouls Go Bad "Uncle" Fred Walker
2002 Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road Ray
2002 Wish You Were Dead (broken glass=split mind) Bruce Mary Steenburgen Playboy model Shannon Tweed Gene Simmons of Kiss (SS lightning logo) Billy Ray Cyrus (Mulholland Drive, father of Miley Cyrus) Robert Englund (Freddie Krueger in Nightmare on Elm Str, Stranger Things)
2002 Hey Arnold!: The Movie Coroner (voice)
2003 Haunted Lighthouse Cap'n Jack Short film
2004 Admissions Stewart Worthy
2005 Here Comes Peter Cottontail: The Movie Seymour S. Sassafrass (voice)
2005 Bad Girls from Valley High Mr. Chauncey
2005 Enfants terribles Reverend Burr
2007 Flakes Willie B Aaron Stanford Zoey Deschanel (Griffith Observatory in Yes Man)
2008 Fly Me to the Moon Grandpa (voice)
2008 The Tale of Despereaux Hovis (voice) Sigourney Weaver Emma Watson Stanley Tucci Frank Langella Dustin Hoffman
2009 Call of the Wild 'Grandpa' Bill Hale
2009 Santa Buddies Stan Cruge
2009 Jack and the Beanstalk (the Fool) Katey Segal James Earl Jones Chloe Grace Moretz Chevy Chase
2010 Snowmen The Caretaker
2010 Jack and the Beanstalk Headmaster (Jack Parsons, the Fool)
2010 Piranha 3D Mr. Goodman
2011 Love, Wedding, Marriage Dr. George Julia Roberts
2011 InSight Shep
2011 Adventures of Serial Buddies Dr. Von Gearheart
2011 Snowflake, the White Gorilla Dr. Archibald Pepper (voice) English dub
2011 The Chateau Meroux Nathan
2012 Foodfight! Mr. Clipboard Dickens (voice)
2012 Dorothy and the witches of oz (Wizard of Oz programming) wicked witch times square=clocktower hill valley
2012 Cadaver Cadaver (voice) Short film
2012 Piranha 3DD Mr. Goodman
2012 Delhi Safari Pigeon (voice) English dub
2012 The Axe Boat Tom Field Short film
2012 The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure Lero Sombrero
2012 Mickey Matson and the Copperhead Conspiracy Grandpa Jack
2012 Dead Before Dawn Horus Galloway
2012 Excuse Me for Living Lars
2012 Sid the Science Kid: The Movie Dr. Bonanodon (voice)
2012 Last Call Pete
2012 The Illusionauts Professor (voice)
2013 Jungle Master Dr. Wells (voice)
2013 The Coin William Short film
2014 A Million Ways to Die in the West Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown Cameo
2014 Sin City: A Dame to Kill For Kroenig Mickey Rourke Jessica Alba Joseph Gordon-Levitt Josh Brolin Bruce Willis Ray Liotta Rosario Dawson
2014 The One I Wrote for You Pop
2015 88 Cyrus (88 portal)
2015 Doc Brown Saves the World Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown Short film
2015 The Boat Builder Abner
2016 I Am Not a Serial Killer Crowley (Aleister Crowley)
2016 Donald Trump's The Art of the Deal: The Movie Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown
2016 Cold Moon James Redfield
2017 Going in Style Milton Morgan Freeman Michael Caine Matt Dillon
Muse Rauschen
2017 The Sound Clinton Jones
2018 Boundaries Stanley Christopher Plummer Peter Fonda
2018 Making a Killing Lloyd Mickey
2018 ReRun Future George Benson
2019 Welcome to Pine Grove! (Jack Parsons Orange Grove=33=sodomy)
2021 The Tender Bar Ben Affleck


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