Christopher Lee

Christopher Frank Carandini (Christopher Lee) is a mind controlled actor, used in the Hollywood film industry, to announce the end of the 911 Twin Towers ritual, the wedding of William and Catherine and the James Holmes Phoenix ritual. He is a descendant of Charlemagne (Giant Nephilim of Holy Roman Empire) and the Carandini family, close to Frederick Barborassa. He is related to actress Harriet Walter who played Prospero (John Dee) in The Tempest. Like Frank Morgan, he plays the role of the Wizard of Oz.

He collaborated with Nicholas Schreck (Temple of Set) and Zeena LaVey Schreck (Church of Satan, daughter of Anton LaVey).

Astrological chart

born 5/27/1922 gemini ruled by mercury, year 18 the moon.(5/27 date Vincent Price-Job Price who killed Osama, date Lily rose Depp, Paul Bettany. Saturn conj ascend like Sean Connery.

Asc: Libra (queen of swords), mc: Cancer. Dominants: Gemini (the Lovers), Libra, Cancer- Venus (like Elijah Wood, in Cancer), Mercury (in Gemini), Saturn (Lord of the Rings).

Houses 9, 10, 1. 9: Sun Moon Mercury in Gemini, 10: Venus Pluto in Cancer. 1: Saturn and Jupiter in Libra (3 of swords, like William, Harry and David Kennedy). 5: Lilith in Pisces, 6: Uranus in Pisces.

died 6/7/2015, date Mike Pence (Donald Trump posed with Palantir Stone), Liam Neeson, Prince, Gemini, year 1 the magician, 5 days after birth princess Charlotte) age 93 (nr of Thelema), Ian McKellen in mr Holmes age 93.


1957 Frankstein the creature (enki race dna)
1958 Dracula (ancestor of Charles)
1959 the Mummy
1959 Hound of Baskerville peter cushing as sherlock holmes (Draco Empire in Star Wars)
1960 Too Hot to Handle (hh 88) with Jayne Mansfield (Anton LaVey's Church of Satan)
1962 Sherlock Holmes (resurrecting Brandon Lee in the James Holmes ritual)
1966 Dracula prince of darkness
1967 The Blood Demon
1968 Eve Colonel Stuart (Templar Scottish rite bloodline of Diana)
1968 The Devil Rides Out (book by Dennis Wheatley MI6 like Crowley) Charles Grey (Blofeld in James Bond movies) Nike Arrighi (married to Paolo Borghese) pentagram, symbol of Venus. 7/20, month after Antichrist movie Rosemary's Baby.
1970 Scars of Dracula (Bram Stoker HOGD, prince Charles bloodline)
1972 Horror Express
1973 The Wicker Man druid sacrifice ritual (also movie with Nicolas Cage and Ellen Burstyn)
1973 the Three Musketeers (Binah 3 of Swords)
1973 Nothing but the Night (71 nr of Void, of Nothing)
1974 the Man With the Golden Gun (007 John Dee)
1976 To the Devil a Daughter, creating a Moonchild with Natassja Kinski, partner of Roman Polanski, bday of Sharon Tate Antonio Valentine as David Kennedy
1977 Airport
1978 Circle of Iron David Carradine (role intended for Bruce Lee) Roddy McDowall
1979 The Passage Anthony Quinn James Mason Malcolm McDowell
1979 Jaguar Lives
1980 Safari 3000 David Carradine
1981 Eye for an Eye (eye of Sauron, Ayin the Devil, eyes of Rosemary's Baby) Morgan Canfield (Morgane le Faye, Frank Morgan)
1984 Rosebud Beach Hotel Dakota Rosemary's Baby
1985 Howling II Your Sister is a Werewolf
1990 Gremlins 2 tower Daniel Clamp (Donald Trump, who imitated his Palantir stone pose)
1990 The Rainbow Thief (Wizard of Oz)
1992 Jackpot (year O the Fool)
1994 Funny Man the joker the Fool
1994 Police Academy 4 Mission to Moscou (mm=33) the Devil Baphomet pose
1995 Moses Frank Langella (the Ninth Gate) Ben Kingsley
1996 Sorrelina e il Principe del Sogno Monica Bellucci
2001 Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Peter Jackson Ian McKellen Viggo Mortensen Elijah Wood Andy Serkis Cate Blanchett Liv Tyler 7/1 like Diana
2002 Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones Count Dookoo (Draco Orion war) Liam Neeson Natalie Portman (=Natassja)
2004 Crimson Rivers II: Angels of the Apocalypse
2005 Corpse Bride Johnny Depp
2005 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (cc=33, father Johnny Depp-father John Dee named Rowland)
2010 Alice in Wonderland Jabberwock dragon Draco
2010 Charlemagne: By the Sword and the Cross
2012 the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
2013 Charlemagne: the Omens of Death (antichrist movie the Omen)
2014 The Hobbit: the Battle of the Five Armies