Christoph Waltz

Christoph Waltz is an Austrian mind controlled actor, used in the Hollywood film industry to push the AI Transhumanist agenda and to announce the William and Catherine wedding and the James Holmes Olympic Phoenix ritual. His grandfather was a student of Sigmund Freud (Tavistock). Like Robert de Niro, Marlon Brando and Harvey Keitel, he was trained at the Stella Adler acting school (the New School of the Colonna's).

Astrological chart

born 10/4/1956 date John Denver Aurora, d Janis Joplin, Buster Frank Keaton, Susan Sarandon, Alicia Silverstone, Himmler's Posen speech, 6 days before Danny Boyle (London Olympic Phoenix ritual), Libra (Adjustment, exaltation of Saturn) in Vienna Austria.

Dom: Libra (Adjustment), Leo (lust), Virgo (the Hermit, minorities jews, blacks) - Venus, Mercury (witty, in virgo 10 of disks), Saturn.

Lilith in Aquarius, Uranus, Venus conj Pluto in Leo, Jupiter, Mercury in Virgo, Mars in Pisces (Knight of Cups unstable opp Jupiter in Virgo), Saturn in Scorpio (Death), Neptune in Libra. Pluto in Leo and Jupiter in Virgo like Mia Farrow.
Christopher Waltz=Christopher Walken, Christopher Wallace.


1979 Breakthrough Paramedic Andrew V. McLaglen Uncredited
1981 Headstand Markus Veith von Fürstenberg
1982 Fire and Sword Tristan
1986 Wahnfried Friedrich Nietzsche Peter Patzak (nazi Uebermensch Also Sprach Zarathustra of 2001)
1988 Quicker Than the Eye Police Chief Nicolas Gessner
1989 Goldeneye German spy Don Boyd
1995 Catherine the Great Catherine Zeta Jones Ian Richardson Jeanne Moreau directed by Marvin Chomsky (cousin of Noam Chomsky)
2000 Ordinary Decent Criminal Peter Thaddeus O'Sullivan Kevin Spacey Colin Farrell
2004 Pact with the Devil Rolf Steiner Allan A. Goldstein with Malcolm McDowell (mind control in movie theatre A Clockwork Orange)
2006 Lapislazuli: In the Eyes of the Bear Czerny Wolfgang Murnberger
2009 Inglourious Basterds Col. Hans Landa Quentin Tarantino Brad Pitt Michael Fassbender Diane Kruger Mélanie Laurent

2011 The Green Hornet Benjamin Chudnofsky / Bloodnofsky Michel Gondry (Seth Rogen rich playboy like Bruce Wayne) Tom Wilkinson Cameron Diaz David Harbour Edward Furlong decapitate statue like John the Baptist Queen of Swords, take his eye like Set takes the eye of Horus.
2011 Water for Elephants August Rosenbluth (blood rose Venus) Francis Lawrence Reese Witherspoon
2011 The Three Musketeers Cardinal Richelieu (Thirty Years' War, also portrayed by Charlton Heston john the baptist, 9 September 1585 – 4 December 1642) Milla Jovovich Orlando Bloom Paul W. S. Anderson (3 of Swords like Batman Begins and Bataclan Paris ritual) oct 12 bday Crowley, novel by Alexandre Dumas (the Man in the Iron Mask jesuit plot), mentioned in Django Unchained.
2011 Carnage Alan Cowan Roman Polanski, husband of Kate Winslet (Rose of di Caprio in Titanic), Jodie Foster John C Reilly
2012 Django Unchained Dr. King Schultz Quentin Tarantino Leonardo di Caprio Samuel Jackson Jamie Foxx Don Johnson
2013 Epic Mandrake Chris Wedge Voice Mary Katherine (MK Ultra Catherine) Josh Hutcherson Amanda Seyfried Colin Farrell Steven Tyler Beyoncé
2013 The Zero Theorem Qohen Leth Terry Gilliam (stauros-cross the world soul) who directed Heath Ledger's last movie
2014 Muppets Most Wanted (mmw=333) Disney Himself James Bobin Ricky Gervais Salma Hayek P Diddy
2014 Horrible Bosses 2 Burt Hanson Sean Anders Jason Qudeikis Jennifer Aniston
2014 Big Eyes Walter Keane Amy Adams Terence Stamp Tim Burton
2015 Spectre Ernst (augustus husband of sophia stuart) Stavro (Stauros horos the limiter) Blofeld (=Aristotle Onassis) James Bond 007 based on John Dee Sam Mendes, one eye missing like Horus Léa Seydoux (Inglourious Basterds, 7/1 like Diana) Monica Bellucci
2016 The Legend of Tarzan 7/1 diana Léon Rom David Yates, (John Dee in The Tempest, Miranda and Caliban) Margot Robbie (Sharon Tate) Alexander Skarsgard Noble Savage of Rousseau
2017 Tulip Fever Cornelis Sandvoort Justin Chadwick Cara Delevingne
2017 Downsizing (small-big Alice in Wonderland programming) Dusan Mirkovic Alexander Payne, Matt Damon Kristen Wiig
2019 Alita: Battle Angel Dr. Dyson Ido Robert Rodriguez
2019 Georgetown (jesuit university) Vanessa Redgrave who played Crowley's muse Isadora Duncan and Anette Benning
2020 Most Dangerous Game web series
2020 Rifkin Festival, as Death (Saturn in Scorpio), Woody Allen
2021 No Time To Die Blofeld
2021 Pinocchio (doll becomes real)
2021 The French Dispatch Adrien Brody Benicio Del Toro Tilda Swinton Léa Seydoux Bill Murray Anjelica Huston Frances McDormand
2022 Dead for a Dollar Willem Dafoe


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