Christianity is a Saturn cult that worships God/Allah/YHVH, with the Catholic Church/Church of Rome (the Draco-Orion Empire, a continuation of the Egyptian, Babylonian and Roman Empire) as main institution and the Bible as central text and Jesus Christ as central figure. Christianity is a continuation of Aryan solar worship (death and rebirth cycle of the sun, inverted to the Black Sun Saturn) and the cult of Baal. It uses the Aryan symbol of the cross.

Pharao Akhenaton created the cult known as Judaism, that worships God/Allah/YHVH with the Torah as holy book.

The Torah consists of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Genesis tells the story of the fall of the 1st Atlantean civilization after a period of genetic experimentation (the serpent Lucifer). The characters Adam and Eve represent Yod and HVH, the upper and lower world on the kabbalistic Tree of Life.

The Book of Genesis described a Deluge (authors of the Old Testament were banned from Israel to Babylon and copied Sumerian mythology about the Anunaki creating a flood) and the preservation of a holy bloodline.

Gehenna in the vally of Hinnom (near Jerusalem's Old City), the place where the worshippers of Saturn (epiteth Ba'al, the Lord) sacrificed children became the place and concept known as Hell (Hades in Greek, Jahannam in Islam). A fire was kept burning almost perpetually to consume the cadavers.

Jesus Christ, the Fisher King represented the dawn of the new Age of Pisces. Its story of death-resurrection is the annual death-rebirth cycle of the sun. The three kings that announce the birth of the Christ are the three stars of Orion (associated with Osiris, rebirn as Horus).

Christianity spread from Palestine/Israel to Greece and Italy.

The Roman Empire, ruled by the Julio-Claudian dynasty (later Colonna) had a polytheistic religion that worshiped their Atlantean ancestors. Emperors like Nero burned the first Christians in sacrifice rituals.

The Roman Empire incorporated Christianity after the conversion of emperor Constantine, rebranded itself as the Holy Roman Empire.

The 'pagan' festivals summer and winter solstice were given a Christian meaning (the pagan sun festival of 25 december became Christ Mass day, may day became St Walpurgis Night). The Aryan worship of the trinity Osiris-Isis-Horus became God-Maria-Jesus. According to its mythology St Peter (Jupiter) was the first pope. The Church selected representatives of important bloodlines to play the role of pope, a father figure and ruler of the earth.

Merovingian king Clovis I converted to Christianity and ruled the Frankish kingdom.

In 1265 Dominican Thomas Aquinas wrote Summa Theologica.

In 1320 Dante Alighieri wrote his Divine Comedy (Christian concept of Heaven and Hell).

The Farnese and Borgia family founded the Jesuit Order to combat the Reformation.

The jesuits (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Marshall McLuhan) merged Christianity with Darwinism to announce the transhumanist New Age religion.

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