Christian Science

Christian Science is a religious cult, founded by Mary Baker Eddy in 1879 (era of Spiritualism, Theosophical Society and HOGD) in Boston. She wrote Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures. She was married to George Washington Glover. She published The Christian Science Monitor, with Willis Abbott, who wrote for the New York Journal American of Hearst and Richard Bergenheim, who wrote for Boston Herald American of Hearst.

Eddy was a patient of Phineas Parkhurst Quimby (New Thought philosophy). She was a friend of Frank Podmore of the Fabian Society. Her son was freemason George Washington Glover II. Christian Science was given publicity by Cosmopolitan, later bought by Hearst.

In his book 'The Right Stuff' Tom Wolfe described how Christian Scientists were more elite among American military culture in World War II and the Cold War than Episcopalians. The puritan discipline and success ethic inspired positive thinking guru's like Norman Vincent Peale (mentor of Donald Trump). An old Christian Science First Church in Los Angeles was converted into a branch of Jim Jones’ People’s Temple.

Monica Lewinsky used a Christian Science healer.


- Alan Shephard (first American in space)
- Alfe Woodard
- Anne Archer (became Scientologist)
- Audrey Hepburn
- Bessie Love (married to William Hawks, related to Mary Astor)
- Carol Channing
- Cecil DeMille (friend of David O. McKay, president of Mormon Church)
- Chris Shays (NYU, Peace Corps)
- Dalton Trumbo (screenwriter)
- Daniel Ellsberg (Pentagon Papers media ritual with IPS, RAND)
- Danielle Steel
- Dodie Smith (friend of Christopher Isherwood, The Hundred and One Dalmatians, used for Disney movies)
- Doris Day (mother of Laurel Canyon producer Terry Melcher, who lived at the house of Sharon Tate)
- Elizabeth Taylor
- Ellen DeGeneres (gay agenda)
- Ernest Hemingway
- George Lucas (Christian Science Sunday School, the Force=power of belief)
- Ginger Rogers
- Hank Paulson (Secretary of Treasury of George W Bush)
- Helen Cohn Shucman (Theosophist,  Baptist Church, A Course in Miracles with MK Ultra doctor William Thetford
Henry Fonda (father of Jane Fonda and Peter Fonda)
- HR Haldeman (aide of Richard Nixon, actor in the Watergate media ritual)
- Hurton Foote (screenwriter)
- James Hetfield (Metallica, Geffen Records)
- Jean Stapleton
- Joan Crawford
- JD Salinger (book Catcher in the Rye used in mind control of Mark David Chapman, assassin of John Lennon)
- John Erlichman (aide of Richard Nixon, actor in the Watergate media ritual)
- John Rousselot (John Birch Society)
- King Vidor
- Marilyn Monroe (20th Century Fox)
- Mary Pickford (United Artists, Charles Rocher of HOGD as cinematographer)
- Mickey Rooney (HHS, Andy Hardy franchise with Judy Garland, son Mickey Rooney Jr used in Mickey Mouse Club, linked to MK Ultra)
- Milton Berle
- Nancy Astor (Milner Group of Alfred Milner, friends with Bernard Shaw of the FS, corresponded with Knight of Malta Joe Kennedy, wife of Waldorf Astor of Chatham House)
- Paul Feig
- Philip Kerr (secretary to pm of UK David Lloyd George at the Paris Peace Conference)
- Robert Duvall

- Robin Williams
- Sarah Stein (patron of Henri Matisse, sister of Gertrude Stein)
- Spalding Gray (Esalen Institute, The Wooster Group with Willem Dafoe)
- Stansfield Turner (CIA)
- Sylvia Plath
- Val Kilmer
- Walt Disney
- William Webster (FBI, CIA)
- William Thetford (Project Bluebird, MK Ultra, A Course in Miracles with Helen Cohn Shucman)


Ellen DeGeneres