China is a country in Asia, founded in 1911 as the Republic of China. It has a population of 1, 4 billion people (18% of the world population). Its most populous city and capital is Bejing. It is the 2nd largest economy of the world. It is a communist dictatorship and member of the United Nations.

History of China

2100 bc Xia dynasty.

1064 bc Zhou dynasty. writing of divination text I Ching.

400 bc Tao Te Ching, foundation of Taoism.

206 bc Han dynasty with Shen Buhai as chancellor.

618 Tang dynasty.

1300 Venetian Marco Polo visits China.

1386 Ming dynasty, building of the Great Wall and Forbidden City (use of sacred geometry) in Bejing.

1600s The jesuits gradually gain influence during the Ming dynasty (Matteo Ricci). They invent Confucianism and create the Roccoco trend with chinoiseries in Europe. Jesuit Joachim Bouvet teaches divination knowledge of the I Ching to Wilhelm Leibniz (start of computation theory).

1644 The Qing dynasty has soldiers with pine cone helmets (Saturn cult of the pineal gland).

1665 jesuit Athanasius Kircher publishes China Illustrata.

1678 Louis XIV Bourbon sends 6 Jesuits to Kangxi Emperor in Beijing, including Bouvet and Gerbillion, led by Fontaney.

1715 The Kangxi emperor expells the jesuits.

1720 The Qing dynasty conquers Tibet.

1839 The British Empire and the jesuits conquer India and China through the Opium Wars. Opium is traded by the Sassoon family and S&B families like Russell and used to demoralise the Chinese population and make them addicted.

1843 opening of the Port of Shangai, with Russell and Co as first traders.

1856 2nd opium war.

1860 end of the opium war, the Qing dynasty surrenders, Hong Kong Island becomes part of the British Empire, opium is legalised.

1865 the British Empire (Thomas Sutherland) establishes the Hong Kong and Shangai Banking Corporation in Hong Kong and at the Bund area in Shangai as the trading hub of the opium trade. The Portugese take Macau.

1879 founding of St John's College (Harvard of China).

1900 Boxer Rebellion (third opium war) in Bejing.

1901 establishment of Yale in China with Reuben Holden (S&B), founding of Yali High School.

1903 Jesuit Ma Xiangbo founds Aurora university. The jesuit missions are replace by MEP, the Paris foreign missions.

1911 end of Qing dynasty. After the Chinese revolution of Sun Yat Sen (advised by Mikhael Borodin) and Chen Duxiu, a military government is installed.

1913 Tibet declares independence.

1917 Peking Union Medical College of Rockefeller Foundation.

1919 Wellington Koo, trained at Columbia University, represents China at the Paris Peace Conference. His son Teh-Chang Koo was a member of Quill and Danger= S&B. May Fourth movement. founding of Sun Yee On Triad.

1920s Betrand Russell visits China. Harold Laski trains Chu Anping. Warlord era with the Triads and Green Gang thriving from opium trade in Shangai.

1921 Chen Duxiu and Li Dazhao found the Communist Party. Peking Man publicity stunt (interpreted as Homo Erectus) by Christian Darwinist Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, start of Out of Asia theory and modern Chinese archeology with premier of China Weng Wenhao (Catholic University Louvain).

1925 the jesuits establish the Fu Jen Catholic University.

1927-1949 Chinese Civil war. Autumn Harvest Uprising, led by Mao Zedong. White Terror massacre of communists. Zhang Zuolin executes Li Dazhao.

1930 Chiang Kai-Shek (married to Soong Mei-ling, chairwoman of Fu Jen Catholic University) as leader of Republic of China.

1931 Japan invades Manchuria. Shangai divided into British, French and Japanese part.

1937 war between China and Japan.

1943 Mao Zedong rules as the dictator of communist China, modeled after the Soviet Union. The drug trade is ruled by the Triads. Israel Epstein makes pro-Mao propaganda for United Press International.

1944 Robert Rothschild works at the Belgian embassy in Chungking (headquarter of Chiang Kai-Shek's government).

1949 Mao Zedong defeats the Kuomintang Army (KMT, the nationalists of Chiang Kai-Shek) in China, who move to Burma and Taiwan. The Chinese communists execute drug dealers and force addicts to be treated.

1951 (era of Project Bluebird and Artichoke) China annexes Tibet. the US press invents the term 'brainwashing' as a tactic, invented by Chinese communists, used on prisoners of war. The same year the Chinese communists found intelligence agency International Liasons Department. Solomon Adler works for the ILD and reports to Henry Morgenthau of the FDR and Harry Truman administration. Chiang Kai-Shek founds the Asian People's Anti-Communist League, supported by the Kuomintang party and Yakuza leader Yoshio Kodoma.

1952 Aurora University turns into East China Normal University and Fudan.

1955 Qian Xuesen (married to the daughter of an advisor to Chiang Kai Shek and friend of Antichrist figure Jack Parsons) returns to China and is tasked with nuclear weapon development.

1958 'the Great Leap Forward', Mao Zedong industrializes the Chinese economy.

1964 publishing of Mao's Red Book.

The jesuits (St Francis Xavier College) train Bruce Lee, who is used in Hollywood to train Sharon Tate.

1966 the Asian People's Anti-Communist League turns into the World Anti-Communist League.

1972 Chiang Kai-Shek's son Chiang Ching-kuo as prime minister of Republic of China (Taiwan).

1974 Terry Ghou founds Foxconn (production of mobile phones and other electrical devices).

1975 Banqiao Dam failure.

1976 After Mao's death, Chinese government (Deng Xiaoping) continues to impose a totalitarian dictatorship with more capitalism. Premier Zhou Enlai meets with Richard Nixon.

1980 Its GDP increases from 2% of world GDP in to 18% in 2018. One child policy, 9 years compulsory education, investment of 10 billion in science and technology. Economist Li Yining was educated at Yali School. Lee Huan (pm Republic of China) was educated at Columbia University. Ai Weiwei was educated at The New School.

1984 founding of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.

1985 HSBC Building (during the time most expensive building in the world).

1988 Foxconn opens first factory in Shenzen

1989 Tiananmen Square protests.

1993 the head office of HSBC moves to London. Growth of textile industry.

1997 Prince Charles participitates in a media ritual to pretend the British Empire has no more influence in China. Wan 'Broken Tooth' Huok-koi leads 14K. Charles Heung (Sun Yee On Triad family, Win's Entertainment, China Star Entertainment Group) launches the career of Jet Li.

1998 founding of Tencent.

2003 Allen Zeman (jewish) as chairman of Ocean Park.

2006 Goldman Sachs invests 2,6 billion in ICBC, Kommerzbank 1 billion. ICBC leases offices at Trump Tower NY.

2007 opening of MGM Macau. Gambling industry with Stanley Ho, jesuit trained daughter Pansy Ho, linked to Kung Lok Triad, Lawrence Ho (Citibank, Melco Crown with Packer family).

2008 the Summer Olympics in Bejing (opening ceremony with Zhang Yimou (Yale), Han Geng of Super Junior, Jackie Chan, Andy Lau, Qunicy Jones, closing ceremony with Jimmy Page, David Beckham and Leona Lewis) with weather manipulation to prevent rainfall.

2009 Opening of City of Dreams casino in Macau.

Chinese robot company Hanson robotics introduces the female robot Sophia (based on Audrey Hepburn). The Chinese education system is centered around the C9 universities.

The Chinese communist bank ICBC is the biggest bank in the world (2000 billion), bigger than JP Morgan Chase and Bank of America. The Bank of China has Nout Wellink (TC, BIS bank) on its board. Chinese actress Fan Bingbing is signed to CAA.

2011 introduction of social credit systems.

2012 Zhang Yiming founds ByteDance. Cheng Wei founds mobile transportation platform DiDi.

2016 Tsai Ing-Wen (LSE) as president of Taiwan. Opening of Shangai Disneyland (Disney/Shendi) with Wang Yang.

2017 ByteDance launches TikTok outside China. Uyghurs are imprisoned in forced labour camps. Wolf Warrior 2 (ww=33, one eye pyramid poster) with Celina Jade (trained at LSE, married to Han Geng of Super Junior).

2020 China introduces a social credit system for digital slavery (announced in the UK by Channel 4 series Black Mirror, written by the daughter of jesuit Quincy Jones) in Wuhan, where the Covid19-ritual started. China (SinoVac Biotech) plays a big role in the Covid-19 ritual as step towards a totalitarian world state, with the Chinese model as blueprint for the global economy.

The Chinese Communist Party is advised by Zheng Bijian (Berggruen Institute). Tencent acquires 10% of Universal Music Group.


Tang dynasty, Qin, Yuan, Qing, Ming, Chiang Kai-Shek, Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, Hu Yaobang, Zhao Ziyang, Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao, Xi Jinping.

Propaganda outlets

Toutiao: owned by ByteDance

CCTV: communist party


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