Cher is a mind controlled singer-actress of Armenian descent, used in the media, music industry and Hollywood film industry, to play the role of the Dark Feminine and to push the gay agenda. She was married to Sonny Bono, who worked with Phil Spector (Laurel Canyon) and was a close friend of Bruce Herschensohn of the Ronald Reagan administration. He died in a skiing accident. Her son Chaz Bono is also used in the gay-transgender agenda with the Advocate, Human Rights Campaign, Oprah Winfrey Network.

He appeared in Netflix propaganda Trans Lives on Screen (2020) with Lily Wachowsky, Laverna Cox, executive produced by Abigail Disney.

She donated to the Armenia Fund (Kardashians, Kirk Kerkorian, jesuit Mark Gregores).

Astrological chart

born 5/20/1946, date Busta Rhymes, James Stewart, Timothy Olyphant.

Asc: Cancer, mc: Pisces. Dom: Cancer (the Chariot), Taurus, Capricorn - Moon, Neptune, Venus.

Houses 11, 7, 4. 11: Sun and Mercury in Taurus, 7: Moon in Capricorn, 4: Neptune and Jupiter in Libra. 1: Saturn in Cancer, 6: Lilith in Sagittarius, 12: Uranus and Venus in Gemini.


1965 Wild on the Beach Sherry Jackson
1965 Sonny & Bono Look At Us Atco (Warner/Atlantic), single I Got You Babe.
All I Really Want to Do EMI
1966 The Sonny Side of Cher, single Bang Bang
1967 Good Times George Sanders (Zsa Zsa Gabor)
1969 Chastity American International Pictures of Samuel Arkoff
1971 The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour CBS
1982 Come Back to the 5 & Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean Karen Black
1983 Silkwood (gay agenda) Meryl Streep
1985 Mask Eric Stolz Laura Dern Sam Elliott Universal Pictures
1987 Suspect
1987 The Witches of Eastwick Susan Sarandon Michelle Pfeiffer Jack Nicholson
1987 Moonstruck Nicolas Cage
1990 Mermaids Winona Ryder Christina Ricci (maiden-mother-crone)
1992 The Player Tim Robbins Vincent D'Onofrio
1994 Prêt-à-Porter
1996 Faithful (target symbol) Chazz Palminteri Ryan O'Neil produced by Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal
1996 If These Walls Could Talk Demi Moore Sissy Spacek Jada Pinkett Smith Shirley Knight HBO
1999 Tea with Mussolini
2003 Stuck on You
2010 Burlesque Christina Aguilera Stanley Tucci Alan Cumming Kristen Bell
2011 Zookeeper Kevin James Rosario Dawson Joe Rogan Donnie Wahlberg Nick Nolte Adam Sandler Jon Favreau Sylvester Stallone
2018 Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (ABBA musical) Colin Firth Dominic Cooper Lily James Andy Garcia Meryl Streep Pierce Brosnan Stellan Skarsgard
2020 Bobbleheads: The Movie


Mind Control