Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (cc=33) is a Hollywood movie by Tim Burton with Johnny Depp, Freddie Highmore, Helena Bonham Carter and Christopher Lee, to normalize pedophilia, part of the James Holmes Phoenix ritual, released on 7/10/2005 by Warner Bros (produced by Richard Zanuck, son of Darryl Zanuck of 20th Century Fox). The poster contains one eye and pink sky symbolism. The story is based on a novel from 1964 by CIA agent Roald Dahl, who also wrote story Chitty Chitty (cc=33) Bang Bang about a pedophile Child Catcher (cc=33), based on a story of Crowley's friend Ian Fleming (James Bond).

7/28 mars the child was in Taurus, 7/22 Venus was in Virgo.

The Magician character Willie Wonka (WW=33) is based on the duke of Bavaria, mason Ludwig 2, the Swan King who built the Neuschwanstein castle, inspiration for the Disney castle. He built it as a hommage to Wagner's Lohengrin, in worship of Venus (Lucifer), designed as holy grail castle, with a subterranean cave with a swan boat and a garden with a Venus mountain of paradise, the Mount Segur of the Luciferian Cathars.

The Chitty Chitty Bang Bang movie came out in 1968 (Aeon) and featured the Neuschwanstein castle. Ludwig II's childish mentality, trapped in childish fantasies became emblematic of the Aeon of Horus, orchestrated by masons like the Disney family.

The first film version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was released in 1971, year III-I the Magician the Wizard played by Gene Wilder (Gemini ruled by Mercury, Jerome Silberman ashkenazi).
He was married to Gilda Radner, Gilda is the name of Rita Hayworth movie 'Gilda' of 1946 (Aeon) and the bomb in the nuclear test on 7/1 (GA), announcing the birth of Diana. The movie was directed by Mel Stuart Solomon, indicating the factory is the masonic temple of Solomon. Wilder died aug 9 2012, date of Sharon Tate Charlie Manson murders, summer of James Holmes Olympics ritual, Mass of the Phoenix (book 44), resurrection of antichrist Charlie Manson, 44 years later. The director was Mel Stuart of the Stuart bloodline who invented the 33 degrees of the Scottish Rite, united with the Brunswicks in John Dee's alchemical marriage.

22 years after 1971, in 1993, also year 1 the Magician, the first WTC attack, a media ritual normalizing Michael Jackson's child abuse of Jordan Chandler, molested at his Neverland Ranch, the death of the father of Michael Jordan, killed during dog days 23 (w), release of the Wu Tang Clan album and the death of River Phoenix at Johnny Depp's 'the Viper Room' in LA.

On 6/13/2005 the verdict of the fake Michael Jackson trial was made public (not guilty). In the UK Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was released on july 29 (Leo, date wedding Diana and Charles at st Paul). Johnny Depp played a Brandon Lee-Heath Ledger character in the Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus and in the Lone Ranger.

Timothy Walter Burton as director. The movie was produced by Brad Grey (Paramount), Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston (Plan b company), shot at Pinewood Studios (like the Descent -London bombings 2005).

Geoffrey Lamont Holder August 1, 1930 – October 5, 2014 (date Steve Jobs of Apple)

Willy Wonka (ww=33) is played by
John Christopher Depp born 6/9/1963, 166 days before the JFK ritual (6/9 like Michael j Fox) Gemini ruled by mercury (the magician John Dee, Gemini like JFK).

On the poster, Johnny Depp holds his Saturn ring hat, making the 6 hand sign and Saturnian one eye, with in the background pink/purple sky (=dissociation, Alice in Wonderland programming). The candy bars represents the pillars of the Royal Arch in Royal Arch masonry (sweetness, sensual pleasure and amusement=Venus, Depp also played in 'Chocolate').
The Chocolate Factory is a metaphor for initiation in the mysteries masonic twin pillars (Oz, Neverland, Wonderland, the Imaginarium, Monarch Theatre,..) through sodomy (anus=chocolate factory, cc=33 the Eye of Horus).

The alchemical marriage of Christian Rosenkreutz is the meeting of Osiris in the underworld but in the Aeon of Horus this becomes Horus the child, Michael Jackson was mind controlled with Peter Pan programming to remain a child. winking his one eye, cane spine with third eye. reference to cover of Michael Jackson 'Dangerous' (eyes Ayin of the Devil) and Neverland Ranch where he abused Jordan Chandler (Johnny Depp played in 'Finding Neverland').
John Dee orchestrated the Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart wedding and was the initator of the Industrial Revolution, the theme of the London Olympics ritual.

'Charlie Bucket' (=sodomy metaphor, it was a custom to mark the lodge out in chalk, which would be erased with a mop and bucket by a young initiate in freemasonry, the bucket boy), =Charles' child William. played by
Freddie Highmore born 2/14 1992 aquarius the star, month before start year 0 the Fool. Valentine the heart.
2/14 Valentine day, date John Dee's (=Johnny Depp) rosicrucian alchemical wedding of Frederick V and Elizabeth Stuart.

The 11y old Charlie is the Fool (Dorothy, Alice), living in poverty.
Grandpa Joe
David Kelly (dk 411 curse of cain, david kennedy, Kelly like John Dee's companion Edward Kelley and Crowley's wife Rose Kelly) 11 July 1929 – 12 February 2012 , father joe jackson,(= actor David Patrick Kelly who played in The Crow) five children like the Jackson Five. Johnny Depp was born in 1963, year of JFK ritual on Elm Street, played in Nightmare on Elm street, played 'William' in Dead Man, 'George' in Blow, Willy=William.

Helena Bonham Carter as the mother of Charlie.

Noah George Taylor born 4 September 1969, Virgo ruled by Mercury (also in Vanilla Sky).
Grandpa Joe tells about Willy Wonka. The next day newspapers announces his factory is reopening, 5 golden tickets are hidden in Wonka bars and five children with a golden ticket will receive a tour in the factory. They represent the 5 points of a pentagram, the 5 elements with Charlie representing spirit, the Christ. formula ALIM=5 (pentagram associated with Venus). Johnny Depp investigated the Jack the Ripper murders in a pentagram, played Heath ledger in the Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus, who died at Five Points NY.

The selection procedure is a morality tale (weighing of the heart) where the other characters represent vices, Violet Beauregarde (pink=dissociation Alice in Wonderland), Veruca Salt, Augustus Gloop, tv obsessed Mike Teavee. Each child becomes a celebrity, the golden ticket also used in tv shows like Idol (Crowley's 'Every man and woman is a star').
- Philip Wiegratz (born 2/17/1993, year 1 of death Brandon Lee, River Phoenix and Michael Jordan's father) as Augustus
- Anna Sophia Robb (born 12/8/1993) as Violet Beauregarde
mother Andrea Kay 'Missi' Pyle (born 11/16/1972 like prince Charles, wears pearls like Diana)
- Julia Winter as Veruca Salt
- Jordan Paul Fry (born 6/7/1993) as Mike Teavee

The kabbalistic sphere Yesod (the moon) represents the subconscious, has as title Treasurehouse of Images, associated with the spiritual experience of Vision of the Machinery of the Universe. Yesod is the ninth sphere so the path to Yesod is the ninth path, the Ninth Gate.

Before they are allowed into the chocolate factory, they watch an opening ceremony with dolls wich eventually are burned and mutilated (doll programming, trauma based mind control).

They meet the Oompa Loompa's, that Willy Wonka took from Loompaland, representing undeveloped emotions=the Munchkins in the Wizard of Oz.
Deep Roy (born 12/1/1957, 10y after death Aleister Crowley. big -small Taurus, Alice in Wonderland programming.

The factory represent the subconscious, inner world, the Garden of Eden, Willy Wonka represents Lucifer tempting to eat from the apple. In the Apocryphon of John, jesus lets Adam eat from the Tree of Knowledge (in kabbalism the hidden sphere Da'ath).

Augustus is sucked up in the Chocolote River (=River Phoenix, year 13 death), the river of souls in the Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus, in a scene with a little boat and picture of Diana (the Alma tunnel).
Willy Wonka starts having flashbacks of his abusive father (trauma based mind control)
Christopher Frank Carandini Lee 27 May 1922 gemini – 7 June 2015 gemini ruled by Mercury, year 1 the Magician (the Wizard of Oz).

In the Inventing Room, Violet eats an experimental three-course chewing gum meal of tomato soup, roast beef and blueberry pie and inflates into a huge blueberry.

Veruca tries stealing a nut-testing squirrel and the other squirrels consider her a 'bad nut' so she is thrown down the garbage hole in the Nut Room (sky goddess Nut on the Aeon card).
In the Television Room's Television Chocolate technology can transfer objects to the screen world, reference to Kubrick's 2001 ASO.
Mike tries to be the first person to be sent by television gets shrunk (big small Alice in Wonderland programming)

They take an elevator, metaphor for the Kundalini energy, which goes through the roof of the factory (Noah Taylor also in the elevator scene in Vanilla Sky). The breaking of glass represents splitting of the mind through sodomy, like the broken glass window in the beginning of the Crow.

The Glass Elevator takes them to Charlie's house (the heart, the home) earth, sphere Malkuth.

Willie Wonka wears big black sunglass (mythology of Greys, movie produced by Brad Grey).

Roald Dahl

Johnny Depp