Charlie Chaplin

Charles Spencer Chaplin (cc=33) was an actor/director, used in the Hollywood film industry, to play the role of the Fool and antagonist of Adolf Hitler and to normalise pedophilia. He was named Charles like Diana Spencer's husband. He married Midred Harris (age 16), Lita Grey (age 15), Paulette Godard and Oona O'Neill (daughter of Greenwich Village playwright Eugene O'Neill, sister of Eugene O'Neill Jr, jesuit and S&B).

He was a member of the Theosophical Society community in Krotona Hollywood with Mary Astor, later joined by Alice Bailey.

Mildred Harris worked for the film company of Frank Baum (Theosophical Society, Wizard of Oz). John Frankenheimer used a play of Eugene O'Neill for his film The Iceman Cometh.

At age 15 he played in a Sherlock Holmes play of AC Doyle (HOGD, Wellington House).

At the company of Fred Karno, he was a collegue of Stan Laurel. He worked for Keystone, Essanay (company of Gloria Swanson, mistress of Knight of Malta Joseph Kennedy), Mutual and First National film company as The Tramp and than directed his own movies, distributed by United Artists (DW Griffith, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks). DW Griffith glorified the KKK, Mary Pickford had Charles Rocher of the HOGD as cinematographer, Douglas Fairbanks Jr was a member of the Order of St John.

He was made into a movie star and icon of pop culture, with his own doll merchandise.

He met Winston Churchill in 1928. He was a friend of Theodor Adorno of the Frankfurt School.

In 1931 he visited Mahatma Gandhi at Kingsley Hall.

His daughter Josephine Chaplin played in Escape to the Sun with Laurence Harvey (United Artists movie The Manchurian Candidate). She married Maurice Ronet, who played in Les Femmes with Brigitte Bardot.

His daughter Geraldine played in All Together with Jane Fonda (married to ex-husband of Bardot) and A Foreign Field with Alec Guinesss, Leo McKern and Lauren Bacall.

His son Charles Chaplin Jr played in Sex Kittens Go to College with Mijanou Bardot (sister of Brigitte Bardot), Mamie van Doren (Playboy), Tuesday Weld, Pamela Mason, Vampyra (Ed Wood movies) and John Carradine (OTO).

He was portrayed by Robert Downey Jr (who also played Sherlock Holmes) in Chaplin (1992).

Astrological chart

born 4/16/1889, date Martin Lawrence, Chance the Rapper.

Asc: Scorpio, mc: Leo. Dom: Scorpio (Death), Taurus, Aries - Moon, Mars, Venus.

Houses 7, 1, 6. 7: Mars, Venus, Lith in Taurus, 1: Moon in Scorpio, 6: Sun in Aries. 2: Jupiter in Capricorn.


1914 Kid Auto at the Races child actor Gordon Griffith
1914 Making A Living
1915 His New Job (Essenay)
1916 The Floorwalker (Mutual)
1918 A Dog's Life (First National)
1921 The Kid (Aeon) child actor Jackie Coogan (later played Uncle Fester, based on baldhead Aleister Crowley) Lita Grey

1923 A Woman of Paris
1925 The Gold Rush
1928 The Circus
1931 City Lights
1936 Modern Times Pauline Goddard
1940 The Great Dictator (parody of Adolph Hitler, born 4 days later)

1947 Monsieur Verdoux
1952 Limelight Buster Keaton
1957 A King in New York Dawn Adams (married to Vittorio Massimo)
1967 A Countess from New York Marlon Brando Sophia Loren (wife of Carlo Ponti) Tippi Hedren Universal Pictures


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