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Channel 4 is a British tv network and propaganda tool of the media industry, launched in 1982, in alliance with other British propaganda outlets like BBC and ITV. It is used to push the gay-transgender agenda with Alan Carr, Graham Norton, Sacha Baron Cohen, Rikki Beadle-Blair, Russell Brand,..

History of Channel 4

1982 The Avengers (ITV).

1983 The Lady is a Tramp Patricia Hayes (The Benny Hill Show).

1985 Saturday Live

1990 Jonathan Ross For One Week Only David Lynch Alejandro Jodorowsky.

1991 Paul Merton the Series jesuit Paul Merton.

1993 Wittgenstein (gay agenda).

1994 Shallow Grave Ewan McGregor Danny Boyle. Dispatches episode about satanic ritual abuse with First Transmissions of Genesis P-Orridge as evidence (Satanic Panic). Hell's Angel about Mother Theresa with Christopher Hitchens.

1996 New York to California: A Great British Odyssey Jon Ronson.

1998 The 11 O'Clock Show Sacha Baron Cohen. Mosley Jonathan Cake as Oswald Mosley. Ultraviolet Idris Elba. MOBO Awards (the Black Church).

So Graham Norton (gay agenda).

1999 Smack the Pony. Nigella Bites Nigella Lawson (married to Charles Saatchi, daughter of Nigel Lawson of Thatcher government). The Hip Hop Years (program Hip Hop) Afrika Bambaataa Ice T Eminem.

Michael Moore Live Michael Moore.

2000 Da Ali G Show Sacha Baron Cohen. The 11 O'Clock Show Ricky Gervais.

Big Brother (one eye logo, announcement of Orwellian society). series about Darwinism with Richard Dawkins.

2001 launching of E4.

Celebrity Big Brother Mark Owen Keith Duffy (Boyzone).

Secret Rulers of the World (creating a caricature of crazy conspiracy theorists by interviewing controlled oppostion) Jon Ronson Weaver family case, David Icke as antisemite, Timothy McVeigh, Alex Jones media stunt at Bohemian Grove, debunked by Harry Shearer, Jim Tucker (The Spotlight of Willis Carto, New World Order documentary with Alex Jones) at Bilderberg conference.

Metrosexuality (transgender agenda) Rikki Beadle-Blair (Order of the British Empire).

2002 The Double Life of Jonathan King Jon Ronson. Jamie's Kitchen Jamie Oliver. V Graham Norton (gay agenda).

Big Brother Celebrity gay-transgender propaganda with Sue Perkins, Anna Richardson, Brian Dowling, Danicia Thrall, Rylan Clark, Julian Clary, Courtney Stodden, Lauren Harries, Ollie Locke, Kellie Malloney, Kavana, Michelle Visage, Perez Hilton, Austin Armacost,, ..

2003 Peep Show.

2004 Crazy Rulers of the World Jon Ronson
Part 1: "The Men Who Stare at Goats" (Stargate Project)
Part 2: "Funny Torture"
Part 3: "The Psychic Footsoldiers"

2005 Deal or No Deal Noel Edmonds. Rock School Gene Simmons of Kiss. Celebrity Big Brother with Brigitte Nielsen Germaine Greer.

2006 The Root of All Evil? (The God Delusion) Richard Dawkins.

2006 The Russell Brand Show Russell Brand Courtney Love Sharon Osbourne. The Trouble with Atheism Rod Liddle (LSE).

2007 Russell Brand's Ponderland Russell Brand. The Enemies of Reason Richard Dawkins Deepak Chopra Derren Brown. Trick or Treat Derren Brown.

2008 The Devil's Whore Michael Fassbender. The Genius of Charles Darwin (promotion of Darwinism) directed by Russell Barnes (Niall Ferguson of Hoover Institution). Gordon Ramsay Cookalong Live. Wogan's Perfect Recall jesuit Terry Wogan. The Sex Education Show Anna Richardson (gay agenda)

2009 Alan Carr Chatty Man (gay agenda).

2010 The Ricky Gervais Show.

2011 Black Mirror Charlie Brooker (Dead Set, married to Konnie Huq of Xtra Factor) Annabel Jones (LSE of Fabian Society) Rashida Jones (daughter of jesuit Quincy Jones) announcement of the Chinese social credit system and dystopian robotic society of the Covid19-ritual. Endemol Shine UK.

The Waldo Moment (announces the presidency of jesuit Donald Trump).

My Transsexual Summer (transgender agenda). Brave New World with Stephen Hawking.

2013 Sex Box (Saturn worship, the 666).

2014 Babylon Danny Boyle.

2015 Ukip the 100 First Days.

2016 Damned Jo Brand.

2017 Born to Kill Jack Rowan. The End of the F***ing World. Gogglebox Jeremy Corbyn Ozzy Osbourne Liam Gallagher Ed Sheeran.

2018 Kiss Me First VR onlilne gaming. The Bisexual (gay-transgender agenda).

2019 Leaving Neverland Michael Jackson's pedophilia case.

2020 Baghdad Central

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