The chakras ('wheels') are 7 endocrine centers in the body, activated by the Kundalini serpent energy in Hermeticism (cult of Mercury), tantra, meditation and yoga, Hinduism (spread by Aryans in India, passed on in the Veda's) and Buddhism, popularized in the west by Theosophical Society (Charles Leadbeater) and Esalen Institute and CIA controlled hippie subculture in the New Age Church. The 'one eye'/third eye is a gland in the brain, that produces melatonin (regulates day and night sleep cycle) and DMT.

It works like a transmitter-receiver and is an important tool to keep people in a God program and the Saturn-Moon matrix as the 7 chakra's represent the 7 rings of Saturn, 7 notes of an octave, 7 colors of the rainbow (symbol of Lucifer).

Access to the multidimensional self is achieved through the heart connection as dimensional portal.

The ritual of activating the chakras is aided by mandala's and mantra's.

7 Sahasrara (crown chakra, purple-violet, I Am consciousness)

6 Ajna chakra (pineal gland or third eye, indigo)

5 Vishuddhi (throat chakra, thyroid and thymus, blue)

4 Anahata (heart chakra, Star of David symbol of union male-female, green)

3 Manipura (yellow, solar plexus)

2 Svadisthana (lotus symbol with crescent moon, orange)

1 Muladhara (root chakra, red, associated with elephant god Ganesha)

In Thelema the god Lam (name root chakra) is depicted as a Grey alien. Crowley saw the anus as extra chakra.

The pituary gland releases growth hormone oxytocin. The hypothalamus releases dopamine. There are 22 amino acids like 22 paths in the Tree of Life.

All religions, all cults of Saturn (the God program) practice the Holy Breath process: a fasting month, fasting of all external stimuli, along with long rounds of prayer/meditation deliberate worship of this fake god-energy, sleep deprivation experienced from night time prayer/meditation in order to activate the pineal gland, that releases DMT.

A person under influence of the God program will live in a false reality, with his pineal gland tuned into the God matrix, defend his dogmatic false belief with anger because he is manipulated through the hormones of the 7 endocrine centers.

In Kabbalism the 7 chakra's correspond to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life (Jacob's Ladder) and 7 planets.

Egyptian pharao's wore the Kundalini serpent as the uraeus.

The Phoenicians made purple cloth. Royal elite families wear crowns as a symbol of their activated crown chakra. Rome was built on 7 hills/ The seven churches of Asia and the Beast with 7 heads in the Book of Revelation represent the 7 chakra's.

The pineal gland and pituitary gland regulate the + and - flow of electromagnetic energy through the body and brain. The pineal gland transmits frequencies and the pituitary gland receives. Like the other 2 human eyes, the pineal gland is also a photosensitive sensor, it turns light that touches the retinas into serotonin - when they register no light, it produces melatonin. Reptiles have a similar parietal eye. It also produces the hormone dimethyl-tryptamine DMT that serves as a gateway to synthetic universes of the astral realm (the God matrix, beings described as 'machine elves'). The cult of Saturn teaches that it is the connection to a Source (in Kabbalism Kether, the crown) and that the light body can leave the physical body through the pineal gland. The matrix is ruled by a false God, Saturnian consciousness.

The pineal gland contains rhombohedron-shaped microcrystals, that have piezoelectric properties with excitability in the frequency range of mobile communications as GSM (cellular phone) waves, and electromagnetic fields in general. They have an effect on calcium channels within human physiology.

A standard pineal gland is 6 x 8 mm, through spiritual practice it is said to grow to 11 mm.

Through flooding/overstimulation and blocking of the pineal gland, people are cut off from heart consciousness and tuned into the Saturn-Moon matrix. The Saturn-moon matrix that broadcasts a certain a frequency of false reality, is partly explained in the books of David Icke (nonetheless this fitted in an agenda to create the Ayahuasca trend in the New Age Church).

It is used as a tool of control by the 1st group of slavemasters (God/YHVH/Allah) and the 2nd group of slavemasters (Lucifer).

The 7 chakra's out of balance (under influence of the God matrix) are represented by the Seven Deadly Vices: Lucifer (pride), Mammon (greed), Asmodeus (lust), Leviathan (envy), Belzebub (gluttony), Satan (wrath) and Belphegor (sloth).

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